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  1. Yes it is too soon to be absolutely sure. But absolute indefinite lock down is not the answer either. Abject poverty has the potential to be a much bigger killer than Covid-19, should the economies of countries fail utterly and completely.

  2. Yes, if Boris comes through it is highly likely that he will have developed some degree of immunity to the disease, hence the widely adopted herd immunity understanding of contagious diseases all around the world for years since it was first observed as being effective in 1923.




    While there are still limited beds available for the treatment of this disease, I would rather develop symptoms now (before the peak) and deal with it myself at home, where possible. Then I could hopefully take the new upcoming test (pioneered by the Brits I believe) which should be able to confirm I've had the disease and that I can return to into the work force - the scientific consensus at moment being that some *hypothesised* (and highly probable) immunity to Covid-19 is better than none at all. That's one benefit of herd immunity in the thick of a national crisis. Keep the economy from total collapse in the absence of a really solid exit strategy. 

  3. I think the government should try measures to curtail the ongoing panic buying problem. Supermarkets have stressed that there's plenty to go around if only shoppers would calm down and return to their normal buying habits. We haven't set foot in a supermarket for a week but I hear they're still full of empty shelves due to insufferable panickers buying shit they don't even need. Did you hear about the woman who filled her trolley up with tins of tomato soup in Aldi? The manager intervened and returned all but 3 of them to the shelves. And she wasn't happy about it. I'd love to see some of these handy dystopian laws used to punish and restrict people like this.

  4. 4 hours ago, Þekþiþm said:

    This outbreak should have been covered up to avoid the mass panic and business closures. Instead, the media-driven fear porn hysteria and government response has led to an unprecedented economic collapse, with millions of people now on the dole, livelihoods destroyed, and we're now at the advent of a brutal police state monitoring and scrutinising our every move with phone tracking, aerial drones detecting telltale sickness behaviours, and fines for breaking curfew (expect mass arrests for other trivial offenses like mowing your lawn or hanging out your laundry) – just so grandma doesn't cark it?


    There's a darker, more sinister agenda at work here, and it's endgoal is to reformat society into a state of fear and compliance, where neighbours snitch on one-another, property is seized, "infecteds" will be barcoded, and riot squads rule the streets. Mass executions might even be deemed necessary to eradicate political dissenters.


    Climate Change failed at sparking this level of panic or enabling the form of government control that the psycho elites have coveted for so long. Only hippies and eggheads fell for that scam. But a virus, that did the trick.


    Okay, boomer

  5. Aye there's a big discrepancy in countries' capacity to test from one country to the next. The UK has particularly struggled in that regard (sourcing required components has been a challenge).

  6. Statisticians on Jeremy Vine's radio show now saying that if UK keep following the lockdown guidelines in place that deaths *could* be as low as 5000 here, which would obviously be a big swerve around the impending disaster heading this way for Easter. 

  7. I only saw the first series and it was very rewarding.


    On 3/24/2020 at 5:30 PM, Edmilson said:

    I really wish some streaming service from here where I live bought the rights to The Orville. I don't think neither of those we have available here have translated the show.


    I want to watch it, but I don't have time and patience to torrent all the episodes.


    One word: Stremio


    I even managed to sideload it onto my Android TV. I now have VPN enabled HD streaming with a push of a button on my remote.

  8. I've got one and a half seasons left to watch and I'm still enjoying it, even without Carell. He was absolutely brilliant, but I think the show works surprisingly well without him. I hated Andy at first in this, but I've sort of warmed to him in the end. Michael Scott's schtick did encroach on tedium before he was written out, so I think the transition was quite organic considering the situation - and the once assumed reliance on the Steve Carell's role.

  9. 55 minutes ago, woj said:


    Do you recommend a good adblocker for an Android phone? 


    uBlock Origin. Or depending on what kind of user you are, Adguard (for mostly browser ad blocking).


    There are ways of blocking ads on the android YouTube app. I watch more YT on my phone than I do normal TV and I haven't seen an ad for around two years.

  10. Boredom and depression are such fascinatingly banal conditions. It's easy to assume they're mutually inclusive, but they're not. I understand depression, but I've fortunately never suffered from it. Boredom just never happens to me, but this next few weeks will possibly put that to the test for me like never before. The idea of cabin fever I can relate to though, and I'm expecting to feel some semblance of that by the fifth week or something like that, but even then I doubt it'll be through boredom.

  11. UK on full lockdown with immediate effect. Nobody will be complaining about that here. I am of course required to work in the morning, gah! Head office has said they will update the staff in the morning once they have clarity from the government on what exactly constitutes essential work.

  12. 42 minutes ago, Bellosh said:



    I'm a big moisturiser anyway and have been doing for years. I've been using E45 cream at the end of the day to sooth my knuckles, but even that stings a bit.

  13. 18 minutes ago, publicist said:

    You can still declare yourself a risk group.


    I'm more concerned about transmitting the virus to my daughter (who was hospitalised at 5yrs old with pneumonia) and her nan, who is the main carer for my two children during work hours. I think I can still go off with those concerns, but the advice and employment law surrounding that particular dynamic is sketchy to say the least, so at the moment I'm just being as careful as physically possible while still going into work.


    Anyone else have dry sensitive backs of their hands after all the constant handwashing?

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