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  1. Good to see this is still here. After seeing Blade Runner 2049, Harrison can no doubt so Indy one more time but the time is now to get on it.
  2. A new animated Indy movie was recently announced. Should be interesting to see where it ranks among the films. Surprised one wasn't made sooner or even an animated series.
  3. The official announcement for 5 earlier this year has me pumped. I just hope it turns out good. Disney will be handling it and if The Force Awakens is an indication then Indy is in pretty good hands. I loved TFA.
  4. The official announcement for 5 a few months ago definitely has me excited, but Lucas not being involved has me a little weary.
  5. I got no doubt Harrison has it in him to do Indy a final time after seeing how awesome he did as Han in The Force Awakens.
  6. Now this is both unique and controversial.
  7. Which that could work, Ford and Pratt look too dissimilar from each other to pass as the same person.
  8. With the Chris Pratt as Indy rumors going about, after seeing him in Jurassic World I could get behind him as Indy. But it'll be hard if not impossible seperating him from Harrison.
  9. Been a while since this thread was last active, but guess which movie character Empire Magazine voted the best of all-time? Nothing big I know, but a cool and surprising bit of news I thought I'd share.
  10. I never get this complaint people often have towards GB2. So what if they smoke and drink less? They didn't do it that much in the first one either and it wasn't part of what made it good. This reboot IMO is a terrible idea, best to let Ghostbusters rest in peace with the two films and both of the animated series as well as the comics and video game. They waited too long to make another and so much can go wrong at this point.
  11. Can't remember if I mentioned Young Indy before here. I've seen some rank the Young Indy series in with the films. It's been too long since I last watched any of the episodes to compare the show with the films.
  12. Toht was great. So much communicated with so little by the actor.
  13. On topic, who's everyone's favorite villain in the series? Mola Ram in TOD hands down for me, such a scary and evil character.
  14. TOD is set before Raiders, but the only real inconsistancy is when he says in Raiders he disbelieves in the supernatural, which I always wrote off as him simply not describing what he experienced in India during TOD since perhaps the college staff would've found him crazy and revoked his teaching license, so he simply kept quiet about it.
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