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  1. Hello everyone. As a matter of fact the Scorepedia as a project didn't get off the ground. Currently there is only one active user (Justin Boggan) and I have no longer the time to support and maintenance the project in any capacity. As of now I have set the wiki to read only with a description and link to this topic. If anyone wishes to continue the project, I'd be more than happy to transfer the database and associated files for further progress. Beside running the wiki alone it could be possible to transfer everything to Wikia. If you are interested please get in touch with me. Thanks. - Marcus
  2. Hello everyone. As the activity in this thread and in the wiki itself has stalled I'd like to take the opportunity to make it attractive again by changing the look and feel of the wiki. There are plenty of possible skins to chose from: Foreground (Demo)MediaWikiBootstrap (Demo)Metrolook (Demo)The skin should not only be visually appealing but also mobile friendly. Any thoughts?
  3. Wow, this is an tremendously detailed article. Thank you very much, Uni. Uni, would you mind adding some information about registration to the first posting? Anyone who wants to register can contact me through this site or via mail to contact@scorepedia.org.
  4. One word: Wow! Thank you very much for this in-depth article. I will update the startpage of the wiki to add information about contribution and maybe even add a small showcase for outstanding articles like Poltergeist.
  5. Yes, the project is still active and if you don't mind sending me a private message, I'll be happy to create an account for you. Nope, it didn't. I can assure you that the project is dead when the wiki got deleted.
  6. I have purged those accounts and also added email confirmation for each account. If you want to contribute you need to confirm your email. If this doesn't work I'll restrict registration for the time being.
  7. A project like Scorepedia can be much more specific as Wikipedia when it comes to such specialized topics like filmmusic. Obviously this is true for every specialized wiki. If I see what trouble the La-La Land Records entry on Wikipedia got I see the value in such a project like Scorepedia. The greatest problem we have is the will and time to participate. In the last months I was unable to devote any time to the project. But this is the vital point. Having enough time and will to support this idea. So the question is: Shall we proceed with the project? Or should Scorepedia ultimately die to have an answer to the question if such a project useful? I've taken care of these users.
  8. I have a suggestion for all articles in the Score category: The name of the article shouldn't contain the phrase Score and/or Soundtrack. Unlike the Wikipedia there won't be an article for the film itself as it would make no sense. It looks just strange to have it here or there.
  9. Just a note: The server is currently unavailable due to unknown reasons. The tech-team of the hosting company is aware of the problem and is dealing with the situation. Once the server is back up, I'll inform you. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. And we are back.
  10. I'm currently working on that. But your basic intend was right: Just copy the template from Wikipedia and you're set. However, in this occasion a bit more work obviously needs to be done. I've successfully integrated the template. You can see a use case here: http://en.scorepedia.org/wiki/Super_8#Soundtrack_Releases_and_Cue_Lists
  11. And, please, don't hesitate to just create a rough and unfinished page. Even with small basic information these pages can lay the foundation for further, more detailed work. It doesn't need to be perfect in the beginning.
  12. One one hand much stuff has already been done. I just imported a good dozen composer pages from Wikipedia to have a solid basis. And on the other hand I'm too busy to fully focus on the Scorepedia right now when it comes to the technical side of things. But I think we have a solid stand on which we can build up. Just browse to the page you want to create. If the page doesn't exist it will tell you how to add the page. You need to be registered and logged in to create pages.
  13. I couldn't replicate it either with latest Chrome on OSX. With my second try I was able to replicate the issue.
  14. There is already a report here: http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ip-board/delete-first-row-in-quote-r40935
  15. Does this mean we're ableor allowedto import pages from Wikipedia? Will any edits we make be limited to the local page? (In other words, changing an imported page on Scorepedia won't do anything on Wikipedia, right?) This would save a considerable amount of time and effort. Rather than constructing entire encyclopedic pages from scratch, we could import information (particularly about composers) and add or change things to make it more appropriate to this site. It would provide a wider base as a foundation to build on. Yes, as Wikipedia and Scorepedia use the same Creative Commons License and this allows us to import anything from Wikipedia we wish to. Any edit we do is limited to Scorepedia only. If you (and everyone else) wishes to use this feature please approach me with a list of pages to be imported as this is something I need to do directly on the server. The process itself is really resource intense causing the browser to stop the import. I think the latter option would be best. It would be good to have all track information available for each release of any given score, but having to retype all that informationif it's there and useable alreadyseems like a waste of time. Well this is really a long term feature but it's definitely on the roadmap. I like that a lot. Wasn't there a thread here somewhere listing all cues from a session? Can't find it anywhere.
  16. I'd imagine a "pedia" like this to be as comprehensive as possible. Ideally it should be *both* a wiki and a database, in one structure, but I don't think such a system exists. Either FMDB supports full encyclopedia pages, and can thus replace the wiki, or the wiki should have information about individual releases. As Mediawiki has a decent API I'd suggest connecting both: All release related information are stored in FMDB which can embed information from Scorepedia. In full or partial has to be determined. A page like http://www.fmdb.de/person/john-williams-8.html could list all releases FMDB has and fetches it's information about the bio of John Williams directly from Scorepedia incl. a link for more information. On the other hand could all release related information be available via an API and be listed in Scorepedia. This would make complete lists like the one in en.scorepedia.org/wiki/La-La_Land_Records also irrelevant.
  17. I just fixed the issue with the not displayed thumbnails on http://en.scorepedia.org/wiki/Raiders_of_the_Lost_Ark_(Score) - should be all good now. Although it's a strange issue I must investigate further.
  18. Looks great. I'm with you on this. The wiki currently doesn't allow any anonymous changes and this is done on purpose. After setting up the wiki I already had 3 spam registrations. If the project gets enough drive we should select / nominate certain people as staff or whatever it is then called. Basically the way Wikipedia works. We may want to consider the order of things, just so we don't do anything to dampen that drive. I think we've got a few people here who are excited about the possibilities, and in short order we should have enough folks on board that the spammers won't be so much of a problem—because, in true Wiki tradition, the people who are passionate about seeing this thing work will knock any illegitimate nonsense off the table in a hurry. What I'm afraid might happen if we try to do too much "admin" stuff up front is that, while we wait for the drive to pick up, then go through some sort of selection/nomination process, then lay out the rules, and then finally open up the gates . . . people will have lost interest by that point, and the drive may already be exhausted. I'd suggest we just see how everything is going (let people contribute, add, change) and after some time we see who is active. This way the drive won't get lost as people are not hampered contributing. They can already start and contribute. There is nothing that prevents this. Either the thread or, the more logical choice, the wiki itself would be a good place for a discussion like that. We should take a look at how Wikipedia is doing these kind of things. There is lots to learn from them. You're certainly welcome. I'm thrilled to know I'm not taking this in a direction you don't want to see it go. Frankly, I'm also glad I didn't have to wait "years" for this. You have no idea how much of a relief it is to find the initial step of having a website in place already taken care of. That in itself literally shaves a month or two of detail-wrangling off the agenda. All we have to do now is settle a few housekeeping chores and let the thing take off. And I'm giddy with the idea of watching this thing happen, and honored to have a hand in it. Thanks for that. I think you're going to find the drive is there this time around. I can't say why it missed the mark the first time you tried, but that's not important now. I just find it fascinating that you just had that conversation with LeBlanc, and you guys just loaded up that software again, and then Blumenkohl just decided to toss out the idea of starting a wiki . . . all within a week or so. Amazing. Guess it was all destined to happen this way! I just crawled the FSM-Forum where I initially talked about the Scorepedia (beside my very own forum of course) and it started in 2008. I never thought it was that long ago but maybe it wasn't the right time back then. The conversation with Jason was a shot in the dark because I didn't knew how he would respond. It's a bit different: I'm located in Germany, so the domain itself is registered on me. The server is located in France but this doesn't matter as I'm responsible for the content in some way or another. [Edit] Fuck this is more complicated than I thought it would be. My research shows basically this: Unless you are commenting on the album art, it is not fair use. Technically. But fair use itself is very grey area. The fact that there aren't take downs of album covers on wikipedia means it's likely non-issue? That brings me to another question: Do we really want articles for a wide range of releases? Is a wiki the right place for that? In my definition this is more suited for FMDB and the likes.
  19. The main purpose of FMDB would be similar to Soundtrack Collector: A comprehensive database for available filmmusic releases but with a wider feature set. More on this later as I guess it is too early to talk about that. But I see common points where both projects, Scorepedia and FMDB, can be connected. I'm with you on this. The wiki currently doesn't allow any anonymous changes and this is done on purpose. After setting up the wiki I already had 3 spam registrations. If the project gets enough drive we should select / nominate certain people as staff or whatever it is then called. Basically the way Wikipedia works. This looks really great. Thanks for that. Is this final? If so, I'd just upload and link it. Maybe we can have a different, unique style in the future. Thank you for your insights, Uni. Believe it or not but you are the first person who shares my exact sentiments when it comes to this project. This all started as a small community project on Soundtrack Board with content in german. But my vision was always to have it available in multiple languages as this what made most sense to me. So after all these - literally - years this vision gets shared. Thanks for that.
  20. There already is: http://en.scorepedia.org I mean a main page with content, some categories etc. I see what you mean. This should be doable. Some more articles would also be good. You mean the wiki or FMDB? Oh, and we also have the ability to import pages from Wikipedia. I did that with the La-La Land Records article and it worked very well. It did need some afterwork though but that was better than writing anything from scratch. And I have a question: Is anyone able to design some kind of logo for the wiki?
  21. As a test I just imported the Wikipedia article of La-La Land Records here: http://en.scorepedia.org/wiki/La-La_Land_Records. Everything is there including several links that might not be necessary in this context. There is also an extension missing which I'll install ASAP.
  22. But you don't want to put articles related to TV scores & video games too? Remember, a lot of composers has also worked on television, theater, even video games, not just film. TV scores are already supported but not specially marked as such but videogame scores are adressed in the rewrite. Stuff like theater or else will also partially supported. I try to cover as much as possible.
  23. I'd rather call it FMDB (Filmmusic Database) and I already started a very basic version under http://www.fmdb.de - in german though. At the moment the whole thing gets a rewrite but these things take time especially when it's a one man show. There already is: http://en.scorepedia.org
  24. Hi there. I just wanted to chime in as I approached Jason LeBlanc the other day to help him with the edit war occurring at Wikipedia regarding his La-La Land Records article. I started a wiki project a couple of years ago under scorepedia.org but it didn't got the drive to live up the anticipation. But since Jason liked the idea I reinstalled the software yesterday and the wiki is up and running under http://en.scorepedia.org. As of now there are no articles beside the standard ones but I think this can be a great foundation. So, if you want we can discuss anything further.
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