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  1. but, vehicles have always been the most fun thing about the Battlefield games!
  2. this is what The Shining really was all about
  3. are u playing it on the console or PC? we all know the console versions are rather neutered. no 64 player mayhem? bah!
  4. well, technology has to be pushed at some point for it to gain some momentum.
  5. AOTC and ROTS are 1080p, so are most of the other digitally shot movies up till recently such as Apocalypto and Sin City. 28 Days later is not even HD.
  6. I'm not even really worried film won't be used anymore in the future. Speaking as a stills enthusiast, 35mm film has been quite irrelevant for a while now imo and even medium format film is no longer worth the effort in most cases. And I'm one of the 'film lovers' of my school's photoclub
  7. If anyone is interested in watching a bunch of webisodes, here are the aforementioned Zacuto ones. While a bit technical at times with the jargon,I think they do quite a good job explaining it to the laymen if you arent too well versed in photography terms. They stack up the latest digital cameras against 4k scans as well as a few DSLRs. The 2010 one http://www.zacuto.com/shootout The 2011 one http://www.zacuto.co...011/episode-one http://www.zacuto.co...011/episode-two http://www.zacuto.co...1/episode-three
  8. i think something went wrong in the encoding of the file they uploaded. even the green of the Preview card is off
  9. Malaysia, so..Asia. But I've been in the States now for a few years for college
  10. How does the resolution of current digital movie cameras compare to that of 35 mm film? try watching the shootout videos Zacuto have made
  11. I dont know if this has been posted, but it seems that the 3 camera makers (Arri, Panavison and Aaton) who were the remaining film camera makers have all stopped making them. http://magazine.creativecow.net/article/film-fading-to-black
  12. 9 Amy Ponds http://whatthecurtains.tumblr.com/post/11006435183/9-times-amy-ponds-hair-is-the-main-focus-when-it
  13. I dont know what I think of Series 6 in relation to 5 yet. I think 6 has greater individual episodes, or individual moments...but 5's sum of its parts is greater than 6's sum of its parts.
  14. Speaking of bringing up kids to Star Wars... http://www.petapixel.com/2011/09/23/dad-photoshops-family-trip-photos-to-convince-his-kids-that-ewoks-exist/
  15. i found it to be entertaining, but underwhelming as a series finale. the finale really should have been a meaty two parter.
  16. As you have mentioned, the only properties a bulb can affect would be brightness and color temperature. Its up to the lens to make an image out of the light passing through it, thus influencing color rendition, contrast and sharpness
  17. But a bulb is merely a light source. Color, contrast and sharpness of an image are properties of the lens.
  18. how does light bulbs affect the sharpness of an image? brightness yes but acuity?
  19. I saw him in person just a few weeks ago. He really doesnt seem as overweight (or large) in real life. I encounter far more obese people in my average day. Btw, as no one has appeared to mention it yet, I would like to point out that the 'creative decision' to dial out the Force theme statement at the beginning of the Battle of Yavin has been fixed.
  20. Joanna Page...especially with her ridiculously irresistible Welsh accent
  21. I do not want to imagine any of those actors (save obviously Dame Judi and maaaaybe Streep) attempting accents.
  22. they need to get with the times already and reboot this reboot with a Miles Morales Spider-Man
  23. the new Rage trailer looks ridiculously awesome http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/08/05/rage-trailer-explodes-out-of-quakecon/
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