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  1. Anyone know what has happened to GoodMusician's download page? It has disappeared; it's no longer on s31clan.com where it's supposed to be.
  2. Quite right, Trent. However, here's something I realized. I thought I had heard that piece before...and I have. If anyone out there has a copy of Back To The The Future on DVD (the new 2 disc set, not the old one), go and watch the "Back To The Future Night" doc with Leslie Nielsen. That Logo cue is used in the part of the show when Nielsen says something like, "let's begin! Back To The Future. See you in the movies." or something like that. Tell me that isn't the Logo cue! Albeit, not the whole cue, but the tail end of it at least. It's been sitting under our noses for twenty years and we never knew it! Haha!
  3. Not to add in a pun, but it's about time this was released!! And just in time for the 25th anniversary of the movie next year, at that. Yeah, lots of Silvestri and big BTTF fans here, more than a lot realize, I would imagine; I know, I'm one of them. First the complete sessions of Part II and III and now this. This has been an awesome year with all of Silvestri's BTTF music coming out of the woodwork at last, LOL. Oh, and Trent? You were right on the money when you told me months ago that this had 38 to 39 tracks; that's exactly what it has!! Good job on the guess, pal!!
  4. Well, there's also an alternate version of the Finale that was actually used in the Empire radio drama that trails off and ends instead of going into any end credits. That would be a nice piece to have in a clean, dialogue-free version . To this day I wonder how in the hell Tom Voegli got his hands on that. Must have been in some film stem can or something that got conveniently "lost" when they came back to do the later extended scores of Empire later on.
  5. "Yoda's Theme" from The Empire Strikes Back "Luke and Leia" from Return Of The Jedi "Anakin's Theme" from The Phantom Menace To me, those are quiet, tender melodies that would work as lullabies, the first one I mentioned especially.
  6. Anyone know why Trent's custom covers for the complete Back To The Future Part II and also Part III are no longer available? I sent him a PM, but he must be MIA or something. Thanks.
  7. Well, you could try the ending from "Bounty Hunter's Pursuit", since that is the Droid March Theme in its' simplest form.
  8. Ummm- where do we download this from? All I still see is a link to Lapti Nek Versions, not a 4 disc ROTJ set? I am confused.
  9. Any updates on when you will be finished with your complete Episode II score, GoodMusician?
  10. Hey there GoodMusician, Just wanted to let you know that i have been enjoying your Episode III stuff. By the way, what happened to the music cue for the scene where Anakin meets with Palpatine about him being appointed to the council as the 'personal representative'? Did you forget it, or was it something tracked? Just wondered. Also, I wanted to know how your Episode II edits are coming, since no one has heard from you in about a week. Can't wait to hear it.
  11. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but Star Wars Galaxies: Trials of Obi-Wan is out now. Has anyone gotten a copy of this to see if any new music not on the FTP is on this game? Please guys, if anyone has this game and can rip the music from it, tell us what is on there and if there's any new music that can be uploaded! Also, any plans to rip the German DVD rip of Count Dooku's Death?
  12. Good news lordskylark, there is. Last night I downloaded a DVD audio ripper and ripped Chapter 31 of the documentary "Within A Minute", the one on the score. There is a clean version of the music when Obi-Wan and Anakin fight on the collector arm and the lava lands on it. Very sweet, although short, but sound effect free.
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