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  1. Does anyone have the full and complete cue list for Face/Off (1997)? A number of years ago, a seller on eBay had the second disc of a 1999 two CD-R set called "Face/Off All Cues" that featured the following tracks: 1m3 Version 1 Airport 2m4 Version 1 Hangar 3m8 Version 2 Champers 9m34 Rape Car Source 9m35A The Knife 9m35B The Knife 10m36/10m38A Gun Fight 10m36/10m38B Gun Fight 10m36/10m38C Gun Fight 10m36/10m38 Gun Fight 10m36/10m38E Gun Fight 10m36/10m38F Gun Fight 11m40a Showdown 1 11m40a Showdown 2 11m40c A Showdown 3 11m40c B Showdown 3 11m42 Tra
  2. Using "session leaks" to obtain slates/cue names is not an ideal method. Traders/leakers often rename slates or titles to track "their" leak. Getting the correct slates and cue titles from somewhere like cocatalog.loc.gov is the only way to be sure of getting the right titles.
  3. Ramin Djawadi - Blade: Trinity (2004) Source: New Line Cinema promo CD-R for titles, slates from complete score leak 1m1 Logos 1m1 Logos (alternate) 1m2 Helicopters Approach 1m3 Opening The Tomb 1m4A Warehouse Explosion 1m4 Main Titles 1m5 Car Chase 1m6 Blade's Setup (Part 1) 1m6 Blade's Setup (Part 1) (alternate) 1m7 Blade's Setup (Part 2) 1m8 Danica Meets Drake 1m9 Whistler Watched 1m10 Whistler Worries 2m11 Girl In Danger 2m14 Whistler's Last Stand 2m15 Captured 2m16A Drugged 2m17 Blade Rescued/Abigail's Bow 2m19 Police Station Muzak (A S
  4. How do you locate slates on ASCAP? I only ever see cue titles.
  5. I have a cue list, I think, but I don't have the 2CD boot, so cannot do a track-to-slate comparison as I did here.
  6. I've had the 2CD edition of this score for some time now but the track titles appear to be a combination of fan-made titles and the OST titles. I'm trying to title the cues correctly - does anyone know how the official slate numbers/cue titles match up to the contents of the 2CD set? I've tried to match them up below but there appears to be some gaps. Can anyone help me out? (What I think are the corresponding 2CD titles are in bold.) 1m1 Main Title (The Legend Of The Scorpion King) 1m2 Tomb Raider Rick (Searching The Tunnels) 1m3 Do it Your Way (The Family O'Connell) 1m3A Be
  7. I have a question about a curious situation for anyone in the know. Does anyone have a complete, genuine cue list for John Powell's Face/Off (1997)? Taking only a handful of cues as examples, the Media Ventures double CD-R set from 1999 lists the following slates and titles: 9m34 Rape Car Source (0:53) 9m35A The Knife (2:23) 9m35B The Knife (2:45) ... 11m42 Travolta's Strut (0:37) 11m43 Next Move (1:29) ... 12m46A Garden (2:50) 13m49 Beach Party (3:25) 14m50 Face On (3:07) On the unofficial Hans Zimmer website, the website te
  8. In addition to the above (cues that could not be located for the Intrada album and are not present on the CDs): 1M4 And His Merry Men 2M2A Arrow 9M1A Wild Times (Jeff Lyne) 10M0B Medieval Dance Source #3 12M1 Marriage Plans / Robin's Alive 13M1C Hangman's Drums (SOURCE: Roger Feigelson, Intrada)
  9. When playing the audio files via the streaming websites, your browser downloads the MP3 files to its cache - so you have to download them to play them. All the OP is doing is providing links to the files you would be downloading anyway. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it whatsoever.* *As far as I know!
  10. What about the gaps in Hela VS Asgard, Where is the Sword and The Vault, are they unused or are you just unsure of where to place those sections?
  11. "7m16 Fuck Me It's a Great Big Robot" For a kid's show! Brilliant!
  12. On a side note, nothing beats Baldrick in a posing pouch, Skelly
  13. The track titles differ between the original releases and the re-releases (although the track titles on Varese's Die Hard 2 would appear to be most accurate/Kamen-esque). Also, neither LLL's Die Hard or Varese's deluxe edition of Die Hard 2 include cue lists in their booklets a la Intrada.
  14. I do not suppose that anyone has the cue lists for Michael Kamen's Die Hard or Die Hard 2 at all? He always had great titles for some of his cues on his other scores, and I would be most interested in seeing the ones for these two. It's a shot in the dark, I know, but there's no harm in asking. Thank you, guys.
  15. The link to The Village on page one links back to the first post.
  16. I thought the FYC had some alternates or different inserts? Or the OST was in suite form? The two albums certainly aren't quite identical.
  17. I am excited to see how we can re-order the FYC files with the OST to create a chronological presentation of the music.
  18. Technically, the OGG should be superior but last year I did some side-by-side comparisons and couldn't see (in terms of frequency response) or hear any real difference in quality. Opinions may differ, however.
  19. The album tracks should not be taken as a presentation of individual cues. I think the album track Backfire is a similar case to the combining of the cues Komodo Dragons and Escalator/Crash into one album piece, the track Granborough Road, on the Skyfall album. Similarly, after doing a side-by-side with the Spectre music and the Skyfall score, I do not think the helicopter music is "culled together" from other cues; it reuses motifs and instrumentation from Bikes/Roof as heard in Skyfall but it's not an incidence of tracking.
  20. Just to chime in, if I may. Barry's comment about Mickey Mouse music was not meant in a derogatory way (even though Harry Saltzman took it that way). Jon Burlingame covers the incident in his rather excellent book. Or the Broccoli's just love it so much that they keep reusing it. It's like the new "James Bond Theme" for the 21st century; even all the promotional tie-in shows on TV and radio are using it. As someone said earlier, it was even tracked into the Breadcrumbs cue in Skyfall for a second or two, before crossfading into Newman's cue.
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