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  1. Wait until you see DOS before saying that! It's the film that could break Gandalf (and I mean that in every way possible)! They already had him breakdance in FOTR! He elected the way of funk.
  2. Every time I look at TORn forums, all I see is this one fellow who is in a perpetual state of angst about Gandalf's portrayal/power/etc. There is always a new thread about that from him, with only slightly varied wording or context.
  3. It's not the "poppiness" that has turned so many off, my securely subterranean friend. It's some intangible thing, as so much musical experience is, and that's that! Nothing will bring them 'round or make them see the light (fire?) and nothing should. There's no accounting for taste, so no need to persist in trying to sell the song's virtues or failings. Anyway, I have this wonderful feeling that the actual score will not only be terrifically shiny, but that it won't be subject to anywhere near the same butchery as AUJ's was. Just a hunch. I'm crossing my fingers for samples when I wake up.
  4. I listened to the soundtrack from the Coen Brothers' upcoming Inside Llewyn Davis tonight. Not a score, no, but still a very tasteful collection of folky tunes from the 60's, all hauntingly covered for the film by the cast including Justin Timberlake, who eases into a sound-world relatively new for him with impressive grace. A highlight for me is his performance of 500 Miles with Carey Mulligan and Stark Sands. I can't wait to see this one. You can stream it here if interested. http://www.npr.org/2013/11/03/242103173/first-listen-soundtrack-inside-llewyn-davis
  5. I find this man endlessly fascinating. In the "related videos" column is another interesting film about him, And then came the evening and the morning.
  6. Iconography? I'm not sure that's the word you're looking for. Analog sound (this especially makes a difference in the brass), close mics, and very dry acoustics are what made the original SW scores, and most of his others from the period, sound the way they do. Williams hasn't sounded much like that for decades, and I don't think it's an aesthetic thing, just a technical one. He goes for the best sound possible, and likely will for the new films too. So is it part of the "iconography" of the films? No, I think it's iconic of the era the films were made in.
  7. I keep hearing about this Kantelinen fellow... where should I start?
  8. Ah makes sense. I'll probably see this one. Hopefully it and Cap's next outing will be at least serviceable and keep things afloat until Guardians.
  9. Listening to mine right now. So good... I might have to throw the movie on later.
  10. Apparently there's some fleeting reference to Captain America's theme in one of the cues. Maybe he shows up in a cameo?
  11. Meh, all the Shearan stuff sounded like typical PR backslapping to me. And yes, he's getting all the PR instead of Shore. This is why I'm against the idea of having songs in the LotR movies - using the artist as a 'name' to sell CDs with every press release featuring soundbites saying how amazing they are. Please. Yes this bothers me too. It's a classic case of "My Heart Will Go On Syndrome." With the original trilogy, there was no big play up about the songs or the people singing them, they were just there, an organic part of things, and that's that. Now, it's all guided by marketing of course. That doesn't necessarily mean the songs can't still be good, though. I sat in the cinema 10, 11, and 12 years ago virtually every weekend while the films stayed in theaters. You're right: it's a night/day difference... between the films. I couldn't imagine these songs bringing me back to the real world after the original trilogy. But I can after this new one. Maybe it is an age thing, but not in the manner you think - "good old days" and all that. What will ever be as wonderful as our treasured past? But what do I know? I'm only 16.
  12. I'm suddenly less ashamed of some of my own past hair/fashion choices....
  13. More discoveries while looking at AUJ's IMDb crew page. There is an uncredited orchestrator and an uncredited conductor in addition to Shore. No one noticed this before? Also, one Michael Pärt is listed as a music editor... Arvo Pärt's son. Cool!
  14. Pete Cobbin! This bodes well for the sound of the score. Who's recording it though? Rhodes again? Bring back Kurlander!
  15. Really?? From what I've heard the Skyfall score was a little disappointing. That song was brilliant as a Bond song, I don't think people care about how musical it is, it just has to sound good. Every complaint I saw about Skyfall was that the Bond theme didn't appear enough. But really it was perfectly done and Newman, like a skilled lover, understands the virtues of delayed gratification. And Adele's song was pretty unremarkable to me. Lyrically lame and musically whatever.
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