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  1. Not sure if anyone has posted this before, if so, sorry for the repost but I thought he played it beautifully on the Cello.
  2. OK so here's the same clip slightly extended with the next bit. I should probably explain this is Prince Igor having got to Baba Yaga's "lair" or "forest" starts thinking about his Warrior bride that has been kidnapped by Koschei. That's the big theme, then the next bit is him plucking up his resolve to face Baba Yaga in order to pass her tests for her to then agree to help him defeat Koschei. The section right after this is us hearing her call pulling him closer and closer to her and making him face her. Baba_Yaga_Love_theme_and_Resolve_clip.mp4
  3. I'm not entirely sure, it was supposed to be debuted last month in Moscow but when I handed them the recording and they realized that it was for a 90 piece orchestra they scrapped the small opening and decided it needed to be a major concert, or so I am told. I have one conductor who wants to premiere it at one of the festivals in Russia, so it's up in the air (it was a commission for Russia) I already have 2 other orchestras in other countries who want to play it but no one is allowed to until the world premiere is done. We Shall See....... I can add the little bit that comes righ
  4. OK so here goes.... Here's a one minute's slow section of an 11 minute piece I just wrote, orchestrated and recorded in Nov. The world premiere is supposed to happen later this year but I think it's OK if I post a minutes worth of it!? At least I think it is..... Allan Wilson conducting the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra for this recording at the Katara Opera House in Doha. Edit: there is a slightly longer version a few posts down Baba Yaga Love theme clip.mp4
  5. Oh I disagree. I think this is way better than TFA. I do prefer Rey's Theme to Rise of Skywalker theme, but the cues here? the underscore here is superb and the orchestrations are way more lush plus harmonically it has more impact. Where do you hear the bombasticness of this album. I hear a soft somber album with some big moments. There's a lot of lush string writing and then beautifully varied instrumentation and orchestration where in TFA I was missing the woodwinds all the time. I absolutely love the new Evil theme! I think the new Rise of Skywalker works better in lets say the Farewell cue
  6. BFG and ET is what I got at first but then I remembered his softers 80's writing for Star wars like Yoda and other tracks and then it gelled more. It's also Christmasy and I think Williams' sign off and thank you to everyone.
  7. There isn't a cue called that, where is it in ROTS? And what time code in the first track? Thanks
  8. OK. In Farewell, is that a bad edit at around 1.22? It's really odd, the theme doesn't end and it sounds like it is missing something in there. What though?!
  9. There's a lot of unreleased and unused music. It could be that he had Duel of the Fates recorded for a section and then they decided not to use it in favor of something new. Please do!
  10. First half of Farewell just ripped my heart to pieces Did it just give something away? I love the writing here so much. This is what I want from Star Wars!!!
  11. OK saying that Williams didn’t like something is one thing, no one is saying he’s stopping releases or making people not work lol. WTF 😂
  12. LOL watch me Fail! I wouldn’t try to even go there because I don’t measure up to an ounce of what that man can do harmonically I’m happy with what I accomplish myself though!
  13. BTW, Jurassic Park 3 isn't a "rumor" he hated what happened with the treatment of his theme in that. Although I would not imagine that is why Don Davis is not working in the industry. This was ages ago but there was, again I will say allegedly, a letter about why he was not called to help out when it came to his theme/s so it/they were not butchered. It even goes beyond what chord you are using. Lets say I took one of Williams themes and used the right chords. But, my leading tone is then the wrong one when orchestrating and arranging, and I did not space the strings out classical
  14. Why would that be him being a Diva? It's his work. He wouldn't want it represented in a way he does not want it to be. Every artist has that right. Different Studio and most stuff in there is pretty much quoted as is. Not put under different chords that are actual re-orchestrations. Plus he might not have the clout he does with his Star Wars films to say too much. Either way, it's not really different when his stuff comes in. He has no problems with his themes being there, just how they are treated and reimagined. I have never heard of him having any issue with Pow
  15. Honestly cannot tell you, I just know he was "supposed" to be involved then after, no involvement.
  16. And why did they not work together when they were supposed to after the fact when it came to Galaxy's Edge. Correct me if I am wrong but did that not come to a screeching halt right after the fact? As for Kiner, it is TV with tons of episodes, years of quick tv writing schedules. His themes can to be used contractually and are, and Williams can't be on that schedule would be my response. Williams is anything but a fast writer. He is slow and deliberate. With a movie, he can step in to do those few cues if need be or have the person just do his own thing. His statement was not to have Gia
  17. It's funny because it's not about him being fake. He is polite, outwardly, even to the point of saying in many interviews "Oh, it's amazing what composers can do with computers nowadays, I can't do it" when he actually cannot stand the way music has been oversimplified and taken to it's lowest pop sounding chords with no form or function. He just says things in private Unfortunately this part with RO had leaked in LA and went round people and then it's now more in the open. It hasn't;t even grown, he didn't say anything more than he did. It's not case of Chinese whispers where the story grew a
  18. What are you so angry about? I'm telling you what I heard in LA seeing as I also work in the industry (lord it upsets some people when I say that but oh well) I said Allegedly because I did not hear it obviously from the horses mouth (Williams) I'm just relaying what was said from reliable sources who have no interest in either party in any other way. Is it too unfathomable that Williams did not like the score. It's not exactly that musical in many ways. The guy can hardly modulate..... Please, lol..... Plus Williams is notorious to be very difficult about his own music to the point of be
  19. It's not that Williams has any opinion or cares about Gia's own work, he hated what he did to HIS themes. Does not want him anywhere near his themes again, is what I heard from a few people in LA, and allegedly he said that to Kennedy. As for Solo. Love the score!
  20. This is so frustrating. I really want to watch this show but cannot get past the awful music. Can someone please re-edit the short episodes with some other music?!?!?!?! lol
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