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  1. I have heard after the 7th film part 2 release they are going to release an expanded Harry Potter Soundtrack for all 7 films is this true? I usually buy the soundtrack before watching the movie, but if what I said is true then I just wait until after the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part II releases.
  2. Hey I had a question. I have seen the movie "The Mission" many times and now it is coming out on Blu-Ray Oct. 15, 2010, but before I buy it on Blu-Ray I thought to myself is this movie based on a true story or fiction? Anybody who has seen the movie please respond. Thanks Gabe
  3. Your right. Part I: Alexandre Desplat will be scoring Part I of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow's
  4. has not set their status

  5. On the Star Trek DVD commentary the pronounce Giacchino(Guy-e-chino) b/c in one of my threads for Micheal Giacchino I asked people how do you pronounce his last name.
  6. I want proof that Johnny is doing the 7th movie and no Wiki please.
  7. I was under the impression that Williams would not do another Harry Potter because Miguel Andreas told me that he was unlikely to do another Harry Potter film, but I was pretty sure he would come back. That is why I had the poll and now it is locked. Miguel seems to know a whole lot more about John Williams than me, but I thought he would do another Harry Potter film. So he is doing Part 1 & 2 of the film? Sorry that I dont post a lot, but very busy.
  8. Actually they are speculating. I am actually asking a question. Me and Miguel Discussed if Johnny would do 7 and he said "NO", but I disagree. I think this poll is better.
  9. Now that Nichols Hooper has said, "NO" for Harry Potter who do you think is going to do the 7th film part 1&2 John Williams(Likly Not) Patrick Doyle(???) Michael Giacchino Other(You Name)
  10. I was wondering does anybody know how to pronounce his last name? Not sure if that qualifies to be in this forum, but I always wondered how to pronounce Giacchino. Thanks.
  11. Havent seen the film yet, but they made this movie b/c the cartoon TV show The Clone Wars not sure what network it is on, but the movie is suppose to take place between Star Wars Episode II and III. The person who did the music for the movie I never heard of and rate the soundtrack a D-. What do you members rate the soundtrack? from A+ to F.
  12. Did we not mention this a couple months ago like in April or May of this year or couple years back? I cant remember and I thought I was the one who came up with the idea that they would come out with an extended edition of Raiders, Temple and Crusade. Nobody believes me. If there is money to be made they will make the money somehow. It seems like we talk about wanting an extended version of some type of movie doing petitions and stuff, but I am only giving my opinion. Its great that Raiders extended is coming out and maybe if the sales do well they will think about releasing Temple and Crusade extended, but if the sales dont do well then I guess we can kiss the extended editions goodbye, but probably not really they can do what ever they want. I really would like to see Star Wars Episode I-III be extended, all the Harry Potter films be extended and all Indiana Jones films be extended(including Crystal Skull). We all ready have an extended edition of Star Wars Episode IV-VI(Not sure if there are any other tracks to add to these films).
  13. I am a JW Fan 1st and film enthusiast 2nd. I like other film composers such as: Goldsmith, Eidelman, Horner, Elfman, Morricone, and others, but my all time favorite composer is John Williams. Is Williams still planing to do the film Lincoln in 2009? What other projects does he have for 2009? I cant wait to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in theaters.
  14. I use audacity a lot. Raiders March I have done. Ive also done, Main Title- Star Wars(1977), The Imperial March, The Basket Game, Desert Chase and many others. audacity rocks. Ive recored soundtracks off of YouTube to audacity. Who else has done The Imperial March backwards? I suggest you do The Imperial March backwards if you havent.
  15. If they do an Indiana Jones V I think they should start right away, but I doubt they will go ahead with the idea. George Lucas did intend 5 movie adventures for Indiana Jones, but I am not sure if Harrison Ford is willing to do another Indiana Jones film. I know everybody has read the review of what George Lucas has said by now on the main page of the JWFan Network. It would be awesome, but hard to say right now. Yesterday on Youtube I saw that they had the soundtrack to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Soundtrack, but when I click on it. It said "This was pulled for copyright reason by George Lucas people." Why havent they pulled Raiders of the Lost Ark Soundtrack or Temple of Doom Soundtrack. Why havent they pulled these for copyright reasons. Why is it illegal for KOTCS, but legal for ROTLA and TOD? Please explain. Thanks. John Williams next score is Lincoln right? This releases in 2009, so are we going to start a board on Lincoln next since Indiana Jones is about to be out. I hope I like what I hear from John Williams soundtrack. Its done by the Hollywood Studio Orchestra right or is it Done by LSO? Its under a different label too. Concord is the Label name. I hope the movie is good too. I plan to see it next week. Then we will probably have polls rating the score and movie after that. More polls to vote in ha ha. Some polls are good though.
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