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  1. Actually it’s not- at least in the film release. The film as released just had the end credits pretty much as it exists on the CD release. Then once the movie hit streaming platforms/Disney Plus/DVD/Blu Ray, the end credits were lengthened pretty considerably. I think they replaced the part of Rey’s theme as recorded for the end credits with the concert version and inserted Scherzo for X Wings in there as well.
  2. Okay, gonna have to disagree with you on that, Jay- there are so many moody, melodic short cues in that stretch! Do not ask me why, because there’s no rhyme or reason to why certain cues hit people the way they do, but I have always, ever since I got the LP way back in probably 1983 or 84, loved that little short beginning to “Give Me Your Loyalty” (the beginning of “The Abduction of Lucy” on the original release).
  3. Guess everyone is gonna have a lot of these in common: 1. Star Wars 2. Superman 3. Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom 4. Empire Strikes Back 5. Raiders of the Lost Ark 6. Jaws 7. E.T. 8. Close Encounters 9. 1941 10. The Cowboys And then, just barely out of reach, Witches of Eastwick, The Force Awakens, Return of the Jedi, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Jurassic Park
  4. Well dang...I wanted to win. They must be quieter like I am, lol.
  5. I actually have no idea, Jay - but I'm betting I am, lol. I'm 55. I'm very very selective.
  6. Heeeeeey, I'm older than probably most - if not all - of you on this message board and I still love the loud frenetic grandly melodic stuff the best. Unlike Thor, I am apparently perpetually stuck in my 20s/30s.
  7. Yep, I had the same reaction - I've listened to all of Williams released scores many times and it's definitely one of my least favorites for that exact reason.
  8. You bunch of punk kids- I was in high school when Raiders came out and was married and out of the house when Hook came out. 😂
  9. As King Mark already mentioned, too many to list, but to me the biggest glaring omission in JW Original Soundtrack history has to be The Helicopter Sequence from Superman. It's the first public appearance of the character in the movie, a huge rescue, and a musical highlight....and is nowhere to be found. Even as a 12 year old boy first getting the LP I remember wondering how the crap that cue was left off the soundtrack.
  10. Geez, how did I miss this entire thread until today?! Jay, just read through your recap, and I distinctly remember watching this on our local metro Atlanta PBS station when it aired. I would have just been finishing up my 9th grade year of high school and was super pumped to see Empire, and remember hearing Yoda's Theme and The Imperial March for the very first time on this show. Had no idea what would happen musically in the sequel, so for some reason I thought Yoda's Theme was going to be the new Main Title music - do not ask me why. To answer one of your thoughts on Threepio and the Main Title performance, I believe that indeed was Anthony Daniels in the suit for that concert. He mentioned several places in different interviews I've read that he had a blast conducting it, so unless I am totally confusing it with something else, that should be him.
  11. Saw the movie last night and even though I'm a long-time Star Wars fan from way back in '77, I was prepared to be let down after reading so many "meh" to "absolutely terrible" reviews, but me and my adult kids all absolutely loved it. Sure, it wasn't perfect and there are some things that I would have liked to seen play out in the film the way I'd played them out in my head, but I've never been that kind of fan who bitches about how what's on screen doesn't match up with the made up story in their mind. To me, played out as a perfectly great way to tie up the entire series, hokey parts and all. The music was mixed loudly at my theater (which was full, unlike what some of you had said was the experience at your showings) and had a fantastic presence. Loved JW's quick cameo and even though it moved super fast I don't feel like it overall hurt the movie. Although I'd absolutely have been okay if they'd made it a bit longer so it could breathe more. Easily have loved the score to this one much more than Last Jedi, which I like but hardly ever revisit, and maybe either equal to or more than The Force Awakens, which I've also always loved.
  12. 1. Rebel Fleet/End Credits 2. The Jedi Steps/Finale 3. The Throne Room/End Title 4. Return of the Jedi End Credits (I'm much more partial to old Yub Nub since that's the way it was originally created over Victory Celebration) 5. Finale (TROS) 6. Finale (TLJ) 7. Augie's Great Municipal Band and End Credits 8. A New Hope/End Credits 9. Confrontation with Count Dooku and Finale
  13. I am inserting it into the laptop holes as we speak.
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