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  1. I personally don't want any more in the way of new inserted scenes into extra extended cuts. Deleted scenes as additional bonus material could be interesting though. But don't make the official cuts any longer than what they already are, it's already exhaustive enough. I've even been toying with the idea of making my own cuts recently. There's always been a couple of bothersome sequences in the LotR EEs which I'd ideally like removed, to the extent that I tend to prefer the theatricals for this reason.
  2. Shorter than any of The Hobbit movies.
  3. I disagree with this. Or more specifically, I think Fellowship both film and score win out simply by virtue of their being the strongest aspect of an exceptional trilogy.
  4. Pleasant soundtracks which meant well in their own way, but hardly representative of scoring greatness. Lightning didn't strike twice, films and score.
  5. Return of the King is the de facto choice here anyway given that it was the last of the great orchestral film scores. The final one of its type, marking the true end of the golden era of orchestral film music. Absolutely everything since has paled in comparison.
  6. I remember it used to be between this and SeaQuest on a Sunday morning. So I'd go to church instead.
  7. I'm not excited. When the best you can hope for from an Indy movie is that Indiana Jones will have a dignified send-off, it's pretty fuckin' depressing.
  8. The "an Apple Original" font is so unimaginatively nondescript.
  9. Personally, I think the excellent Film Symphony Orchestra version (in their suite) blows every other recording away, even Goldsmith's original.
  10. I recognise her as the second main character in Knives Out:
  11. It's an alternate timeline. Kim obviously never existed and Mike was just an enigmatic heavy without this massive sprawling backstory about underground warehouse construction.
  12. I watched Knives Out tonight, it was bloody good fun. Some scenes had a really great European cinema vibe about them, helped enormously by a zesty and assured musical underscore. A treat in the mould of classic whodunnits, only slightly marred by some late game predictability and a disappointing lack of devilish coda traditionally befitting of the genre. But everything else was well done, and I look forward to the inevitable follow up. A new Agatha-esque detective franchise is born.
  13. What about Platoon? At the time, I know some people preferred the lesser known Hamburger Hill.
  14. Film vs film, I'd say One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is the best here. Film versus trilogy? Return of the King is deserving. Because we all know its Academy Award haul was in recognition of its achievement as a whole trilogy rather than the final film itself (one that isn't the very best instalment of the three).
  15. https://editorial.rottentomatoes.com/article/the-oscar-best-picture-showdown/ A just result
  16. Well in a way, it is [silly]. Evil Dead is very silly too, as is its sequel. Still absolutely amazing horror films in their day though. I didn't expect much from Babadook at all, it was one of those "oh fuck it" button pushes on Netflix one night. I thought it was an excellent B-movie entry into the genre and I probably found it to be the creepiest of the ones mentioned here, helped by sympathetic performances from the terrorised mother and son coupling. Anyway, my order would be this, based on pure enjoyability factor (because they're all good films): Babadook > Hereditary > It Follows > Bird Box > The Witch > A Quiet Place Actually, I found the last one to be quite mediocre by the end. Oh and the ending of The Mist is my favourite part. It's such a good film that, and another very silly one.
  17. Who knew The Spark could also work as mood for, well, anything.
  18. Did anyone else know that Cameron Diaz has retired?
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