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  1. Do you mean the movement after the chord has been reached? I think you’re talking about the Lydian mode - basically a standard major scale where the 4th is raised (like playing an all-white note scale starting on F).
  2. First of all, can't wait to see the upcoming SW movie - I had no idea! Secondly, which bit of SW is the same as Chamber Of Secrets? Name and shame!
  3. Really enjoying this podcast, thanks Jeff. One favour to ask - please could you always tell us which movie you’ll be covering in the next episode? It means I can watch the film and remind myself of the score before the podcast comes out. And which film are you covering next week?
  4. Too much time, too little talent.
  5. Can't wait for this - it's about time! One question maybe the author can answer - According to Amazon the UK version of the book is about 80 pages shorter than the US version - is it shorter in content, or is the format just different?
  6. Hi all, I'm desperate to get the Graeme Revell score of this after seeing it today (again, after many years!). Anyone know where to look, if this is even available? Thanks, Chris
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