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    Pieter Boelen got a reaction from Yavar Moradi in The Mandalorian - Star Wars live action series on Disney+   
    Wow! Disney must really trust in the series then.
    Or maybe... they can't do production on Season 2 right now, so people are killing time by inventing a hypothetical season 3 ahead of time.
    Either way, I hope I'll get to see it! First season was certainly worthwhile.
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    Pieter Boelen reacted to Manakin Skywalker in THE LAST JEDI - Verizon's Death Star 360 Promo music   
    It took a while, but I finally found where this piece of music is from. It's a piece of stock music from APM called "Battleforce" composed by Daryl Neil Alexander Griffith.
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    Pieter Boelen reacted to crumbs in Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion   
    I think that insert took everyone a while to get used to, it was totally out of the blue.
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    Pieter Boelen reacted to crumbs in Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion   
    I noticed it from my first listen, the transition always sounded off. I wonder if it's partly mental though, because everyone listening to that track is specifically waiting to hear that insert begin (a highly coveted unreleased cue until the LLL release), and your brain is so used to the existing version that it's doubly jarring on first listen.
    I had a similar experience with the unreleased section of Rescuing Sarah. Something sounded off for the first few listens, simply because I spent two decades hearing that damn OST microedit. I couldn't imagine going back to the OST version now.
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    Pieter Boelen reacted to Jay in Another live-action Star Wars series announced, with Cassian Andor   
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    Pieter Boelen got a reaction from Once in New Project: John Williams Potter Scoring   
    Hermione's Theme again! Always a welcome one.
    And works wonders right there.
    Such a sweet sound for such a sweet, disappointed girl.
    That Double Trouble variation is also really fun.
    Three Note theme is nicely foreboding too.
    But I wonder if Voledmort's Theme could've fit in there.
    That one tends to be more terrifying to me.
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    Pieter Boelen got a reaction from Ravendor Studios in New Project: John Williams Potter Scoring   
    In Ravendor, we trust!
    Huh? Why skip one?
    Alternatively, keep the game one by James Hannigan!
    That's a pretty good score altogether.
    Some nice Hedwig's Theme.
    But really, the main thing they both need is MORE FAWKES
    It's not called the Order of the PHOENIX for nothing!!
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    Pieter Boelen reacted to crumbs in The Mandalorian - Star Wars live action series on Disney+   
    Yeah, the round table format works great. All you need is the key crew sitting around a table discussing the show, then throw in some B-Roll to fill in the blanks. How I wish Williams would do something like this with JJ, Steven or Rian.
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    Pieter Boelen reacted to Ravendor Studios in New Project: John Williams Potter Scoring   
    Thank you!! We really appreciate it and we're hoping to at least post the full audio to line up with the film when it's done.
    There are two new cues up for this week! First is a moment for Ron and Hermione as the Yule Ball ends (Cue No. 23 part 2), followed by Cue No. 24: Vision of Voldemort. Let us know what you think and as always, thanks for listening!
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    Pieter Boelen reacted to Ravendor Studios in New Project: John Williams Potter Scoring   
    Thank you both, it's great to hear your feedback and reactions!

    @FrankFWJH we definitely wanted to position this as the middle film in a tapestry, and have always wanted to see where all of the existing themes could have gone even as the style of the movies changed. Continuity and growth have definitely been at the front of our minds. Glad you've liked it so far!

    @bollemanneke that makes sense. We knew we might agree to disagree with people on the overall approach, just like all of the discussions that have happened here about the existing Potter films or about TLJ vs. TROS, for example (in terms of the amount of reuse and which is better/more inspired). Either way, we're so glad to hear that you're enjoying the score! We've been trying to keep the tone of this movie in mind, returning to some of that nostalgic magic, as well as the placement within the series as we've decided where to use direct throwbacks, too.

    All in all, we've always wanted to emulate that feeling of John Williams magic when watching these films, so that means a lot. As a side note/devil's advocate, we know Hedwig is diegetic so we took advantage of the opportunity!  

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    Pieter Boelen reacted to Laserschwert in The Mandalorian - Star Wars live action series on Disney+   
    I didn't expect such a huge documentary for the show. I was already lamenting the fact that The Mandalorian probably won't make it to Blu-ray and thus we won't getting a proper Making Of. And now we are getting this instead... awesome!
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    Pieter Boelen reacted to Kasey Kockroach in John Powell Shrine   
    Just listen to various Powell bits until ya find something that catches your ear. My first exposure to his world was Chicken Run, and I recall it blossoming to full-blown fascination/obsession when I heard Horton for the first time. I can’t help but find going back to other composers nowadays to be inherently less interesting due to most of them lacking that narrative purpose, where it feels rewarding to notice subtler thematic expressions intertwined in the underscore. Or how even his minor supporting themes tend to be more interesting than a lot of composers’ main themes. 
    So many others will just have a main theme and will just play it over and over during ‘big’ moments for no other reason than, well, it’s the main theme. Powell’s thematic statements tend to have a bit more substance, being just as much for storytelling sake as music’s sake. 
    I don’t know, there’s just something about Powell scores that makes me want to listen to them over and over while others I listen to once, get the gist, and move on.
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    Pieter Boelen got a reaction from Bellosh in John Powell Shrine   
    Is that a good one to start with?
    I'd suggest the first instead.
    'Call of the Wild' technically IS Powell scoring a Harrison Ford adventure and doing pretty well at it.
    But would it be enough to change anyone's opinion?
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    Pieter Boelen reacted to ATXHusker in The Mandalorian - Star Wars live action series on Disney+   
    Season 2 trailer! 
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    Pieter Boelen reacted to The Illustrious Jerry in The Mandalorian - Star Wars live action series on Disney+   
    We were already talking about this on the Discord, but just a heads up to any other fans of the show that on May 4th an eight episode behind-the-scenes series ("gallery") of the show will be available on Disney+. Not sure if it'll be weekly releases like the show or dropped all at once. I'll definetly be checking this out as I'm very keen on the production, and I'm willing to bet we might hear from Goransson briefly (fingers crossed). 
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    Pieter Boelen reacted to Not Mr. Big in John Powell Shrine   
    Indy V... That's a name I haven't heard in a long time.  Long time.  Before the dark times, before the Coronavirus
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    Pieter Boelen got a reaction from Jurassic Shark in Tadlow has launched Kickstarter campaign to fund Rozsa's King of Kings   
    As much as I appreciate their efforts, would there be any chance of them rerecording a score again that isn't already available in reasonable sound quality?
    For example Rozsa's The Plymouth Adventure, Korngold's, Captain Blood, Rozsa's The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, Williams' Dracula, etc.?
    Or am I saying crazy things now....?
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    Pieter Boelen reacted to Jay in Joel McNeely's A Million Ways To Die In The West   
    I liked the mustache song more than the title song
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    Pieter Boelen reacted to Manakin Skywalker in "Space Battalions" by James Brett used in Star Wars promotional videos   
    I found it by accident on Audio Network. The track is just over 3 minutes long and is called "Space Battalions" composed by James Brett, a composer I've been somewhat familiar with for a couple years. I had actually suspected he or another composer on Audio Network had composed it, but I didn't come across it until just now.
    You can listen to it here:
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    Pieter Boelen reacted to Jay in "Space Battalions" by James Brett used in Star Wars promotional videos   
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    Pieter Boelen reacted to DominicCobb in The Rise of Skywalker - COMPLETE SCORE Discussion - SPOILERS ALLOWED!   
    Absolutely right. And I think Escape is excellent, that moment and others within that sequence are such good cinema, but I know people here complain about the edits made to that cue in the film. But it's nothing like what JJ did, and the music still shines, even if things have been shuffled.
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    Pieter Boelen reacted to Nick Parker in "Space Battalions" by James Brett used in Star Wars promotional videos   
    See, you can tell with the counter point section.
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    Pieter Boelen reacted to Ravendor Studios in New Project: John Williams Potter Scoring   
    @Pieter Boelen Thanks so much! We had fun with those throwbacks. Glad you liked Hermione's theme too, we felt it had to be there for her moment!

    Great to hear your thoughts!
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    Pieter Boelen reacted to Borodin in Star Wars VS Lord of the Rings [POLL] Film and Score   
    Regarding the scores, someone made a comment I tend to agree with when applied to Star Wars (and probably the Harry Potter mentioned,) so instead of typing my own content, I can steal someone else's:
    On LOTR vs Harry Potter OSTs:
    So I would apply this to Star Wars. Even though it was more of an "opera"-tunity for Williams to have the freedom to overturize grander themes and more fluid orchestrations, I simply don't think Shore could've ever reached anywhat this talent standard.
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    Pieter Boelen reacted to Chen G. in Star Wars VS Lord of the Rings [POLL] Film and Score   
    I've said before that I'm perfectly happy enjoying Star Wars for what it is, and Middle Earth for what it is. They share a lot of similarities, but at the end of the day one is a high fantasy film and the other is a space opera, and that's a big difference.
    That being said, I do find the Middle Earth series the superior of the two. Its certainly the more cohesive, being that all its six entries (at a comparable length to the nine Star Wars films) were produced, written and directed by the same person and made by the same core creative team (down to the continuity supervisor!), across 20 years, and each trilogy was shot in one go.
    By comparison, Star Wars went through various writers, cinematographers, editors and even directors like they were tissue paper over a 50 year period, making it decidedly more fragmented. This is made all the more appearant in that while Lucas tinkered with the films after the fact so as to bind them together, Jackson had done nothing of this sort, and still his series holds together so much better.
    The point I'm getting at is that, in terms of a new audience experiencing the story from beginning to end, Star Wars begins with a film that does very little to push the overriding story forward, and then follows it up with two films that spoil the biggest twist of the series two films in advance. Then, after the sixth film - which forms the climax and denoument of the series - it begins anew with three more films just 'cause. I'm not even talking about the spinoffs: In watching the films sequentially, I don't think there's anything more distracting than abandoning the storyline for two spinoffs (Solo and Rogue One) before returning to it.
    With The Middle Earth films, you can actually watch them as a single story from An Unexpected Journey through to The Return of the King, without having the earlier entries spoil anything to do with the later ones, and with all them leading to one, truly FINAL, resolution to the whole of the story: there's no Episode VII and no Phase 4 to be had with this series. You can chart it out over a three-act diagram and it works almost like a textbook example. That's a legitimately unique achievement.

    Plus, the films are just more affecting. There's never a moment in Star Wars that has the numinous quality of Sam carrying Frodo up Mount Doom, or even the air of a Aristotelian tragedy that is to be found in Thorin's downfall. I also rather like Tolkien, which functions to me as a sort-of spinoff to these films.
    I've already said my piece on the scores.
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