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  1. Maybe more unpopular opinion: I care FAR more about a new Indy score more than I care for another Indy movie at this point I realized after this announcement Friday that I was somehow not super familiar with his CRYSTAL SKULL score. I revisited/listened to it again Friday and was (almost) surprised how solid/good it is! It's not a sexy "introduce several new amazing themes" type of score (though the 'crystal skull' motif is striking!), but the score works well for the film and there are some great moments. IMO his score is easily the highlight of the entire film (though the campus chase
  2. Thanks a lot! Looks like a great concert, but of course that's always the case with John Williams on the podium!!
  3. Can anyone post a setlist from this show? I was bummed I didn't get to drive up this year to see him. I went last year and it was one of my all-time favorite concerts.
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