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  1. It’s text on the internet. I’m not trying to be snide. Sorry for misunderstanding. Guess I’ll head out too edit: Sorry everyone for the derailment and disrespect on my part. Carry on. I’ll keep my thoughts to myself.
  2. So again, my question, which recently Zimmer scores do you think we’re all too blinded to love, that will become classics?
  3. I’m in the wrong clearly, so I’ll go back to lurking and observing now.
  4. I'm sorry, but Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, Dunkirk, will never be classics. Maybe some of his earlier work. But I haven't cared for a Zimmer score in years and I used to absolutely love his stuff (Inception, Angels and Demons, The Dark Knight, etc.) His efforts in the last several years? No, those won't be classics. Not even Elfman's Justice League score will be a classic. I think I'd lose my mind if his recent, boring, walls of noise, were ever widely considered classics.
  5. Wouldn't you believe it, but I do as well. But I dont think anything is TFA is nearly as buried as Klingon Chase from Into Darkness. That was truly horrendous.
  6. others here? It seems like I might be the only one here who thinks it's fine as it is. Lol. I must be the mad one
  7. I literally just watched TFA a few days ago and had no issues with the mixing during the moments you guys are describing.
  8. Since this is specifically the Chronological Score thread, I have removed all the Songs from this list, but I have a version with those too if anyone wants them. And I know, it's not a film, but whatever. If anyone wants it, here you go: Stranger Things 2 (2017) - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein NOTE: So many of the tracks on the Season 2 release contain 4-5+ cues within them, so I went ahead and included all the edits present in the show. It's up to the listener if they want to include the entire track instead. There may be more I have missed, some of the ambient cues were particularly difficult to place so it's possible I missed an appearance or two, but I believe this takes care of every instance of score of the Season 2 release and the direct (or almost direct) lifts from Season 1. Enjoy, although I know this score isn't held in high regard here.
  9. Sounds like only 0:27.7-0:30.8 is actually slowed down significantly. After 30.8 it seems to return to a proper tempo.
  10. I'd much rather watch a film that doesn't take itself too seriously as opposed to a film that takes itself far too seriously (I'm looking at you Batman V Superman)
  11. I've had folks on other locations get pissed for sharing an ebay link because it sends a bunch of people to it and ups the bidding war or something ridiculous. Just treading lightly. Now I know
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