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  1. Did anyone do a series of matching covers already for all 9 episodes? Ideally including Rogue One, Solo and Shadows of the Empire.
  2. Checked my PS4 just now and the only extra's I could find are a whole bunch of deleted scenes and the movie with audio commentary. Couldn't find the "Score Only" option as separate audio track for the film or audio commentary either. Maybe time for us to Give Feedback here? https://help.disneyplus.com/csp I had just been mentioning this to certain Disney+ naysayers as a positive and this is sort-of undermining my point for them.
  3. I also looked if it was listed separately under "Specials" in the Star Wars section. But that's not where it is either... Maybe this was just the announcement and it has to show up?
  4. https://theplaylist.net/disney-plus-last-jedi-star-wars-score-only-20191230/ COOL! But where is it? Haven't found it yet here in The Netherlands.
  5. https://www.cracked.com/article_167_5-reasons-star-wars-sequels-would-be-worse-than-prequels.html With the powers of hindsight...
  6. Hmm... I was going to disagree with you there. But then: I like that idea. OOOH! Well said!
  7. RotJ opened with too many Muppets. And then teddy bears. Neither were particularly good parts. But the story elements with Yoda, Luke, Darth Vader and The Emperor certainly carried their weight! And the space battle was excellent too. Which makes it... I suppose... half a good movie.
  8. For a second there, I was quite shocked. Seemed a bit sudden to kill him off before he had the chance to do much of anything in the trilogy. Then, as it turned out, many other characters concluded the trilogy, barely doing much of anything either. Lando showed up for a double Deus Ex Machina bit, but that's about it. What was even the purpose of those brand new characters? And I can't remember a thing that famous R2-D2 did in TROS at all.
  9. It is true that is the current state of the world. And from a historical perspective, that makes sense. But the future isn't history. And we can move beyond that.
  10. Why a finale of a much-loved series should aim to mimic any other movie is certainly beyond MY understanding. I'd have said, it should've been very much its own thing.
  11. Who are you to judge? I agree they could've done better. Far better. Real shame that they didn't. The chance was most certainly there. Yes, it was indeed designed for that. It failed. It failed because it tried to do exactly that.
  12. That's the ideal, yes. We don't live up to it. Freedom isn't all it's made out to be anyway. Not when my freedom interferes with yours. For me, the ideal would be "live and let live". And I like to believe most people would agree; at least in words. In actions though? That's a different story... It's easier said than done. And we have a lot yet to learn.
  13. Real life is diverse. Having more representation only makes sense. Ideally we would live in a world where it doesn't matter one way or another. And yet here we are, talking about it. Apparently it matters.
  14. Travel times in movies are notoriously nutty. Too bad; I believe stories would be much stronger if there were some true sense of time and distance passing.
  15. Thought TFA already did that with its "jump from zero to hyperspace" and the other way around in one movie. Actually, that is something I could've done without altogether. The amount of "playing with simple travel" was quite excessive in the entire ST. The only part I like is that, in the moment at least, the effect of the Holdo manoeuvre is quite stunning. Exactly. Plus, those books were introduced in the very same movie.
  16. We can argue over how successful they were. But there is nothing wrong with creating films more accessible to women. And that message above looks very, very creepy.
  17. In the end, they kind-of were. They could've said something. They could've said a lot. About the size of the galaxy. About luck versus destiny. About inclusiveness opposed to "us vs. them". About (and so on and so on). But they didn't. Not really. Unless you consider TLJ as saying something about "making mistakes and learning from them".
  18. And even more than 2/3rd of the heroes dead. There were so few characters left that in 2 hours, a lot could be done with them. There was even space to focus on character over spectacle, for a less visually epic, but more thoughtful finale instead. And wasn't it exciting to NOT know where things were headed? To truly venture into the unknown?
  19. In a way, indeed that is true. And in a way, that was a GOOD thing. Like @Holko says, that allowed the next film in the series enough freedom to NOT remake RotJ. To maybe skip on the Rey's parentage and the superweapons and the old villains. And instead focus on what exactly this series truly wanted to leave behind as its final, undiluted core message. As it is, I honestly don't know what TROS was trying to say. It seemed to be too busy regurgitating the past to say much of anything. The one message I remember liking is "evil wins by making us believe we're alone, even though we're not". That's one I would very much wish would stick in people's minds.
  20. Fair enough; it CAN be fun. And indeed for a while, I followed along and it was. Agreed; I don't believe most people were like that either. Only some of them. Some very vocal ones.
  21. TLJ was not perfect. But some clear creative thought went into it and it promised a route to potentially interesting new(!) developments. TROS was not perfect. The creativity seemed to be limited to "paint by numbers". It didn't lead much of anywhere interesting; let alone new. TLJ wins for me.
  22. Based on just the movies, indeed I agree with you there. The question of Rey's parentage was never very relevant in TFA at all. Almost a complete non-issue, as far as I'm concerned. But then the fandom and the JJ Mystery Box come in. And with the "Skywalker everywhere", suddenly it gets blown far out of proportion. When it never needed to be. Because why wouldn't it be a BIG galaxy? It's a whole GALAXY, for crying out loud!
  23. I'm not sure I loved TLJ, but I liked it well enough. This movie is a disappointment. Can it be "fan service" (quotation marks intentional) AND destroy Star Wars lore at the same time? Can "fan service" be diametrically opposed to maintaining true to its own concept? Can "fans" be wrong about that which they (claim to?) love?
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