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  1. In a very nice post on his blog, Ebert has admitted the day has come where he can no longer tell the difference between film and digital despite being adamant that he always could in the past. http://blogs.suntime...th_of_film.html
  2. Just playing the devil's advocate here - the "director's intention" is the argument George Lucas made to clean up the Vaseline under Luke's speeder and led him down the path of adding Jabba to the hangar scene. I disagree with a lot of the changes Lucas made to the OT, but I don't disagree with his right to do so.
  3. Thats funny, because in Naughty Dog's response to Eurogamer's 8/10 review they said they consciously tried to make it less handheld this time. Well it is, in some cases. There will be levels were you can opt to try and sneak through undetected or go in guns blazing. But more or less, it feels more "directed." There are awesome chase sequences galore, but you can only go in the direction they choose. I found it very interesting in the making of featurettes how they actually design the levels before they write the story, and then adjust whatever story ideas they have to fit in with what they have already developed. One of the foot chases was developed and ready to go, but they didn't know who Drake was chasing until the writing team caught up. Fascinating, since it feels the complete opposite. I find the stories in the franchise to be of the upmost quality. Well, since its an action game, it makes sense to assume such action sequences would have been there anyway. So designing them first and filling in the characters later isn't really such an illogical thing to do if you think about it.
  4. Thats funny, because in Naughty Dog's response to Eurogamer's 8/10 review they said they consciously tried to make it less handheld this time.
  5. I'm not at all bothered by what you think of me, or my hobby. I'm quite content in that department thank you. And if you are the gatekeeper of getting into the entertainment industry, then I suppose I'm somewhat disappointed that the industry will go to shit a lot sooner than I thought it would.
  6. its quite obvious someone needs a pair of glasses, or lasik. me thinks your eyes are getting old and dated.
  7. I don't think its 'bad', just old and dated. It also probably suffers from being a slow moving object, and in broad daylight. I think the T-Rex being mostly in the dark helps mask a lot.
  8. espn.com, for playing its highlight videos on default
  9. i'm pretty sure this has been discussed ages ago in the video games thread in the Other Topics forum
  10. they are very overpriced and quite ovely bassy. good for em hiphop i guess.
  11. Well if he did delay surgery for a "diet", then it probably did cost him his life I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer 2 years ago. It is my opinion that the usual treatment for cancer (chemotherapy and surgery) kills more patients than the cancer itself. How many ppl have u known who seemed fine at diagnosis but once chemotherapy starts, their health plummets? The nature of chemotherapy is such that it brings the patient so close to death in trying to destroy the cancer cells that many patients don't survive the treatment. In any case, Jobs had pancreatic cancer, probably the worst type of cancer you could ask for, where the 1 year survival rate is 20%, and the 5 year survival rate is 4%.
  12. I think its because the situations in which CG is used is simpler. I don't think T2 had superior CG to T3 honestly.
  13. I'm open to giving things a bit of a facelift, with the caveat that its being done by the director. It would be great if the original version was always available, not so much as an obligation but as a service for fans. That said, I do wish the SW OT was available in original form in a contemporary high quality format. I can somewhat symphatize with George Lucas retinkering of the OT in a way. As a photographer, I've had many photos where I've retinkered with as my skills at post processing has gotten better over the years, and I sure as hell think that the current version is the best one and I don't want the earlier versions to be seen again. Of course, none of my photos is a global pop culture phenomenon like Star Wars, but you get my point.
  14. I see. Cool. I've never really had a problem with the bass on the E2C/SE102 personally.
  15. Nothing wrong, but it is a bit dated. Shaders and textures have come a loooooong way since. Especially the leap made in 2002.
  16. I havent brought it to school with me lately, but that day I did and had it in my hoodie's pocket. When I got home, I did my laundry in a hurry including the said hoodie, completely forgetting that my iPod was still in it. And the hoodie being a slightly heavier piece of clothing, I didn't realize any immediate weight difference when tossing it in. ah it's time you upgrade to the SE215 Big upgrade from the SE102? That's surprising considering a few months ago Jason posted and his iPod Classic 120gb (I think), got shot after he dropped it in the toilet. Well, I put it in a ziploc with a whole bunch of sillica gel packs and left it for nearly 5 days before plugging it in and trying to start it.
  17. random post but my iPod Classic 80Gb and my Shure SE102 survived a trip into the washing machine
  18. I was thinking exactly the same thing. The fridge scene is just as dumb as most of the rest of the film. In the first three movies Indy's escapades, improbable and fantastic as they were, were still well grounded in the realm of the possible. To expect anyone (even Indy) to have survived being blasted that high into the air in a fridge is pushing it too far. Raiders works so well because for all his bravado and posturing, Indy is still very obviously presented as a mortal man. It's no less realistic than Indy jumping off an airplane with an inflatable lifeboat and falling off thousand-foot cliffs. Or Indy falling off a cliff while on a tank that explodes upon impact. Actually, I think a couple of years ago on a film-themed episode of Mythbusters they did the "falling out of a plane on an inflated liferaft" thing from TOD thinking it would be easy to prove no one could survive such a ridiculous stunt. To their surprise, the dummies inside the raft lived through the experience. Ok I'm getting tired of people quoting Mythbusters, that gold standard of science *sarcasm*. In any case, iirc the temple of doom raft myth was actually busted. EDIT: Couldn't quite find the video, but here's the text recap from Annotated Mythbusters Drop 1 For the first drop they rigged Buster in center of the raft, which turned out to be a bad job. The rigging gave way after they had lifted the raft 400 ft up, ejecting Buster from the raft. Buster was completely destroyed and Adam reacted in shock to the carnage: "Buster is a pile of scrap." Drop 2 They improved the rigging in the raft by using big hauling straps instead. Somehow they managed to resurrect Buster. They must have had a lot of spare parts on hand because even the instruments were pretty trashed from the first mishap. The raft flipped over and floated in like a parachute at 22mph. Parachutists usually land at about 14mph. This might have been fine for Buster, except he was ejected when the raft flipped over and landed at 154 MPH. Drop 3 For the third drop they decided to re-rig the raft to be used as a parachute to keep Buster from falling separately. They managed to resurrect Buster resurrected yet again, though he's headless and looking pretty bad for the wear. The parachute safely worked as a parachute, but the rate of descent was too fast. Initially they thought Buster was ok, but once they got close they saw that Buster's limbs were pretty wrecked. The chest sensors showed that he might have lived (50g shock watch was broken, but 75 and 100 were not), however, even though Buster might have lived, the notion that someone could have lept out and rigged the parachute-like harness is very unlikely. They had already demonstrated the problems with the Indiana-Jones-style descent, so mythbusted. (Life raft) busted
  19. Crusade is twice the movie KOTCS is. It has better characters, better script, better acting, not to mention better music. Also, Spielberg gave a crap about it. Contrary to Crystal Skull, apparently. The end result of both films is I find them about equally enjoyable, which is very enjoyable.
  20. and in another thread we are talking about getting an interview with him. with suggestions of tazing him floating around these boards i think we should keep him unaware of our existence.
  21. I liked KOTCS, always did. Nowhere near Raiders, or for that matter Temple, but it is as enjoyable as Crusade was, while being quite a bit more original than Crusade.
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