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  1. Well dadgummit - have to actually do work for a couple of hours and check in and this happens!!! I'm slightly panicking - none of these links are working and I'm getting nothing when I try to play the tracks on the FYC site. Is anybody else having issues - has it already been yanked?! Must. Hear. Cues.
  2. Don’t know if anyone has watched any of the CW’s Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover stuff so far, but had on tonight’s episode (Batwoman I think?- wasn’t really paying attention and was doing stuff around the house) and heard a few shout outs to Williams’ Superman themes, both the fanfare and the love theme. Nice to hear both even though I really wasn’t fully focused to enjoy it at all, so thought I’d throw it out in case anyone wants to catch up with tonight’s episode sometime later.
  3. This. I find myself not revisiting the prequel scores as often as the originals and The Force Awakens. Still can't quite get into The Last Jedi, and that's coming from someone who does like the movie. But out of the prequels, I'd still put The Phantom Menace ahead of ROTS, leaving poor AOTC in the dead last place.
  4. Yeah, not sure I got the Justice League "hidden" reference either - heck, the "Friends and Foes" cue from that soundtrack literally starts with the Superman fanfare and then it plays again in there at least one more time.
  5. King Mark, there's just a hint of Williams' music right at the very end as a certain superhero shows up with Shazam at the school lunch. I'm kind of surprised no one has mentioned it on here yet, unless I just missed it somewhere. :)
  6. Uh...what the heck?!? Just saw this on the Entertainment Weekly site!! https://ew.com/movies/2018/11/17/john-williams-new-music-disney-star-wars-theme-parks/
  7. Not at home where I can show more pix right now, Amer, but yes, the slipcase is a thicker cardboard. The main CD booklet is just made up of stills from the movie/promotional pix and John Badham’s original LP liner notes. The Nocturne additional booklet (which isn’t bound, just stapled per usual CD inserts) is the more extensive liner notes that get into the history of the movie and character, Williams’ score, and how the CD came to be.
  8. Plus, knowing Williams doesn't even generally watch movies and given Carrie's release date of late 1976 and that JW had probably already started composing themes, etc. in anticipation of the March '77 London recording dates, I couldn't possibly see it being a factor at all.
  9. Just ran home from work to grab something and the CD was there- won't get to give it a listen until later tonight, but the bad news is: no flip side Pete 'n' Tillie artwork. 😣
  10. Gee, I don't know Thor - as much as I'd love to hear both of those, GIDGET is such a JOHN GOLDFARB-like "wacky" score that it would be whiplash-inducing listening to STORIA DI UNA DONNA after it.
  11. I've got all four - both "Poseidon Adventures" (FSM and LLL) and the other two. Gotta say (and it may be more because I've always enjoyed "Poseidon" over "Inferno") that I'm one of the few weirdos who enjoys the "Poseidon" score more than "Towering Inferno". Love the main theme (although it's also hard to beat the main title for "Towering Inferno") and even the creeping around suspense music more than any of the other TI cues.
  12. Considering I've had the original Star Wars since it came out in 1977, I'm gonna assume it's that one since I've been listening to it on and off for almost 40 years.
  13. Okay, I totally may have missed someone already pointing this out, but just noticed during the End Credits a small bit that comes straight out of that first teaser from last year (the section right after Finn shows up on screen and on) - it's just a few seconds, but it starts at about 4:57-5:06. Looks like it's developed into what I'm assuming we're saying is Finn's motif (don't see the movie until tonight so I'm going on what everyone else is saying on that one!).
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