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  1. Nobody is the anyone of any time but themselves, I reckon. Furthermore, who are you people?
  2. Christ, another one coming now? The pain. Stop the pain.
  3. Mirror, The Sacrifice, The Saragossa Manuscript, Barry Lyndon, The Big Lebowski
  4. I think it's finding its footing - despite starting off pretty weak and redolent of what makes new Trek so lukewarm. I want it to be great eventually.
  5. Thankfully we have you to preach the truth to those poor unfortunate souls who like different things than you do. Hate to be nothing but negative lately but this place is slipping back into its old ways more and more, which is a damn shame. There was a Silver Age for a little while there.
  6. Welcome to JWFan, it only gets worse. Might as well turn back while you can.
  7. Inaccurate bullshit. Par for the course though. This forum is unreadable at times.
  8. They are fun together, Previn clearly loves John in his gruff way and it's amusing to see him frustrated by Williams' extreme humility about his gifts.
  9. A loss, but an extraordinary legacy.
  10. Witcher any good? Don't know the first thing about it but your enthusiasm would be an enticement.
  11. I reckon it's just an engrossing flick, neither terribly profound nor empty.
  12. 1917 is an experience I recommend, film and score are remarkable. It's to Dunkirk what Interstellar was to Gravity.
  13. No, to the last Palpatine rejecting her legacy and embracing the identity of her grandfather's enemy. Execution could have been better but I buy that.
  14. More concert music, I don't care what.
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