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  1. 1. Imagine what a better composer than JW would write 2. Write it down 3. Be a better composer than John Williams!
  2. How's this one in terms of Horner ""homages"" to himself and others?
  3. The most mysterious and enigmatic piece (of toast) in John Williams' ouvre returns this September! https://www.bso.org/events/williams-bach-montgomery-holst I wonder if this show will be broadcast? I might have to go bootleg it myself!
  4. Gregson-Williams does a good job explaining the difficulties of chasing an ever-changing cut. And his methods sound very post-diluvian.
  5. It doesn't seem like they've announced their schedule through the end of the summer, and there are often Film Night concerts in August, so it seems like there's still a chance. However, they've been playing up the JW connection with some of the upcoming Live to Picture concerts, and referring to these as "Film Night" concerts, so those might end up being all we get.
  6. Now we're talking about the usual Zimmer setup again, but this movie is a really weird one, where composers from across the decades are being crammed into one movie together. Although with Zimmer having been part of the Buggles, maybe they are contemporaries in a sense. Will we get a true collaboration between the two? Will they divide and conquer? Will Faltermeyer provide some material for Zimmer and his friends to sample, and work into their usual methodology? In this case I would rather it was just Faltermeyer. The idea of Faltermeyer filtered through Zimmer seems like it will dilute his contributions. And I'd be curious to hear what the hell Faltermeyer would do now that it's not the 80s anymore.
  7. It would be WAY off topic if we all gave our opinions on the Harry Potter scores and films, then discussed whether we like David Yates.
  8. Yes, and it's nice that he didn't wear it out.
  9. This is the first Giacchino film score I ever bought. I don't know what came over me! I like it! I think the gumption to repeat the same simplistic theme ad nauseum just paid off surprisingly well. It's like a gimmick that actually works. I also enjoy the overall tone and the sound world the score creates, plus the "Bruce Wayne" theme is really solid.
  10. Now that these movies aren't pretending to be anything other than prequels to a series of movies about kids, it feels weird that there are no kids.
  11. Most years he does have a Film Night concert in Boston. We already know about the Hollywood Bowl, which hasn't gone on sale yet. Then there are several other well-documented shows that have already gone on sale (Carnegie and others). When making your decision, you should assume he won't. For the 80th it was a very similar setup and he only came onstage at the end to shake hands with everyone.
  12. Depends how much time, trouble, and $$$ is involved for you. If it's a lot, you might want to prioritize a concert where Williams will actually conduct. In fact I still wonder if he might do a Boston concert this year. The 80th concert was great, but it's still even MORE exciting to see the man himself. Yes, exactly. Where you sit doesn't matter a whole lot, though... as I mentioned, on the lawn the only thing you can really see is the video screens. You'll be able to hear just fine though. And the grounds are beautiful, it's a great setting for just listening.
  13. yes! and yes! Plus it turns out that Powell and Goransson came up with some cool stuff. It's cool to see Ewan again, but everything else about the show looks really generic otherwise.
  14. I hadn't seen the video, thanks for sharing. It's fascinating to see how passionate he was at collecting these whimsical things, and it painted quite a picture when combined with the insights from his family. The mention that music may have been the only way for James to communicate his emotions was very touching. Listening to the composers whose music we love, I think we do get some kind of emotional sustenance from it, and feel like we know them on some deeper level. But we don't always get to hear what they're feeling while writing it, and we know that film scores are meant to manipulate our feelings by their very nature. I like the idea that writing the music could have been not only a job, but just as meaningful for him emotionally as it was for us on the receiving end.
  15. I'm glad you got one! I don't know if Williams would have been confirmed at the 80th bday concert either, since he didn't actually perform. But since he was present for that one I kind of expect him to be around for this one too. I guess we'll see. Maybe he'll sit in section 8 of the shed
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