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  1. Kingdom of Heavean Director's Cut. Bloom is adequate, but the rest of this movie is absolutely amazing. I can't quite put a finger on it, but I was just blown away.
  2. Who was you expecting, Bruno Brooks? I must admit I am not familiar with Coffey, or much of radio in particular. I was browsing for something to listen to at work and stumbled across that. Haha.
  3. I was quite surprised by the quality myself to be honest, and the narrator/interviewer seemed rather knowledagable about the topic.
  4. Didnt he say that with regards to studios colorizing b&w films? On yhe other hand Star Wars was Lucas' baby...it was his right to mess them up.
  5. Depends. If its the director wishing to revise his work (for better or for worse) a few years down the line, that is his right to do so.
  6. It came across to me that perhaps Horner considers his own recycling to be different from the en masse style of RCP recycling where everyone more or less sounds the same. I mean, no one else is trying to imitate Horner.
  7. Pretty interesting I must say, with quite a bit of time spent on the Zimmer/RC sound. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b03bfjqv/Sunday_Feature_Sound_of_Cinema_Composing_for_Hollywood/
  8. Jazz Autographs! I don't think its officially available (I can only find Viktor's Tale for purchase).
  9. I go on a binge of devinsupertramp's youtube channel once in a while. He also shoots the videos for Lindsey Stirling
  10. MIA's video for Bad Girls featuring the insane Saudi hobby of hagwalla is terrific, and a pretty good song to boot. PS: Be warned if you start youtubing for hagwalla videos, you will see some crazy idiotic things, and horrible gory accidents.
  11. any plans for Jazz Autographs from the Terminal? I'd love to have that! Also, I don't mind slightly simplified versions (I hate practicing and on top of that, I have tiny hands so JW's large leaps are a usually a massive pain for me)
  12. Is it like any of the other Tell Tale games? PC Gamer ripped it apart, and they are usually big fans of Tell Tale's work.
  13. i thought the game received some pretty awful reviews
  14. don't forget that the other consultant is Pharrell Williams. This could be really interesting
  15. The problem with cramming his list full of the usual suspects of Williams' greatest most people would agree with is that it neutralizes this sentence in his introduction. "there is more to Williams’ career than iconic theme music"
  16. I hated the music during my viewing, but I've since heard it used for all sorts of things from BBC wildlife commercials to Top Gear features and I have to confess... I kinda like it. its dramatic, well produced and rather generic at the same time. so yea...thats why it works in the manner the BBC likes to use it.
  17. I noticed under his Superman entry he claims Williams' themes are going to be used in the upcoming reboot, a statement backed up by the ever 'reliable' IMDB
  18. This is just too cute. http://www.studioarthur.co.uk/
  19. In a very nice post on his blog, Ebert has admitted the day has come where he can no longer tell the difference between film and digital despite being adamant that he always could in the past. http://blogs.suntime...th_of_film.html
  20. Just playing the devil's advocate here - the "director's intention" is the argument George Lucas made to clean up the Vaseline under Luke's speeder and led him down the path of adding Jabba to the hangar scene. I disagree with a lot of the changes Lucas made to the OT, but I don't disagree with his right to do so.
  21. I'm not at all bothered by what you think of me, or my hobby. I'm quite content in that department thank you. And if you are the gatekeeper of getting into the entertainment industry, then I suppose I'm somewhat disappointed that the industry will go to shit a lot sooner than I thought it would.
  22. its quite obvious someone needs a pair of glasses, or lasik. me thinks your eyes are getting old and dated.
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