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  1. WilliamsMusicLover1138, are you still working on the new transcriptions? It's been almost a year since we last heard from you. I hope you are still active on the site. Can't wait to see how they've turned out.
  2. Any update WilliamsMusicLover1138 on how the new sheets are coming along? Anxiously waiting for any news...
  3. Welcome back WilliamsMusicLover1138! Can't wait to see the new transcriptions and get my attempts at performing them up on YouTube. I would love to see what you can do with music from Indiana Jones, since the official piano folios have been lacking or non-existent. I'd especially like to see: Desert Chase - RaidersThe Basket Game - RaidersShort Round's Theme - ToDEnd Credits - ToDIndy's Very First Adventure - LCEnd Credits - LC
  4. I'm still here too. Hoping to get more performances posted soon. Is WilliamsMusicLover1138 still around? I would still love to see his take on the Battle music from ROTJ and any of the Indiana Jones cues.
  5. OK, WilliamsMusicLover1138 was nice enough to so quickly post his transcription of "With Malice Toward None" that I figured I should get a recording posted as soon as possible: This reminded me a lot of Williams' other classic Americana scores, so I recorded those too: The Reivers The Patriot JFK
  6. Hey WilliamsMusicLover1138, good to see you back on the forum. I would still love to see these transcriptions from Indiana Jones (I think russds would be really interested too): Desert Chase - Raiders The Basket Game - Raiders Short Round's Theme - ToD End Credits - ToD Indy's Very First Adventure - LC End Credits - LC I plan to have some more recordings up on my YouTube channel in the next few days - http://www.youtube.com/user/DenverDebonair Also, can't wait to see your completed Battle of Endor and get that recorded. I'll be waiting anxiously.
  7. I actually have the relatively new N3 AvantGrand hybrid piano by Yamaha. It has the complete action and wooden keyboard of a real piano with the digital spatial acoustic sampling of a Yamaha concert grand. It has a 4-channel multi-speaker system with a soundboard resonator. There is also a feature built-in that allows you to feel the reverb in the keys and pedal, just as you would with a real piano. I have been extremely happy with it. It has a small footprint, volume control, headphone jack, and never needs tuning. Plus, you can transpose, record to midi, and play using 5 different voices. I also own a German-made Schimmel K-series upright, which is a lot of fun to play. As far as making the recordings, I have been experimenting with several different setups. If anyone has any suggestions on ways to improve the quality, I would love to hear it. Currently, I've been recording the video on my iPhone 4S. The audio is coming from a Blue Yeti microphone connected to my iPad (which I also use for WilliamsMusicLover1138's sheet music). Then, I sync the audio and video on my iMac using iMovie. Feel free to PM me, Martyprod, if you have any other questions.
  8. In honor of the Olympics starting today in London, here are the famous JW themes: And, since the Olympics are broadcast on NBC, here's the NBC Theme too:
  9. We need an mp3 of the Mission on piano. Here's my piano recording of the NBC Theme. I wish they had showed him playing the piano more, but great interview nevertheless.
  10. Hope they remember to mention that he wrote the NBC Theme music as well.
  11. Ditto. HTTYD is a great score. My take on "Romantic Flight" is below with more HTTYD recordings coming soon (www.youtube.com/user/DenverDebonair)
  12. Funny, that's always what my Grandma tells me. Maybe I just get a little too caught up in the moment. Luckily, I play on an electric piano, so I can turn the volume down and pound on the keys to my heart's content. I appreciate the critique though. Maybe I should defer to Ren, the fellow pianist...
  13. Beautiful! I'd love to hear the rest of it if you ever get a chance. It may be a bit but I will do it. Nice job, Ren. It's always nice to meet a fellow pianist in the forums. I agree that "Leaving Hogwarts" is certainly one of the top magical moments from the whole Harry Potter series: But...for me, my most personally magical JW moment is when we first see the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar and the great Richard Attenborough says "Welcome, to Jurassic Park!": I was 10 years old when I first experienced that moment in the theaters and right away became a lifelong JW fan. I went back to see it 5 times that summer and still get goosebumps every time I hear it or play it on the piano. Pure magic.
  14. Let me second everything Martyprod said. I can't thank you enough WilliamsMusicLover1138 for putting so much time and care into creating these wonderful, complete, and accurate piano transcriptions. Any chance of getting some Indiana Jones transcriptions sooner rather than later would be great. Here is my attempt at the "Map Room At Dawn" that I forgot to embed in my earlier post of Indiana Jones recordings: Also, here's my recording of your "Sir Francis and the Unicorn" transcription: Great stuff and so much fun to play. While we wait for your next transcriptions, I'll keep making recordings and posting them here.
  15. Maybe this recording I made of the Map Room will help:
  16. Always loved the mini-fanfares in Into The Trap (1:45 - 1:58) and Hyperspace (3:23 - 3:30).
  17. Here is my attempt at brining WilliamsMusicLover1138's great transcription of the Battle of Hoth to life: Wow, great idea. I would love to see/hear almost any piece from the Indy series. (except maybe the main theme, only because it's already transcribed and on youtube a million times). Some pieces that jump out: Mine Car Chase (would love to see an expert play that on piano!) - ToD The Broken Bridge/British Relief - ToD Desert Chase - Raiders The Basket Game - Raiders Short Round's Theme - ToD End Credits - ToD Indy's Very First Adventure - LC End Credits - LC Good stuff, that would be a lot of fun. Awesome, can't wait. Please PM me when their up if possible, i don't want to miss them. As promised, most of the Indiana Jones pieces are now up at my YouTube channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/DenverDebonair/videos
  18. I've been playing piano since I was 5, so for about 25 years now. I play a little bit of everything, but I love movie music and John Williams is by far my absolute favorite. While we wait for more great transcriptions from WilliamsMusicLover1138, here's another Star Wars piece I just added to YouTube. The Asteroid Chase from ESB:
  19. I'd have to say Michael Giacchino is the king of the video game music arena. Of course he's well known for the Medal of Honor series (see my take on the beautiful War Theme below), but my favorite is from a lesser known WWII LucasArts title - Secret Weapons Over Normandy (second clip below).
  20. Thanks, russds. Your website and avatar remind me that we have very little Temple of Doom, or really any Indiana Jones, sheet music. WilliamsMusicLover1138 - can we get you to do some Indiana Jones transcriptions? I would love to have these especially: Desert Chase - Raiders The Basket Game - Raiders Short Round's Theme - ToD End Credits - ToD Indy's Very First Adventure - LC End Credits - LC I should have piano recordings of the following Indy pieces up on my YouTube channel soon: Extended Raiders March March of the Slave Children Grail Theme Map Room at Dawn Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra It's not John Williams, but I also have the Main Title and Jazz piece from the Young Indy TV series on YouTube. The Main Title is definitely in the same vein as Raiders March. Check it out:
  21. Big fan of Sherlock on the BBC. Thought I would share my rendition of some of the themes from the show:
  22. These transcriptions are great. Thanks very much WilliamsMusicLover1138. I've finally gotten around to recording some of these and posting them on YouTube. You can check them out on my channel (along with a lot of other recordings by Williams, Shore, Giacchino, etc.) - http://www.youtube.com/user/DenverDebonair/videos I have another 20 or so recordings I'm working to add in the next few days. Any feedback or requests are more than welcome. It was especially fun recording the Battle of Yavin and Battle of Hoth. They're tough to play and I know any Star Wars fan will easily catch all the mistakes, but I figured I would post them now while I still practice them. Can't wait for the other Battle pieces.
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