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  1. Geez, how did I miss this entire thread until today?! Jay, just read through your recap, and I distinctly remember watching this on our local metro Atlanta PBS station when it aired. I would have just been finishing up my 9th grade year of high school and was super pumped to see Empire, and remember hearing Yoda's Theme and The Imperial March for the very first time on this show. Had no idea what would happen musically in the sequel, so for some reason I thought Yoda's Theme was going to be the new Main Title music - do not ask me why. To answer one of your thoughts on Threepio and the Main Title performance, I believe that indeed was Anthony Daniels in the suit for that concert. He mentioned several places in different interviews I've read that he had a blast conducting it, so unless I am totally confusing it with something else, that should be him.
  2. Saw the movie last night and even though I'm a long-time Star Wars fan from way back in '77, I was prepared to be let down after reading so many "meh" to "absolutely terrible" reviews, but me and my adult kids all absolutely loved it. Sure, it wasn't perfect and there are some things that I would have liked to seen play out in the film the way I'd played them out in my head, but I've never been that kind of fan who bitches about how what's on screen doesn't match up with the made up story in their mind. To me, played out as a perfectly great way to tie up the entire series, hokey parts and all. The music was mixed loudly at my theater (which was full, unlike what some of you had said was the experience at your showings) and had a fantastic presence. Loved JW's quick cameo and even though it moved super fast I don't feel like it overall hurt the movie. Although I'd absolutely have been okay if they'd made it a bit longer so it could breathe more. Easily have loved the score to this one much more than Last Jedi, which I like but hardly ever revisit, and maybe either equal to or more than The Force Awakens, which I've also always loved.
  3. 1. Rebel Fleet/End Credits 2. The Jedi Steps/Finale 3. The Throne Room/End Title 4. Return of the Jedi End Credits (I'm much more partial to old Yub Nub since that's the way it was originally created over Victory Celebration) 5. Finale (TROS) 6. Finale (TLJ) 7. Augie's Great Municipal Band and End Credits 8. A New Hope/End Credits 9. Confrontation with Count Dooku and Finale
  4. I am inserting it into the laptop holes as we speak.
  5. All of Towering Inferno sounds fantastic, best I can tell - a huge step up from the old FSM release.
  6. My set showed up earlier than I expected - got it yesterday and it just shipped on Thursday afternoon. From CA to KY in pretty much a day and a half - pretty good time. :) I spent the day yesterday listening through everything and, even as a long-time JW fan from back in the late 70s, with this set and some of the other releases that have come out the past few years, I'm getting a much better appreciation for the 1970-1975 era. I never cared much for Earthquake and it's easily been the least favorite of the disaster movie scores, but this release is fantastic! It's still, like the other two disaster scores, a lot of atmospheric music, but the actual film cues add a of meat onto the listening experience that wasn't there on the original LP. One reason I never cared much for that release was due to the source cues and special effects all over it. I clicked immediately with the Lunch with Remy cue and had to go back and listen to the album's Something for Remy because I didn't remember that melody being in there. Turns out I like it 100% better speeded up like the film version is as opposed to the jazzier and slower approach from the LP. And the theme for Jody is actually one of the most heavily used of the motifs throughout the entire score. Go figure. Anyway, the sound is phenomenal, as I expected it would be, so definitely great to have this out finally.
  7. Well dadgummit - have to actually do work for a couple of hours and check in and this happens!!! I'm slightly panicking - none of these links are working and I'm getting nothing when I try to play the tracks on the FYC site. Is anybody else having issues - has it already been yanked?! Must. Hear. Cues.
  8. Don’t know if anyone has watched any of the CW’s Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover stuff so far, but had on tonight’s episode (Batwoman I think?- wasn’t really paying attention and was doing stuff around the house) and heard a few shout outs to Williams’ Superman themes, both the fanfare and the love theme. Nice to hear both even though I really wasn’t fully focused to enjoy it at all, so thought I’d throw it out in case anyone wants to catch up with tonight’s episode sometime later.
  9. This. I find myself not revisiting the prequel scores as often as the originals and The Force Awakens. Still can't quite get into The Last Jedi, and that's coming from someone who does like the movie. But out of the prequels, I'd still put The Phantom Menace ahead of ROTS, leaving poor AOTC in the dead last place.
  10. Yeah, not sure I got the Justice League "hidden" reference either - heck, the "Friends and Foes" cue from that soundtrack literally starts with the Superman fanfare and then it plays again in there at least one more time.
  11. King Mark, there's just a hint of Williams' music right at the very end as a certain superhero shows up with Shazam at the school lunch. I'm kind of surprised no one has mentioned it on here yet, unless I just missed it somewhere. :)
  12. Uh...what the heck?!? Just saw this on the Entertainment Weekly site!! https://ew.com/movies/2018/11/17/john-williams-new-music-disney-star-wars-theme-parks/
  13. Not at home where I can show more pix right now, Amer, but yes, the slipcase is a thicker cardboard. The main CD booklet is just made up of stills from the movie/promotional pix and John Badham’s original LP liner notes. The Nocturne additional booklet (which isn’t bound, just stapled per usual CD inserts) is the more extensive liner notes that get into the history of the movie and character, Williams’ score, and how the CD came to be.
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