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  1. l've made an edit too (not a simple regular + FYC version) .... but without this track (i not have it)
  2. the source music between 12 and 13 (the festival) seem to be on the bonus bluray , it's the end theme of the making of "legacy of skywalker"
  3. https://moviesanywhere.com/movie/star-wars-the-last-jedi finger crossed for the same thing for ROS ....
  4. the tracklisting seem to be ok.... (old version before reshoots and re edits ) Zucini > zucchini ? ^_^ Poe and Girlfriend > Zorii Bliss Red Eyes > C3P0 Sources composed by J J Abrams and Lin-Manuel Miranda 2S35 JJ Festival Music 3S35 JJ Bar Source
  5. when Zorii Bliss talks to poe , seem to be "Return to Tatooine (EP2)" or a variation (+- 1:30 - 2:34)
  6. 57 - Arrival at Exogol seem to be : Prologue (FYC) 0:056 - 1:28 + Fanfare and Prologue 3:39 - 3:56
  7. the Golden globes list was released, Often (but not always) the same as Academy Awards, and ROS is not in the list BUT for a complete score, i hope a release via a companion application at the bluray release (like TLJ)
  8. ROS is not nominated for the golden Globes, i think there will be the same thing for the Academy Awards (No Physical CD)
  9. the star wars theme in the end credits is the same as the one used in the Lando's Armada's scene or not ?
  10. for the "Last Jedi", the complete score has been released on an android (an Iphone ?) application do you think there will b the same thing for ROS ?
  11. the ost version seem to be not completely in movie order and maye some tracks from the FYC version are not in this version
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