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  1. Those videos are for the unique occasion many of us had to hear JW music with the LSO. In my case, (almostr) a dream come true. The concert is still resonating in my heart and my memory, but time will wash it out . So, I did just 1 video, the Superman March, that actually is the reason how I discovered this name, John Williams, in 1989... It has been a way to impress forever in my mind that exact moment, just in case in the future I'll think it was a dream. Obviously, I kept the phone apart during the recording and listened carefully at the orchestra. PS. And not so bad, that video came out: good job, IpXsMax
  2. VERY VERY well said ! I'am 46 and was waiting for this since 1989. JW saved my problematic life, at that time, and since then I've become a fan of him, waaay before here in Italy many people knew his name and, at the end, soundtracks gained the spotlight that we are seeing in those last years. For me, since last february, this was going to be a totally unpredictable gift and occasion, the very first and, most probably, the very last occasion to see The Man. I paid a lot of money (Viagogo, blaaammme on you) for tickets, flights and hotel, but I never minded: it was going to be a dream come true. Now I feel destroyed, because I've the gut feeling that JW is..... and that my dream is broken forever. From a musical point of view, it still will be an interesting concert, but from the point of view of my personal life it is a total wreck. And definitvely I don't mind about the money paid. I wish you to get well as soon as possible, John: I'll attend to the concert anyway and possibly celebrate you in the best way possible. Alessandro
  3. Yes, ten days, but I'm starting wondering if my two Viagogo e-tickets will let me in the RAH..... Yes, I made a mistake, but I was in rush and nothing I did know about that crap site... It is too late, every thing is paid, flight and hotel: in the worst case, I'll enjoy a weekend in London, crying silently in a corner of Piccadilly Circus....
  4. Hello everyone Probably it has already been discussed somewhere, but... What's the dress code for the concert ? This is my FIRST JW Concert, something that I've been awaiting since 1989.... I don't really know how it works at the RAH... Thank you Alessandro
  5. My idea is that he is too old to "manage" the entire process of scoring a Star Wars movie. I see it in this way: if he accepts (but I seriously doubt it), he wil write the main music "ideas" and then someone else will elaborate these ideas in a full score and conduct during the time consuming scoring sessions.
  6. In that regard, I can confirm that alle the issues I had with the 192/24 tracks are gone using a proper FLAC player (i.e. foobar2000): no hiss, no buzzs). So, in PC playback, software matters !
  7. I bought the FLAC version on HDTracks, but several tracks (for example, the JP Theme, in the first 60 seconds) exhibit a very "un-HD" hiss (a whining noise, a buzz, I am not able to find the correct word in english) in the background, quite audible in the more quiet passages... Is it the same for you ? Thanks Alessandro
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