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  1. Sure it's been done to death in TV movies... but X2 was released in 2003. I don't think it was quite so cliched at that point.
  2. Can we expect you to conduct it yourself on video? So, this guy did the whole song on one day? Christ, didn't Torrini record several versions of Gollum's Song before it was decided on a version? Shore wrote Use Well The Days, and then did a radically different approach with Into The West, and even considered different guitars. And now these things are recorded on one day. I can't believe the sunken standards on this production. It is immensely unfortunate. But at least for me, I can always go back to LotR and enjoy its splendour. I know how "later chapters" can pull everything that came before down with them, but I'm happy to say it's not the case here. The nine years between the trilogies is long enough for me to be able to regard them as completely separate entities. I'd really, really like to have a candid chat with someone on the production about those "sunken standards". It's completely hypothetical and I'd probably get shot down within a minute about not being allowed to have an opinion because I don't know all the facts, but I'd love to be able to ask something "Why the teal and orange?" or "Who thought of Tauriel?" etc. and not letting them get away with evasive answers. I guess I would have to have a Nazg├╗l by my side in order to pull this off, but hey, it's nice to think about it. I think those two are pretty easily answered. Just look up the teal/orange issue; there are plenty of fascinating discussions and explanations about it, and it's not just limited to the advertising of these films. And I think the filmmakers have been very clear about Tauriel's purpose. She is there to 1) add more feminine presence, which is never a bad thing, and 2) give more identity to the Mirkwood elves, rather than have just Thranduil, his son, and a bunch of faceless Firstborn. +1
  3. I wonder if Tauriel is going to have her own motivic identity. If she does, I have a feeling that it may be similar to Eowyn's. That lydian flavor seems to work very well for kick-ass female characters, to my ears anyway.
  4. If there is anything like the Shelob music from RotK in there it will rock! I want a scherzo for shakuhachi! Scherzo for Shakuhachi and Spider-Web
  5. If there is anything like the Shelob music from RotK in there it will rock! Lately my favorite moments from the trilogy scores are ones like that. Shore's more wild side.
  6. I also feel that this score will benefit from having more of its own identity than AUJ did. That, of course, is a wonderful work, but it lives in the shadow of the original trilogy, inevitably. It's like PJ said, here we are fully into this new story, and the music will reflect that. It'll be very fresh and engaging. Some of the seemingly minor changes Shore has made to his instrumental lineup, for example, could make a really notable difference.
  7. So, who's excited for all the new themes that we're gonna be getting? What do you think your favorite will be? I'm really looking forward to Mirkwood's material, as well as anything related to the Necromancer/Dol Guldur.
  8. Especially with Khan. Have you ever really watched his expression after Kirk yells his name?
  9. Yes, it's apparently a rare blessing to be able to say that. A shame. I'm glad to join you there. Likewise, though I'm not a fan of Ed Sheeran, One Direction or their kind. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of Sheeran either, I just don't mind him coming into the fold here. He seems to be a genuine artist and not a "personality" kept afloat by publicists, producers, and songwriters. I'm as picky and prone to snobbery as the next musically minded person, and there's precious little music written today in the "popular" idiom that I enjoy. But there is some, and I always enjoy finding it.
  10. Yes, it's apparently a rare blessing to be able to say that. A shame. I'm glad to join you there. So what, three of us don't despise the song? I'd say that's a solid win.
  11. Yeah, it's groovy. Weep, wail, and gnash your teeth, JWFan! I'm typically disinterested in lyrics, even in songs, since good ones just flow unnoticed and bad ones are cringe-inducing... but these are not bad. I'm glad he didn't try to make it too related to the story - that would come off as corny, I think. This is nice and evocative in a general way. And musically, it's well crafted. What more can you ask from a song?
  12. Can't wait. It's going to be even better seeing them together in January.
  13. I'm assuming "main theme" is just what the uninformed might call a credits song, yes?
  14. To be fair, that happens when anyone tries to imitate anyone. Composers should never write anything other than their own music. Thanks for taking the time to put that video together though. I love the bit that starts at 2:40. Tantalizing.
  15. Yeah judging by the year long post-production schedule, I'm guessing there will be very little actual footage. Probably something like Inception where they had a few shots here and there mixed with more abstract/conceptual stuff. It'll be exciting to see/hear/feel what the whole atmosphere of the film is going to be.
  16. They're talking about what it was like on the last day of shooting.... No matter how you feel about these movies when all is said and done, it's going to be really difficult to say goodbye next year. It'll probably be a very long time until Middle-Earth comes back.
  17. They're showing the new vlog. Some shots of the recording sessions so far.
  18. You can watch this whole Q&A thing here when it starts in about a half hour. http://collider.com/the-hobbit-desolation-of-smaug-video-qa-peter-jackson/
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