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  1. She's not fat, but what if she is 7 feet tall or something, you can't tell by the picture.
  2. I think he means Berklee in Boston, not UC Berkeley
  3. This list seems biased against bad films with good scores, Hook and Cutthroat Island aren't even on there. Also where is Star Wars?
  4. I though it was "The Hoff", not "The Hass"
  5. I was wondering if John Williams had perfect pitch. Anybody know? Thanks
  6. Windows all the way. Don't know how it is now, but atleast in the past it was impossible to play video games on macs.
  7. Like Good Musician said if you buy from the US you won't get the bonus track, unless it is the one from target, but I have the one from target and it is protected (says it won't play on pc/mac and also came up as protected when I checked on the computer). In spite of this, I had no trouble ripping or playing on my computer. The disc is protected, but it is a rather crappy protection.
  8. Thats the way to do it. Also be sure to use a good ripping program to ensure your backups don't have errors from the reading of the cd. I use EAC to rip with 2 different drives to make sure that I get a good copy on my hard drive before burning to DVD. Then again I only have around 50 cds. This method is practically impossible/time consuming for those with much more...
  9. Sorry, I can't help you much, but I would like to point out that just because the MP3 has a file runtime of 11:13, this doesn't mean that the actual cd source has a runtime of 11:13. Some rippers cut off after a certain length of time below a certain decibel level. Therefore the actual tracks could be a few seconds longer.
  10. I've gotten a few good buys from Amazon Marketplace, sometimes you can find good deals. Even though I've only bought a few things, I haven't had any trouble yet. I would guess that it is kind of like ebay though, so something could always go wrong if you buy from the wrong seller. I always check the seller ratings carefully.
  11. bob23


    Wow, thanks for all of the responses. I'll see how much money I have to spend after I buy books for next semester. Fortunately... or unfortunately :? I am probably going to spend more than I really should. I'm going to get headphones, never liked those earbuds things. I can't stand them being stuck in my ear.
  12. bob23


    My headphones recently died , so I am looking to buy a new pair. Any recommendations? Probably don't want to spend too much more than $50. Thanks
  13. There's some listed on Amazon Marketplace and they are cheap as Merkel said http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00...1938552?ie=UTF8
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