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  1. I haven't seen the new Spiderman, but I can really imagine that he did a good job. He's one of the few younger actors who stand out these days. But it's sad to see Spiderman sell out.
  2. I'd like to see a David Newman take on a Bond film, too. But anyway, thanks for the pics. They're all really cool.
  3. That's a fair point. I have three flatmates and basically one friend from university. There's a couple of people I'm not really in touch with on a regular basis, but who I see every now and then. So it comes down to one meaningful friendship. I'm totally okay with that. I couldn't cope with more people.
  4. A belated Happy Birthday from me, too, Alice. All I know is that I don't recognize Finnish when I hear it. Like Portuguese. Or Hungarian, which is more relevant in that context. Or Estonian. I have no idea what that sounds like. At least I can tell Chinese and Japanese apart. ^^
  5. Admittedly, I didn't notice much of the score in Shawshank Redemption. It just takes time to get into it, I guess. Well, if I didn't notice too much it only means that it blends in well. But Lemony Snicket managed to have a more prominent score, which happens in a lot of children's films, like Harry Potter. Or Finding Nemo. Which, even though it doesn't sound as cool as American Beauty or Road to Perdition, made me notice the man. White Oleander has an excellent score, too. When I listened to the score after having seen the film I was really overwhelmed. In Desperately Seeking Susan I found th
  6. I generally agree that action music these days is rather dull, but I was actually surprised by The Adjustment Bureau because it doesn't sound as generic as people say. And I only know some of the tracks because I haven't bought the album yet. I still haven't given The Green Mile a real chance. I felt rather underwhelmed by the score. But The Shawshank Redemption is really good. It was difficult for me to get into it at first because... orchestra, I guess. Pretty ironic, huh? And people complained about American Beauty, which is a perfect score. If you listen to only one T. Newman score, list
  7. From the films I have seen so far, it is one of the better films. Ah, but I haven't seen Moonraker yet, this will be so much fun, I can already tell. get with the times, old man. they're back in fashion. Yeah, they're pretty stylish jeans. ^^ Nah, he's 3 years younger than Horner. Best wishes for good old Howard, by the way, who turns 66 today! He really gets slagged off for that game at the moment. Those bloody football fans. They hate him because it didn't work out well in two games - out of 20! I don't understand fans sometimes...
  8. Yeah, an orchestral score would have been really cool.
  9. Probably less surprising because we already know so much. He can't re-invent himself all the time. Yeah, I guess that's a big part of it, too. That's what bothers me about modern pop, too. It lacks edge. Because these days it's easier.
  10. I can relate to that. I only watched it after I've been thinking about watching it for a while. I was also positively surprised. Well, that's a matter of taste. I do appreciate slower movies, often more than faster movies. I can see why you'd been bored by it. ^^ Yes, even though I'd think of Speed first.
  11. 1.) 2001: A Space Odyssey 2.) Withnail & I 3.) Point Break 4.) The Shawshank Redemption 5.) The Lion King 6.) Trainspotting 7.) The Devil's Advocate 8.) American Beauty 9.) The Virgin Suicides 10.) The Matrix
  12. 15/80. I guessed Jurassic Park, as I still haven't seen any of the films. And I "cheated" on "Licence to Kill".
  13. You automatically start to feel better, if you pay more attention to yourself rather than other people.
  14. No offense, but is it up to you to decide what should be in a "Bond film", whatever that is... I actually like some variety in every film genre. Really? That's peculiar. Arnold is one of the few composers right now who actually write distinct cues, no matter you like his music or not. Target Terminated is no exeption in my book. My only complaint is the sound of his later scores - very little reverb with volume of each section of the orchestra crancked up to full. Yeah, that might be the actual problem. Not the music itself. Over-produced music is not a rare thing these days...
  15. No, I wouldn't say so. It's all a matter of taste. But sometimes unwritten rules amuse me. Exactly because you can't say that one is always better than the other, if that makes sense.
  16. I was going to put him on #1. ROTFLMAO My personal top 5 at the moment, it may change at one point: 5.) Hans Zimmer (Mainly because of "The Lion King" and "Inception", which I really liked.) 4.) Alexandre Desplat 3.) John Williams 2.) Howard Shore 1.) Thomas Newman Be careful to prefer David Arnold over Bernard Herrmann!! Film score board advice. It's a general rule. But can anyone disagree?
  17. Haha, A 6-disc version. Sounds like, "All the material recorded for the album included". Sweet.
  18. I first noticed him Inception. The Inception cast was really good, and he was one of the best choices.
  19. I often noticed that if cheery music is playing loudly when I'm in a foul mood, it makes me even more aggressive. Mozart can be lethal, really... Yeah, it's cool that they let the music play on the stereo. It makes it more authentic. Now I can go back to the American Beauty score. Good score. Structure and Discipline.
  20. I really should have checked the actor list. Stephen Fry, omg. The film is awesome already.
  21. Also, how great is Verisimilitude?? It's also very rare to hear the man on something else than his piano.
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