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  1. Is John Williams joking or real? He was asked about new releases of his older works in near future. He said he just approved a 30 disc set of Star Wars, 15 CDs of Indiana Jones and 4 discs from Hook inclusive the abandoned Musical which he had recorded completely but told nobody before. And he approved the score to Sugarland Expres, The Rare Breed and Story of a Woman because he find it not too bad. And a new expansion from Heartbeeps, which he compares with Beethoven 5th. I think he is joking. EDIT: Never mind. Good take crumbs!
  2. Can anyone tell me how is the sound quality compared the FYC? Is the mix on the FYC still better than on the new edition? I want to skip the deluxe edition possibly, because the FYC doesn't have that song and I like the better artwork. How about the booklet of the deluxe edition?
  3. There is also a FYC 3-disc version. The first two discs with the complete score and the third disc with the song. This is the version I own. Here are the pictures: In a HTTYD fan forum, a user explained that the two disc version is only a upcovert from mp3. Maybe from the FYC site. But it is possible that he bought a fake one. I don't know. But he claims the one disc version and the eventuelly the three disc version is lossless. I like this version, because of the absence of the song. On the newly released deluxe edition I would skip that track. And in FS
  4. Matessino was vastly involved as Jurassic Shark statet. And he said something about Return of the Jedi sound issues. A reader in FSM magazine asked: (...) Unfortunately, Return of the Jedi only matches the first two releases in the latter category. Of the other two areas, sound quality is definitely the biggest problem. In a recent FSM article (Vol. 2, No. 1), album assembly supervisor Michael Matessino identifies the new Jedi source tapes as “...3-track tape reels that were not used on the boxed set even though they were available at the time.” After listening to the new Jedi set,
  5. On Amazon.de: https://www.amazon.de/Star-Wars-Hope-John-Williams/dp/B085RRZPQC/ EAN: 0050087462468 Release Date (unconfirmed): May 1st, 2020
  6. On Amazon.de, releasing on November, 10th: https://www.amazon.de/Star-Wars-New-Hope-Ost/dp/B075VNJCQ2/ https://www.amazon.de/Star-Wars-Empire-Strikes-Back/dp/B075VNX66B/ https://www.amazon.de/Star-Wars-Return-Jedi-Ost/dp/B075VNP551/ Any ideas?
  7. Anyone who have made fun of Giacchino's Rogue One or think it's so bad, whatever reason, should check out this video and then revise their opinion.
  8. Sure, there are people whose won't hear any differences. My cousin can't hear a difference in sound quality from a 100 euros stereo system vs. 10000 euros stereo system. For him, it sounds the same. You can also find many pro arguments from the internet as well as contra arguments for the Blu-spec's. You only see what you want to see.
  9. Episode 1 till 3 has the improved sound quality you know from the 2016 Star Wars box, but without that damn paper digipack which I absolutely hate. There are released seperately and all in plastic jewel cases. Onother bonus is that Episode 2 has the bonus track "On the Conveyor Belt" and is listed on the back cover. The original trilogy as I said before sounds more clear. I can hear instruments more detailed. It feels more lifting. Sure, if you expect a quantum jump, you will be disappointed. It's more an upgrade than a new remastering. It is the master from 1997. It's like a
  10. I'm impressed there is not a thread for this. I bought the Force Awakens on Blu-spec a while ago. It was released in the end of November 2016.The sound of this CD is amazing. I really love the Bluspec format, especially for the new generation Blu-spec CD2. It sounds uplifting, more dynamic, more clear instruments, natural... Like a 2-channel SACD. The artwork for this new release of Force Awakens is the best of all. It comes with a plastic jewel case and is housed in a cardboard sleeve. The sleeve itself has the same cover from the target version and is glossy. The standard jewel case is
  11. Sorry Jay, you are wrong. It will be released as a japanese version on Blu-spec CD2 and it comes with the DVD (catalogue nr.: SICP-30988). I will buy this one, I don't care about the other albums. And this CD will be a standard plastic juwel case, not that crap digipack. https://www.amazon.co.jp/ジョン-ウィリアムズ-コンダクツ-スピルバーグ-DVD付-ジョン-ウィリアムズ-指揮者/dp/B01N9VL74Z/ref=sr_1_3?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1488069665&sr=1-3&keywords=john+williams Don't be fooled by other Amazon links, which says: "Conducts Music From the Star Wars Saga". It is only mislabeled. CDjap
  12. I'm not sure but look at the orchestra, especially the string players. They are actually playing.
  13. I can understand both fractions of people, who enjoy the original release and people, who enjoy the UE. I am obsessed with the UE because: After listening the OST for the first time, I ranked the score from good to very good but tends to very good. After I listened to the UE, I realized this score is a real masterpiece. Although the UE has edits, loops and maybe the battle on disc 2 leads some listener to a "mid catastrophe", I can listen to it without having problems with this (If you think about it, the complete "Battle of Endor" has also a bit problem switching one scene to another). You ca
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