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  1. Thanks Datameister for your assistance...I think I have it right now. I don't know about that but better not post it if you're unsure. I only found Raiders March available for purchase at various internet shops, plus some themes from Crystal Skull but no Ark or Map Room music (even just for piano let alone full orchestra) I guess they are no longer in print... Very nice....never heard it on piano before
  2. Thanks Datameister I actually had: Cm Ebm Cm - Cm Ebm Cm - Cm Abm Cm Gm Bbm Dbm Was in particular not sure about the Dbm at the end and had tried many different options but looks like I had a few other chords wrong......although they sounded okay but not 100% correct.... Do you know any of the other themes I mentioned in my original post?
  3. Hi Everyone! I am brand new to this forum and this is my first post. I am an off and on musician / composer trying to work out the chords etc for the various "Ark" themes etc from Raiders of the Lost Ark however I have not been able to get it all right and despite all my searches have not found this music score available in any form so far. So anyway I was wondering if anyone in this community knows the chords etc from this music.....I have worked out about 75% of it however there are a few parts I am not happy with or cannot work out and some others I think I have right but am not sure... I am not trying to work out the music from any particular music cue, ....just want to work out the main 4 themes/progressions involved: 1. the main theme heard throughout the movie (usually in C or G minor) 2. the "alternate" second part of this theme (eg: heard at the very end when the Ark is thrown in the air after they all die and also just before the ghosts go crazy) 3. the Medalian theme #1 (heard during "the Medalian" and also "Miracle of the Ark") (starts with G, C to bA) leads into: 4: the Medalian / Ark theme #2 (heard during "the Medalian" and also "Indy follows the Ark" and the "Miracle of the Ark" ....( the one that starts with the C octave slur and then to bA minor )..sounds very ominous... It would be great if anyone could help me out with this, Cheers, Rob
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