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  1. "I don't care how you faked it, I jwant to know why" Hmmm...
  2. Yes. Although it was blown up to 2K for the final master, the original source files were at 1080. Same thing happened on the last two Star Wars prequels, if I'm not mistaken. 1080 and 2k are not exactly worlds apart though.
  3. Yes. And yes. Bullshit. Both wonderful scores. Ah. Well. Guess I stand corrected. - Uni Nah he's just misguided. They were both shit scores.
  4. Ohio State does a film themed half time show featuring a lot of Williams...and some terrific formations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNe0ZUD19EE
  5. Watched Orphan Black. Entertaining show held together by an amazing performance by Tatiana Maslany. Amazing doesn't even begin to describe her work to be honest.
  6. To be fair I never cared for the US Office either, though the original Gervais show is one of the best TV comedies ever. But back to the topic.
  7. I couldn't get into Parks and Rec. The first season was a total abomination, and while the second season has improved to watchable levels, I still gave up on it midway through for other shows on my to watch list. At some point I'll probably skip ahead to season 3 and see how it goes though.
  8. I saw it again yesterday and I think I agree with this. Flawless technical execution aside, there's nothing much more to it that you can cling to after the first time. It's still a really good space thriller of course, one you could probably watch once every other year, thanks to its brief running time. But it's no Alien or Blade Runner or 2001: ASO in terms of lasting power. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think it will pass the test of time and be regarded as a classic ten years down the road. Does a film necessarily require something to 'cling on to' to have lasting power though? Just off the top of my head, Goldfinger, Jaws and Raiders of the Lost Ark are rollercoaster rides which have plenty of lasting power.
  9. On an off tangent note, the Mos Espa set in Tunisia is slowly being consumed by the desert. http://edition.cnn.com/2013/10/18/travel/star-wars-visit-taooine-sahara/index.html?iref=allsearch Video in link also contains a few seconds showing the damage to the set after the storm that hit the prequel filming.
  10. Bruce Campbell confirms Army of Darkness 2 http://observationdeck.io9.com/bruce-campbell-confirms-army-of-darkness-2-1448684840
  11. Yes. I don't know about the 'of all time' bit, but I reckon its close enough. However, revolutionary doesn't necessarily mean its a good thing.
  12. And ultimately, how does this truly matter? Film, as in any other artform have works and elements that go in and out of fashion over time. Its called progress. Does it ultimately matter if today's classic films are reduced to classroom material in the future? Likewise, oratorios were popular music in the 1600s, and I'm sure there are works considered to be amazing by the audiences at that time. Does it matter that they have now fallen out of fashion and largely forgotten about by the mainstream?
  13. Vol 1 without Vol 2 is ultimately unsatisfying, as the ending explicitly says this is the middle (or beginning, chronologically) of the story. Now I don't see them as intertwined with each other as say, the LOTR films, but they are incomplete without each other...and watching them back to back was incredibly entertaining still. I dont know what music plays over the intermission of The Whole Bloody Affair, but I love the orchestral surge of The Lonely Sheperd as the credits of Vol 1 starts to roll.
  14. Kill Bill Vol 1 and Vol 2 back to back. Probably my favorite QT movie(s). I also just realized that it is possible that Bill maaaay not be dead. Key points. The playing dead scene when Beatrix first meets BB.Bill's Superman monologue about how Beatrix will always be a killer.Beatrix's story about how she found out she was pregnant, and chose to walk away from her assignment (and assassin) suggests otherwise when her parenthood comes into play.Bill vs Beatrix. Beatrix never unsheaths her Hanzo sword. Is this a test?The 5 point palm exploding heart technique being told as a myth. We don't know if it truly has fatal effects.Beatrix crying/laughing saying 'thank you' at the end...perhaps to Bill for letting them leave?David Carradine's name in the B&W credits is the only one on the Death List Five which isn't crossed out or question marked.I was very bored at work. Also after I came up with it I find out someone on reddit had came up with a similar theory months ago, though his was more intricate and was IMO reading into things a lot more than I did.
  15. Yes thats true. Its just that converted films have obviously always looked obviously converted...at least the ones I've seen in trailers.
  16. I had no idea this was a conversion. Not once did it seem like one.
  17. Of course not! I'll watch it in glorious HD on my Samsung and without the typical distractions that go with watching movies in the theater. I drove 60 miles to see this in IMAX 3D. And it was worth every single cent. The technical execution was absolutely brilliant, the effects were seamless and having the image fill up almost your entire field of vision in 3D (especially in the first person views) made for some buttclenchingly tense moments during the action sequences. Space seemed very scary in IMAX 3D
  18. I highly recommend the The Thick of It too. Also, there aren't exactly too many episodes of it.
  19. Not if the newer idea is better. I do like the more distinct contrast of the 'green' Matrix and the 'blue' real world for one.
  20. Was Quint's thread about BBC's Sound of Cinema season that has been going on for a while? http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01fs3cy
  21. i can't understand how an additional 46 minutes can change things for the better.. Imagine The Lord of the Rings film that only tells you Aragorn story, or just Frodo, as one film. Just focues on the meat of the script. And everything that has nothing to do with their story gets scrapped. Sometimes the best things about films are not basic stories. Even the basic stories of Kingdom of Heaven was mangled beyond comprehension in the theatrical cut. The KOH theatrical cut is more like an LOTR film, telling just the Frodo story, and then missing 30% of stuff that help make that story make sense.
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