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    TheHouseholdCat got a reaction from Joni Wiljami in James Bond 23: Skyfall FILM Discussion   
    That's exactly the idea I got from the trailers and video blogs. I didn't expect something like Live and Let Die. The white cat is a bit outdated anyway. Skyfall, as much as any other Bond, is a product of its time.
    That's pretty likely, considering that the film already was an inspiration for Skyfall. Then the score was probably also inspired by that. The Nolan Batman films, especially The Dark Knight, also have a rather dark mood.
    OHMSS is also a very fun movie - if not one of the funniest. It still has some British humour in it, opposed to the Moore 80s action era. Then the appeal was kind of lost - more average slapstick than cool humour.
    I really wonder who actually ever wanted to be Bond. I never needed an action hero or a princess to enjoy a film. Or a Rose and Jack. But well, I guess I'm in the minority there. Never understood superheroes either. What's the point? Maybe to have a good laugh, but...
    Anyway, you can't always get what you want. As long as it's not as clich├ęd as Avatar, I am fine with it.
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    TheHouseholdCat got a reaction from alicebrallice in What Is The Last Score You Listened To? (older scores)   
    Little Children
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