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  1. The Phantom Menace it has to be said, failed miserably to imprint itself upon the minds of todays moviegoers, unlike its predecessors. That movie is now all but forgotten amongst a huge abyss of other sci-fi fare. Nothing in that film has become the stuff of movie legend, apart from one small element: Duel of the Fates. As bad as TPM was, the music was as terrific as ever, within the Star Wars realm. In fact one particular cue was so good that it stood above its movie counterpart and gained respect and enjoyment in its own right, both consciously and subconsciously, the latter being the greater manifestation of it. People all over the world know that cue, and most love it, even though they might not actually know where it originates from. DOTF has become incidental to many tv promotions and more, serving as a soundtrack to a programs like The X Factor, in the UK at least. Now that is pop culture influence to be reckoned with: Big budget tv productions using a musical cue from a film that is famous for dying on its arse. As much of a let down as TPM was for many people, its music still carry's weight, in the same way that Williams' older work does. Thoughts?
  2. Anyone ever watch the BBC's Newsnight Review? Four academic intellectuals sit around and "review" the latest movies, art, books and theatre whilst trying their very best to sound as clever as possible. Its like one big cock sparring contest. The program isn't really about the subject matter, but rather the delicate (but huge) egos of the participating critics. Rarely do they view a film an enjoy it entirely for what it is - entertainment. They would find allegory and metaphor in a film like Deuce Bigelow. And then they would rip it to shreds, thinking they are the only people who did. The only time I've witnessed them all shut the hell up and love a movie was when they reviewed LOTR:FOTR. To my ultimate shock they all enjoyed it immensely. I only mention this because the guy who wrote that article would fit perfectly into that crowd. Though having said that, I think even he was too extreme for something as 'lighthearted' as Newsnight Review.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yn3i9XYM80o
  4. What about the slow and magical choral build up to The Last March Of The Ents? the way it flows into the nature theme is just stunning and literally hair raising.
  5. Nah, imo people should try reading BOOKS instead of burning them.
  6. Been there, done that, wore the T-shirt But Steef has just inspired me to get BH on my mobile asap
  7. The Throne Room (edited so that it starts immediately with the Force theme, for geeky ringtone purposes). BTTF 2 theme King Kong's heroic six note motif, the part where he squares up to the two V-Rex's (for txt msgs , sometimes) The Superman March. Just the March. The brassy rendition of the Superman Love theme. If you don't have any Williams on your phone, then kindly refrain from making clever sarcastic remarks
  8. Trying to avoid personal faves, but inevitably including some of them, I'd choose masterpieces of their respected genres. Jaws Twelve Angry Men Raiders LOTR:FOTR Whistle Down The Wind
  9. I agree, though some none film score fans might disagree. In fact many would disagree.
  10. The Raiders March keeps its sense of fun and adventure right up until the last clash of the orchestra. The Asteroid Field CA has a wonderful little conclusion too. Oh and I just love the sinister, but knowingly fun close to ANH's 'Imperial Attack' when the Death Star sits like a big dominant baddie in the frame. It almost has a feel of pantomime, but in a very good way. Its not Williams, but E Bernsteins ending to The Magnificent Seven theme has one of my fave catchy closing flourishes too.
  11. Only one man can make orchestral brass sound like a literal jump to lightspeed . He has a way of making non-associated with sci-fi instruments sound like music for the imagination of space. Take the wonderful strings that accompany the pod escape of R2D2 and C3P0 in ANH. Not a synth or cold singular note in sight, Williams raises the strings to a peak to create the sensation of falling through a vast and beautiful space. A perfect example imo.
  12. ...and at the same time, Williams manages to make the audience feel so welcome and comfortable.
  13. Why does the Raiders theme sound like music for a fun but ridiculously lucky hero? Why does the Superman march sound like music for superhero style rescues? Why?
  14. I'm sure a few of you have happened upon this frankly ridiculous Christian movie website before, it specialises in turning genuinely good natured movies like Harry Potter into evil "work of the devil" propaganda. I actually find the place quite offensive, but hell, their reviews are bloody entertaining! However, I've just happened upon quite a sinister (and ludicrous) statement whilst reading its sermon on family fun-packed movie Jurassic Park. Read the website's summary of the movie: "Jurassic Park lost heavily in the area of Wanton Violence/Crime, particularly toward children. Specific examples of threats of death by being eaten by graphically realistic beasts saturate the majority of the show. Two instances of animals feeding on humans were also expensive to the Wanton Violence/Crime Score. Foul language, seemingly typical of PG-13 movies, pulled down the Impunity/Hate score of Jurassic Park(1). While foul language was present in the movie, so was the use of God's name in vain(2). No occurrences of Murder/Suicide or of Drugs/Alcohol were noted. Jurassic Park could have as well been titled "The Legs and Other Anatomy of Laura Dern." Of particular offense in the Sex/Homosexuality Investigation Area was inappropriate touching of a minor child by an adult. There is no need for any male actor, adult or otherwise, to touch the chest or groin area of a preteen girl, even in the name of Hollywood-style rescue -- this was not real life, it was a movie. Neither is there ever any need to reveal such a large portion of a preteen girl's breast as was seen twice in Jurassic Park". Source: http://www.capalert.com/capreports/jurassi...ic/jurassic.htm I have absolutely no idea what the quoted writer is actually referring to here. No idea at all. Which movie did he see? If anything like that happens in JP then I must have been in the loo on every viewing I've ever had of it at those exact moments, because I've never seen any of the things he states in JP. Now is it just me or is it perfectly reasonable to assume that only people of a certain persuasion actually notice, or even look for stuff like this in film, or any media for that matter? For some reason that website has just ceased to be a funny alternative for movie critique.
  15. I'd say the Superman March. I'm talking about the shirt ripping melody. I can count four. From someone who doesn't understand musical theory mind.
  16. Ah yes, there are many great instances in that cue. But another question: How many 'Vvvvruuuuuummmmm's" can we spot in Williams scores? And don't say that sounds like a car engine. I'm talking about when the timpani and brass meet with one sudden prolonged note, as if to suggest something greater is coming. Again, a few can be found during The Asteroid Field.
  17. The "boom-tssss" is one of the reasons why Williams is my fave He loves to get it in there whenever he can! One of my favourite boom-tssss's is the one we hear just before the reprisal of the flying(?) theme after the long bridge in Journey To The Island from JP.
  18. The sarcasm around here reeks of hypocrisy sometimes.
  19. I suspect that many people around here will select option No.2, though they will secretly or subconsciously (selfishly) relate to option No.1 the most. The film should come before the score everytime. It is fundamental to all succesful scores.
  20. The first one. I for one found this track fascinating. Its interesting to see how certain composers sculpt their work.
  21. Damn, stopped just before it got good! That short film is the reason why Pixar is still the No.1 animation studio in the world.
  22. In Rio Bravo he had a great co-star in Dean Martin. But thats not to say Wayne couldn't hold a movie on his own. Indeed The Shootist is his film from start to finish.
  23. I'm sure he will grow on you in time.
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