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  1. A verry enjoyable evening. I met Michael en David both after the concert. And a surprise meeting with Andy Serkis!
  2. Wow amazing news! I will try to get tickets in the pre sale. I almost forgot that I will see Michael Giachinno and David Arnold tonight in the Royal Albert Hall😅.
  3. I will go the concert of Michael Giacchino vs David Arnold this Friday in the Royal Albert Hall. Is someone from this forum going too?
  4. I did see Williams from far after the rehearsals today! I was close to his car and had a talk with the security. They moved the car so I couldn’t come close. Then he came out and stept in the car. I was the only fan there but no chance to get a autograph! 😔
  5. Right the chances with a meet and greet are slim! I will go to the concert Friday. But I think there are rehearsals too in the morning? Any chance to go there and meet him? Or drive to his house like the two musicians did a few years ago.😅 By the way I would like to meet up with other members of this forum. Who is going?
  6. I will travel to the West Coast next week for holiday and a visit to friends. I decided to buy a ticket for the Hollywood Bowl where he is listed as a special guest. I was in London too last year and really upset about the evening without John Williams. It seems he is doing fine and I hope to see him at least as a guest on stage. But I hope that he is able to conduct at least a encore on the end of the show ! We will see!
  7. I really thought about going here but not without John himself attending.
  8. And Happy New Year to all the forum members!
  9. No but I will be more than happy to see him at least. And maybe one or two pieces conducted by himself :). Tickets go on sale next month so I think they announce something about the schedule in a few weeks.
  10. I think he is in good shape. I contacted the BSO and asked if he returns to Boston this spring. And he will!! They would not have told me this if something was wrong with Williams I think. Thank you for your message. Maestro Williams will be present for Film Night during the Spring Pops season again. The schedule has not been released yet, but the tickets will go on sale February 25th. Best, BSO Customer Service Good news!!!
  11. I am still a bit sad about not seeing Williams in the flesh. But the concert of Brian Tyler was really good and I met him in person after the show.
  12. I got this message from a local friend. He got the support from the LSO! Lets do this! ‪So the plan is after the first number for everyone to stand and applause for 1 minute to show support to John, it’s being broadcasted and John Williams will be listening. #applauseforJohn please RT ‬
  13. I didn't book my hotel yet but flushed €100 trough the toilet. But more importand for me is that Johny will recover
  14. Hello it is already sold but no point to buy it anymor. Mr. Williams is ill and canceled this concert.
  15. I wish Johny will recover soon! At least I will see composer Bryan Tyler conduct tomorrow evening! I will cancel Vienna now for sure!
  16. I consider now to go here tomorrow evening. https://www.philharmonia.co.uk/concerts/2108.
  17. I am going to London anyway. But if he doens't show up in Vienna I will cancel that trip I think.
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