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  1. Songs 2. A Hunter Jon Asgersson : Visur Vatnsenda Rosu 3. Migratory Nick Cave : Distant Sky > before "wonder Woman defending...." 10: The Center Will Not Hold, Twenty Centuries of Stony Sleep 00:00 - 5:23 Nick Cave : There Is A Kingdom 10: The Center Will Not Hold, Twenty Centuries of Stony Sleep (5.23 - End) do u have informations about the good place of : BVS 01 1M1A Main Titles (Part A) BVS 11 2M4 Wishlist BVS 49 8M6 The Girl BVS 54 9M5 The Warden MOS 13 - 2m08 I Just Wanted to Help MOS 18 - 3m15 Who Are You ? MOS 19 - 3m15b First Flig
  2. "This video received a copyright claim for sounding too close to the original so I had to trim out a few segments in the first half. Please start the video from 1:55 and you will be able to play the entire piece! Thanks for listening!"
  3. the Mandalorian Season 2 Vol2 Ep13 tracks 1-4 ??? EP14 tracks 5-7 ??? EP15 track 8-10 ??? EP16 tracks 11-16 ???
  4. Does anyone have a track listing of reused cues from season 1, episode by episode?
  5. l've made an edit too (not a simple regular + FYC version) .... but without this track (i not have it)
  6. the source music between 12 and 13 (the festival) seem to be on the bonus bluray , it's the end theme of the making of "legacy of skywalker"
  7. https://moviesanywhere.com/movie/star-wars-the-last-jedi finger crossed for the same thing for ROS ....
  8. the tracklisting seem to be ok.... (old version before reshoots and re edits ) Zucini > zucchini ? ^_^ Poe and Girlfriend > Zorii Bliss Red Eyes > C3P0 Sources composed by J J Abrams and Lin-Manuel Miranda 2S35 JJ Festival Music 3S35 JJ Bar Source
  9. when Zorii Bliss talks to poe , seem to be "Return to Tatooine (EP2)" or a variation (+- 1:30 - 2:34)
  10. 57 - Arrival at Exogol seem to be : Prologue (FYC) 0:056 - 1:28 + Fanfare and Prologue 3:39 - 3:56
  11. the Golden globes list was released, Often (but not always) the same as Academy Awards, and ROS is not in the list BUT for a complete score, i hope a release via a companion application at the bluray release (like TLJ)
  12. ROS is not nominated for the golden Globes, i think there will be the same thing for the Academy Awards (No Physical CD)
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