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  1. All things considered, I think it was a wise call to have the scene. Any regeneration is going to be the first regeneration for many viewers, and with Capaldi being such a big change from any of the Nu-Who Doctors, I can completely understand why they would want to reassure the younger viewers out there that the show is in good hands.
  2. If I see it again, I'll tell you.. But I mentioned something in my previous post. I just thought Jaws 2 was a bit tighter in action and Jaws dragged a bit until we get there... Its been a while since I've seen Jaws 2 but what I remember is it had more action but it really dragged quite a bit to get there.
  3. Picked up on Bluray: Gladiator Troy Director's Cut Bravenheart Contact Heat. All for about $38 on Best Buy
  4. Actually just picked up Alien and Aliens for $5 a pop last week.
  5. How so? Everything I've read about it deems the audio to be reference quality. I just got my copy in the mail too
  6. Welp, I just started buying Blurays myself. What are your guys' top picks for picture quality?
  7. Not exactly sure what you're driving at here. Without one film, a different one would have done better? Strange argument, wouldn't you say? Not its typical Oscar politics. But 12 years has only lost 2 Oscars to Gravity in the categories both are nominated in (with 1 to go).
  8. Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Michel Legrand. Thanks. I thought it sounded familiar
  9. what was the piece played with Jolie and Poitier?
  10. Let It Go is a terrific song by any standard
  11. Why can't I root for Jon Snow? Or Tywin Lannister? Whats wrong with rooting for the delicious bad guy? Or, whats wrong with just watching a show for its entertaining and fascinating characters and not bothering about rooting for anyone?
  12. Indeed. I feel that Eccleston would have taken part of what Tennant did in the 50th.
  13. Perhaps he wanted so much for Watson and Mary to work out that he made a.....human error.
  14. The Craig movies are very lean on CGI, at least obvious CGI, and prefer a more back to basics approach after Brosnan's last Bond, Die Another Day, was a mess full of terrible computer effects. They are much more akin to the Connery films, which are more character pieces with intimate moments, and sparse on big overblown action sequences. I don't know if I'd recommend spending $100 to find out, but maybe check one of the Craig films out on tv and see if they're your cup of tea. 3 out of 5 Connery films were definitely NOT sparse on big overblown action sequences. Compare You Only Live Twice to Tomorrow Never Dies or Die Another Day. The frequency of action is shocking, though considering how much character stuff they cut out of Quantum of Solace, I'd reckon its probably the worst offender in the series. Except it doesn't work like that when you compare films across decades. If you do that, even Raiders of the Lost Ark is geriatric.
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