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  1. Coming soon a french edition of DRACULA (Theatrical Version + Bonus) in a Digipack Bluray/DVD !!!! (Pre order - 03/03/2021) esc-distribution https://www.esc-distribution.com/fantastique-science-fiction/5685-dracula-dvd-blu-ray-3701432002897.html Available on Amazon.fr https://www.amazon.fr/Dracula-Blu-Ray-Frank-Langella/dp/B08PJM9QZW/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_fr_FR=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=dracula+badham&qid=1612720204&sr=8-1 BR 1: Cinema version - Dracula according to John Badham by Christophe Lemaire (20 min) - "What
  2. THE EIGER SANCTION is the missing expansion piece from these 70s years... I would loved it! So much unreleased cues.
  3. I would like "The Eiger Sanction" to The original album is the only way I get to listen it by now and the complete score should be great. I really love this one!
  4. "The Secret Ways" is out. Ordered and Waiting for the bluray.
  5. There is also, some little interesting unreleased variant cues in the first "Making of Star Wars as told by C3PO an R2D2" from 1977.
  6. I also like the small cues over the house in the tree on Kaskyyyk. A beautifull and quite variant of the theme. It should be great to get them! ... One day.
  7. All the youtube links have been disabled by the Olympic committee... :-( So sad!
  8. A custom cover I did few times ago for my iTunes library... I love the short animation film and the music JW did for.
  9. So, After recieving it.... This DVD copy is worse than the youtube version. For those who already get the youtube one... KEEP IT!!!! Do not expect more! Here some capture: 1 - The youtube version 2 - The RobertsVideos.com DVD ( Which seams to be made from the same youtube version) 1 - Youtube 2 - 2 - The RobertsVideos.com DVD ( Which seams to be made from the same youtube version) Cheers!
  10. It was 24 Euros (Plus 4 Euros for shipping to France). We'll see the quality.
  11. I get it from a DVD german release through amazon. And yes it was as extra bonus.
  12. I will wait and see so... Update: Message from the store: "It is uncut, the film here is in the public domain and I paid a fortune to find a copy. It is from a tv showing from 30 years ago I believe and is uncut, or a directors cut as it is longer than the running time on imdb."
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