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  1. Matessino was vastly involved as Jurassic Shark statet. And he said something about Return of the Jedi sound issues. A reader in FSM magazine asked: (...) Unfortunately, Return of the Jedi only matches the first two releases in the latter category. Of the other two areas, sound quality is definitely the biggest problem. In a recent FSM article (Vol. 2, No. 1), album assembly supervisor Michael Matessino identifies the new Jedi source tapes as “...3-track tape reels that were not used on the boxed set even though they were available at the time.” After listening to the new Jedi set, I can see why these tapes weren’t used previously! The sound quality is awful—dull, flat, lifeless and compressed. The Jedi tapes used for the Arista box set were superior in every way except for completeness. But I find myself willing to sacrifice the latter for the sake of enjoying a pleasant listening experience (for example, compare the tracks “Fight in the Dungeon,”“Heroic Ewok/The Fleet Goes Into Hyperspace” and “First Ewok Battle/Fight with the Fighters” to their counterparts on the new Jedi set). Why were these inferiorsounding tapes used for a release intended to be definitive? Readers, FSM is the place where we cater to your obsessive whims. Michael Matessino responds: I’m sorry that you found the Return of the Jedi 2CD soundtrack so disappointing. We who worked on it also wished that the quality of the source material was better, but after very careful comparisons to other sources, we concluded that this was the best one to use for most of the album. Overall, there seemed to be a bit more presence and stereo separation than other available sources, but a considerable portion of the set did utilize the same master reels that were used for the Arista anthology. Jedi was recorded with a different, less desirable aesthetic quality from Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, and this was further compromised by the use of inferior tape stock which did not age well. Unfortunately, the difference is all the more noticeable when compared to Star Wars and Empire, since we had newly discovered multi-track sources on these, both of which were recorded better in the first place. (...)
  2. On Amazon.de: https://www.amazon.de/Star-Wars-Hope-John-Williams/dp/B085RRZPQC/ EAN: 0050087462468 Release Date (unconfirmed): May 1st, 2020
  3. On Amazon.de, releasing on November, 10th: https://www.amazon.de/Star-Wars-New-Hope-Ost/dp/B075VNJCQ2/ https://www.amazon.de/Star-Wars-Empire-Strikes-Back/dp/B075VNX66B/ https://www.amazon.de/Star-Wars-Return-Jedi-Ost/dp/B075VNP551/ Any ideas?
  4. Anyone who have made fun of Giacchino's Rogue One or think it's so bad, whatever reason, should check out this video and then revise their opinion.
  5. Sure, there are people whose won't hear any differences. My cousin can't hear a difference in sound quality from a 100 euros stereo system vs. 10000 euros stereo system. For him, it sounds the same. You can also find many pro arguments from the internet as well as contra arguments for the Blu-spec's. You only see what you want to see.
  6. Episode 1 till 3 has the improved sound quality you know from the 2016 Star Wars box, but without that damn paper digipack which I absolutely hate. There are released seperately and all in plastic jewel cases. Onother bonus is that Episode 2 has the bonus track "On the Conveyor Belt" and is listed on the back cover. The original trilogy as I said before sounds more clear. I can hear instruments more detailed. It feels more lifting. Sure, if you expect a quantum jump, you will be disappointed. It's more an upgrade than a new remastering. It is the master from 1997. It's like a computer game with a HD pack. The source code is the same but you see the HD textures. First, I come from Germany not from Japan. I can hear differences from those releases. Second, we are not Japan, yes. But we are not in Canada, like you. We are in international forum, where different countries get together with the same interest. As an experienced audiophile, I listen only on headphones. Of course if you listen while you driving car, while you cook or listen to iPod, e.g. you will not hear any differences.
  7. I'm impressed there is not a thread for this. I bought the Force Awakens on Blu-spec a while ago. It was released in the end of November 2016.The sound of this CD is amazing. I really love the Bluspec format, especially for the new generation Blu-spec CD2. It sounds uplifting, more dynamic, more clear instruments, natural... Like a 2-channel SACD. The artwork for this new release of Force Awakens is the best of all. It comes with a plastic jewel case and is housed in a cardboard sleeve. The sleeve itself has the same cover from the target version and is glossy. The standard jewel case is the same you know from the european release. "The Force Awakens" is printed in japanese. I was very satisfied when I saw the back cover. It contains the track list missing from other releases! Same goes with the sound of the other six Star Wars scores on this format. I recommend this too. It really sounds better than the 1997 and 2004 counterpart. A really new experience if you ask me. I know, you will say Disney will release new remastered Star Wars scores, but I am not convinced about this and supposed to be only a rumor on this board. Here's the Amazon link: https://www.amazon.co.jp/Star-Wars-Soundtrack-Blu-Spec-Cd2/dp/B01LXB4G20/ Looking forward to buy the Blu-spec's for Episode 8 and 9, if they will be released...
  8. Sorry Jay, you are wrong. It will be released as a japanese version on Blu-spec CD2 and it comes with the DVD (catalogue nr.: SICP-30988). I will buy this one, I don't care about the other albums. And this CD will be a standard plastic juwel case, not that crap digipack. https://www.amazon.co.jp/ジョン-ウィリアムズ-コンダクツ-スピルバーグ-DVD付-ジョン-ウィリアムズ-指揮者/dp/B01N9VL74Z/ref=sr_1_3?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1488069665&sr=1-3&keywords=john+williams Don't be fooled by other Amazon links, which says: "Conducts Music From the Star Wars Saga". It is only mislabeled. CDjapan says correctly "John Williams Conducts Music For The Films Of Steven Spielberg [CD+DVD] [Blu-spec CD2]". It also states DVD region 2. Germany has region 2 as well as japan, so there is no problem for me. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/SICP-30988 I love the Blu-spec's. Oh wait, I will open a new thread for another news...
  9. I'm not sure but look at the orchestra, especially the string players. They are actually playing.
  10. I can understand both fractions of people, who enjoy the original release and people, who enjoy the UE. I am obsessed with the UE because: After listening the OST for the first time, I ranked the score from good to very good but tends to very good. After I listened to the UE, I realized this score is a real masterpiece. Although the UE has edits, loops and maybe the battle on disc 2 leads some listener to a "mid catastrophe", I can listen to it without having problems with this (If you think about it, the complete "Battle of Endor" has also a bit problem switching one scene to another). You can hear the power and giatism of this work. It should be mentioned that this is not exactly how it is in the movie. The tracks were merged together, so you get a complete whole. In the movie, some tracks were segued and combined inlogical. I don't know why you all ennoyed about the album version of "Augie's Municipal Band". The film version is looped and edited. So I am happy you get the unedited version. The OST left out much of interesting and astonishing music. And the OST has also redundant passages. The scond half of "The Arrival at Naboo" at track 1 is heard exactly on track 13 at 1:54, which really ennoys me. "Duel of the Fates" and "Anakin's Theme" is exactly sequenced on the end credits. This could maybe interpretated as kind of potpourri or somewhat a medley. But pretty boring if you ask me. Listen to the same themes at the end without alterations. That's a big advantage for the UE. "Duel of the Fates" on the UE is nipped and tucked, so you only have segements of this, but you can listen to it with full blown arragement at the end. "Anakin's Theme" is unique on the end credits. No redudance. Of course, a "real" complete score is much better than the UE, don't get me wrong. But there isn't a complete score offically, the UE is the essential recording for me to capture this brilliant work. Btw, I don't think Sony wants to blame us.
  11. It's exciting the muscial taste is very different here. Thanks for the contributions! I will try the Gerhardt one again but I am afraid this won't change my mind. After reading my statement, I said "pretty lame compared with the original interpretations". The Gerhardt recordings of the Star Wars trilogy are good without comparison. But the film recordings are much better in this case. The Gerhardt recordings in general are very good indeed. Look at the golden age recordings. I heard somewhere the recording of Korngold compilation "The Sea Hawk" let people access to film music more than before; it became more popular after this release in 1974. Can anyone confirm the votes are based on the complete scores?
  12. Gerhardt's Star Wars is one of my favourite film music recordings. His ROTJ is also great. But I always found his ESB very disappointing. Strange interpretations, strange performance, and strange recording. SW may have its share of performance flubs, but there's a musical sense to it that very few film music recordings have. Then pick up the Zubin Mehta recording. It is the same suite minus "Here they come!" and I think it has a better performance. It includes the first suite Williams assembled for Hollywood Bowl in 1978. Gerhardt asked Williams later to add "Here they come!" for his recoding and agreed. "The Battle" on Gerhardt was too slow at the beginning and overall didn't convince me. ROTJ have flaws, too.
  13. I find both Gerhardt interpretations of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back pretty lame compared with the original interpretations. The complete scores for the Star Wars trilogy are the only way to go for me. I totally agree. Wait, the votes based on the complete scores? I thought the basis is depended on their personal preferences for different album configurations. If this is confirmed, I will change my vote from E.T. to Close Encounters for "Your Second favorite John Williams Score", because the Arista expanded release for Close Encounters is amazing, but both expanded E.T. releases have flaws. I prefer the original album presentation of E.T.. As far as I know for the Star Wars titles, Episode IV screen title was added in the 80s. I think it was after TESB came out - 1981, I guess. All sequels have the number of that episode in their first release.
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