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    SafeUnderHill reacted to Jim Ware in Instrument in "Minas Morgul"?   
    I believe so.   The instrument was almost always recorded separately due to it's generally obnoxious volume and unpredictable nature (top tip - don't be in the same room as someone playing one).
    A Spell of Concealment does indeed include a rhaita.
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    SafeUnderHill got a reaction from Jim Ware in Well, I got my tickets...   
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    SafeUnderHill got a reaction from His Royal Noelness in Well, I got my tickets...   
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    SafeUnderHill reacted to John in Michael Giacchino's Coco (2017)   
    I'm really hoping for Williams to get his chance at scoring a Pixar movie one day.
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    SafeUnderHill reacted to Gnome in Plaid in Instrument in "Minas Morgul"?   
    Rhaita (a Moroccan shawm, largely the same instrument as the Egyptian mizmar and the lower-pitched versions of the Armenian zurna).  It's used in unison with muted trumpet(s?) in most prominent statements of Sauron's Theme in the first two scores ("Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe," "The Great Eye, "The Three Hunters," "The Heir of Numenor").  Its appearances in ROTK stand out more because of some changes in orchestration - in "The Palantir," it's a beat (two beats?) behind the brass, and serves almost as an echo.  I think the particularly nasal sound of "Minas Morgul" comes from adding Western oboes to the melody, but I'm not quite as sure on that.  Then, the rhaita is especially prominent in "Grond" because of the octave separation between it and the low brass.
    Shore's used it on at least four other scores I can think of (Naked Lunch, The Cell, and the first two Hobbit scores), although the first two are within a more standard context for the instrument.  Mychael Danna also used the very similar zurna to great effect in Ararat.
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    SafeUnderHill reacted to Cerebral Cortex in Your favorite melody by John Williams   
    That's a very tough question to answer. If I had a gun held to my head and was forced to answer, I think it might be this or the march from Raiders, but there are easily 10 other ones that could take the #1 spot as well. 
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    SafeUnderHill reacted to Cumulonimbus in Your favorite melody by John Williams   
    So not favorite score, not favorite cue, just the melody!
    I think we can safely say that John Williams is one of the most creative minds of the 20th century (debatably topped by for instance Rachmaninoff) in composing melodies and definitely is the most creative of the 21st century up until now.
    For me, it would be Fawkes the phoenix. 
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    SafeUnderHill reacted to John in SCORE: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Howard Shore) - Part 2: A Track-by-Track Analysis of the Special Edition Soundtrack Album   
    I like your take on the reason the Nazgul theme was utilized for the fight between Thorin and Azog. Never thought of it that way before.
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    SafeUnderHill reacted to igger6 in New recordings of THE FORCE AWAKENS and ROGUE ONE?   
    Does this count?
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    SafeUnderHill reacted to Permanent Waves in The Lord of the Rings Score Restored (Unused Howard Shore Music Restored To Picture)   
    Careful using words like need, it causes Steef to pop up and preach against Fanboy Entitlement
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    SafeUnderHill got a reaction from John in The Lord Of The Rings General Discussion Thread   
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    SafeUnderHill reacted to John in Howard Shore's The Battle of the Five Armies (Hobbit Part 3)   
    I also love how the DOS soundtrack and the first half or so of the BOTFA soundtrack have this neat exotic feel that we haven't heard before in a Middle Earth film. Then the second half of the BOFTA soundtrack begins to seamlessly change into the style and feel of the music of LOTR.
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    SafeUnderHill reacted to John in Howard Shore's The Battle of the Five Armies (Hobbit Part 3)   
    Who else loves the use of the "An Ancient Enemy" theme in the beginning of "Ravenhill"?
    And the soft vocal rendition of the Laketown theme at the end of "The Darkest Hour" is so eerily beautiful.
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    SafeUnderHill reacted to p0llux in John Williams to Score Kobe Bryant short film "Dear Basketball"   
    Kobe's impression of Williams is SPOT ON. LMAO!
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    SafeUnderHill reacted to Wojo in Will we get a "Duel of the Fates" sounding piece in Episode 8 or 9?   
    I think we'll get two great epic choral pieces. They'll be called... Wait for it... Dual of the Fates.
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    SafeUnderHill reacted to BloodBoal in REVIEW (Video): Rogue One, TFA, The Golden Compass, Sonic the Hedgehog 3   
    Well, for something completely unprepared, it's not that bad. Sure, it's rough around the edges, but given the circumstances, it's understandable.
    Here's some advice I'd give for future installments:
    - Try to give the show a bit more structure (maybe you could start the video by giving a quick summary of the various OSTs you're gonna talk about, write down beforehand a few things you'd like to mention regarding the score(s) you're gonna talk about...).
    - Make sure you prepare the audio samples beforehand (or maybe edit out the part of the video when you're looking for a particular bit in a track). You could also, instead of using your computer speakers to play the audio samples, add the music in post-prod so that the quality is better (though maybe that'll get your video blocked by Youtube, so there is that).
    - Try to go a bit more in-depth regarding the music (maybe you could give a bit more context (for example, when talking about a new score in a franchise, talk about the previous scores and what each one brought to the table, and how the new one fits in all this, how it deals with the material that came before...), talk about the themes, the composer's previous output, etc.).
    So yeah, there's room for (a lot of ) improvement, but I like the enthusiasm displayed here and especially the part at 11:01 when you tell everyone how to listen to music properly! Bravo for that!
    Oh, and I quite liked the Golden Compass video game music played here. Was completely unfamiliar with that one, and it sounds really nice. So, at the very least, your show helped me discover that one, and that must count for something!
    Will be watching Episode 2, if there is to be one!
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    SafeUnderHill reacted to Bofur01 in REVIEW (Video): Rogue One, TFA, The Golden Compass, Sonic the Hedgehog 3   
    Right guys, I thought I'd better give you a heads up on this, before one of you finds it and roasts me without me knowing...
    One of my friends had the bright idea of doing a soundtrack review series on youtube a few days ago, and I kind of agreed to it. I didn't know he'd ask me to film it on that day, as soon as I arrived at his house, with no time to prepare lines or audio clips or anything...
    As you can probably guess, I'm the one with (relative) taste in soundtracks, but as I'm a pretty shy and defensive person, I was a little more revering of my picks than I'd normally be, especially Rogue One, which I'd probably call "Mainly good" if I were asked now, but got a bit caught up in the heat of the moment.
    And yes, some of the things I said were mistakes, as you'll likely pick up on (from memory, I accidentally called Jedi Steps & Finale the best cue of the 2000s, instead of the 2010s) but as it was all done on the fly, it's likely to be extremely crap. Having never really done any pieces to camera before, I know I'm rubbish, and haven't watched anything from it since it was filmed...
    I hope you enjoy it but suspect you won't Please leave any feedback and/or insults below
    Here's a linky: ShowTrack - A Guide to Soundtracks - EP1 - Golden Sonic Awakens One Rogue Compass
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    SafeUnderHill reacted to Disco Stu in SOUNDTRACK: The Return Of The King - Howard Shore (2003)   
    Ah.  I've got my iTunes sorted by year within artist, so I don't have to worry about that.  Also, you know you can define a 'Sort Album' title that's separate from the main 'Album' title, right?
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    SafeUnderHill reacted to Jay in SOUNDTRACK: The Return Of The King - Howard Shore (2003)   
    Inside Information is the highlight of the DOS OST!  I also prefer The Forest River to Flies and Spiders... its all good stuff all around, though!

    Anyways, I think the key to ROTK is that it probably really is quite impossible to boil the score down to 75 minutes in any configuration.  The OST does a pretty good job but some scores just need time to state what they have to state, you know?
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