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  1. I've stopped giving a fuck about wide angle photos and vids too now and will regularly just snap in portrait mode. Unless it's a big group or a vista I don't think it really matters anymore.
  2. I hate the deathly serious tone of TDK so much I never did see the third film. Although apparently TDK is also one of the greatest films of all time, so they say.
  3. "You couldn't make it up" is such an unimaginative thing to say about Trump these days. But,
  4. The ultra precise timing I'd read about was what really turned me away from ever considering picking it up too. I imagine it to be like playing an Arkham game without the incoming enemy blow warnings appearing above assailants heads.
  5. That's the biggest explosion I've ever seen on camera outside of conflict.
  6. I'm dying to watch this trailer but I won't.
  7. Well, maybe try for yourself. You might get into it better than I did. Then again, there's so much else to watch instead isn't there. A quick test would be this: where do you align with Thor on matters of film and TV? Because I heard he loved Dark.
  8. Yeah I guess the school setting and the obvious teenager orientated dialogue were my main hindrances.
  9. Another game I've played twice and never finished. I honestly felt too old to be interested in its characters and themes, but I could appreciate the appeal the story might offer to its target audience.
  10. Finally got through all 10 episodes of Dark S1. It's mildly annoying that I initially found the main premise and macguffin as intriguing as I did, because it made me invest time and effort into what became an arduous slog by the halfway point of the show. This is probably the most insufferably emo sci-fi I've ever endured, and I frankly can't imagine how anyone over the age of say, 30, could stomach it. Time travel is a major element of the plot, but I regret that I'll never be able to go back in time myself and get those 10 hours back. Special mention to the score, which is honest to god the worst I've ever heard. Which of course means Reddit thinks it's absolutely incredible and revolutionary. Even user reviews on metacritic call this show the greatest of all time. But who's right, them or me? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  11. That's why naval gazing critics fell over themselves to give it top marks.
  12. I'd never heard of the device till now, looks quite nice. What's the chassis material? These days I'm on a Redmi Pro 9 6GB version.
  13. In retrospect, I think Fire Walk With Me is more enjoyable than The Return. But really, I also think there's a lot of value in keeping the enigma of Laura Palmer (specifically her final night) just that. So I'd say an argument exists not to watch Fire Walk With Me at all.
  14. https://wccftech.com/xbox-live-gold-will-be-retired/amp/ This is the sort of move that could make me switch platforms and I bet there's plenty who would too.
  15. He didn't put any thoughts because he wanted someone to ask for them.
  16. Nah. I'd say Conan The Barbarian gets closest, but only the banshee chorus parts.
  17. Sometimes I think Aliens is Horner's best score. But it could just be the outrageous LSO performance/recording. Name me a score which sounds more thunderous.
  18. I've played Journey twice and got really far. But I've never finished it. It's just okay IMO. I'm really struggling to get into anything lately and I'm concerned I'm going off gaming as a hobby. I'm still reading and am actively interested in the industry news, but actually playing stuff is suddenly feeling boring and chore-like. I'm even beginning to wonder if purchasing a PS5 might be a waste of money, at least at the moment. Perhaps it's a phase, but I can't shake the feeling that I've finally grown tired of playing the exact same formulas over and over again. I've been gaming for around 35 years now, so I suppose this had to happen eventually. Gaming rarely offers surprises anymore. Titles I've played but not finished in the last 9 months or so: Assassin's Creed: Odyssey - great adventure which is just off-puttingly gigantic and formulaic Journey - elegant but lacking gameplay depth Wreckfest - cool smash 'em up racer Shadow of the Colossus - fight boss rinse repeat Supraland - recommend to JWFan more than anything else on this list Oddworld: Strangers Wrath - older game has its ardent fans but I never got into it Dark Souls 3 - rightfully revered but I'm not as determined as I used to be Get Even - another unremarkable narrative driven first person thriller but with good voice acting Prey - very well made first person metroidvania but I grew tired of doors constantly requiring passcodes, plus I already played the Bioshock trilogy years before South Park: The Stick of Truth - amusing and stopped playing it for no reason The Turing Test - another unremarkable narrative driven first person puzzle adventure Resident Evil 7 - I don't like hiding games where the player is made helpless by design Ori and the Blind Forest - beautiful and enjoyable side-scrolling metroidvania, highly recommended. Maybe I'll get back to it at some point State of Decay - engrossing but stressful zombi apocalypse sim Watchdogs - a mechanically very polished open world game (plays far more responsively than any Rockstar equivalent) but set in a dour city which isn't really all that fun to inhabit Dishonest 2 - good stealth 'em up with cleverly designed levels, but I always grow bored of sneaking about after 20 hrs and with loads left to do Game I did actually play to completion last week (in one sitting): ABZÛ - I like really short but consistently captivating games, and I'd never played a deep sea diving one before. Austin Wintory's flowery and throwaway score in the background I definitely do prefer shorter games nowadays. And even more than gameplay I seem to require a really compelling reason to play all the way to the end: I need a good story. Trouble is, apart from the occasional exception video game media is probably the worst place to look for one.
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