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  1. To celebrate the one year anniversary of the concert, the video of Spectral Shimmers is now available.
  2. I don't know if the information has already been shared here: The movie is 192 minutes long and there are 186 minutes of music.
  3. In this publication, he talks about the music of the first trailer released on November 2 and not the teaser released on May 9. Are you sure he was talking about the May 2022 teaser music mentioned in the Vanity Fair article?
  4. Yes, the legal way is always the best. I thank LLL for this new edition which is necessary and expected for 22 years. The previous edition was so frustrating. I'm just afraid to experience another frustration if the three unreleased songs are missing. And to have to wait again 22 years...
  5. I agree with you @publicist. That's why the presence of the three missing songs will largely determine my interest of this new edition. Because they are not in the promo and will add a new touch of messiness, to use your expression. The orchestra comes at the end of the album, if that can help motivate you.
  6. Ok sorry, as LLL had to acquire the rights to use Chariots of Fire to publish this new edition, I thought the subtext of the Bespin sentence was that Vangelis' death made it easier to acquire the rights. So I wanted to make it clear that this was not the case
  7. This edition of How the Grinch Stole Christmas was supposed to be released in 2020 for the 20th anniversary of the film but has been postponed by the COVID.
  8. For those who are interested, the lyrics of the songs are visible on these pages: "How I Love Who-liday Shopping" https://www.mann-weil.com/lyrics34.html "Who-bilation" and "Come, Come All Ye Whos" https://www.mann-weil.com/lyrics36.html For various reasons that will be explained in the book, these songs are barely audible and shortened in the film. This new edition is probably the only opportunity to release them. I hope LLL was able to find them.
  9. I hope there will be the three unreleased songs: "Who-bilation" whose melody is repeated several times in the middle of the story, but also "How I Love Who-liday Shopping" and "Come, Come All Ye Whos". Listening to these songs would allow us to understand all the work done by James Horner and Cynthia Weil before the filming.
  10. At one time you could also add : 9.5 - 30-second audio clips in 64 kbps MP3 format
  11. I saw the whale scene. There is a very nice theme by Simon Franglen, reminiscent of Mighty Joe Young. Concerning the scene that you find boring, I think it's perfect to show the actors' emotions. The progress since 13 years is really visible.
  12. Like the percussion player and the music editors, Eric Rigler just confirmed to me that "A Lucky Hand" was recorded in September 1997. For information Eric Rigler is in London this weekend for Titanic Live. https://www.royalalberthall.com/tickets/events/2022/titanic-live/
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