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  1. Just came across this. Interesting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eP9c6NvI_Bs
  2. As far as I know both were done by Shore alone. Hugo did have a second conductor though. We're obviously getting desperate for information.
  3. Thinking the same thing, I've only heard a couple of previews. I tend to be apprehensive of less thematic music, which I hear Shore is known for outside of the Middle Earth films. It's good. Intimate, somewhat brooding atmosphere that he usually deals in outside of Middle-Earth. Might not tickle your fancy if you're only in it for big themes. Ok, I really can't stop listening to that song from Twilight....
  4. You know, Shore/Metric is a catchy combination. I dig the singer's voice. I think I like the idea of a Shore/Sheeran tune. Why not?
  5. Thing is, that was for Twilight, where one might expect that. It's a little more odd for the film in question here. But... I liked all the LotR songs, I liked Neil's song, and I'll wager that I'll like this one too, whoever sings it.
  6. I think people don't like his popularity and fan following. If it were Justin Bieber I may be more concerned. I don't think that's the issue. We're not a bunch of hipsters here who despise anything if it attracts too much praise. It's just quite out of left-field if it's true.
  7. I've never heard anything by him, so I went on Youtube and picked the first song that had an intriguing name. If Shore is involved it could be just fine. Edit: Apparently he didn't write this, it's an American folk tune or something. But still... he's not horrible.
  8. Keep the theoretical Arkenstone-as-Silmaril angle as the only involvement of Feanor's work. What armchair Tolkien scholar will tell me the error of my ways first?
  9. I find it hard to believe that sort of thing hasn't already been put to a vote on this site.
  10. Bonus track: Azog's Groove (DJ Tiesto Edit Club Mix) No Junkie XL remix?
  11. Teaser will allegedly run before DoS. https://twitter.com/movie_maniac_/status/397090962683355136
  12. Ah, last year, when I was still a faceless lurker, without all these cares and responsibilities.
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