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  1. I admit I am a pizza snob, being a New Yorker.
  2. Who eats pizza from a chain? Make it yourself or go to a local pizza place.
  3. Can't you also like, you know... look at this subforum?
  4. LOL On the crazy side, how about the psychotic strings after Anakin's mother dies in the Raider camp? That little bit always makes me want to go batshit nuts!
  5. Agreed. But this is a great piece! That's a great performance! That conductor's a bit all over the place though.
  6. Instrumentations - either the ensemble used for a whole score, or the way a specific moment is orchestrated. Textures - you know, big bold melodies, contrapuntal passages, dense figures weaving in and out of each other, parallel brass, and everything else! Colors - individual sounds, like the classic 3 flutes+3 clarinets in unison, or the 2 clarinets+bass clarinet an octave down, or the whispy, magico alto flute/cor anglais/bassoon/vibraphone/harp tune of Hedwig's Theme, etc.
  7. Gotta be one of the prequels, right?
  8. Yoda's death. But to be fair, that's a good kind of depressing.
  9. I always thought Cybertronics had a bit of a slinky sexyness to it.
  10. Of course, when Vader picks up the Emperor.
  11. There's a lot of quiet heroism in Lincoln. The heroic reading of Yoda's theme after the duel with Dooku. The Force theme that opens ROTS.
  12. Obviously Williams is truly the greatest of all composers, if he manages all these different things in one cue.
  13. Noooo, I missed my chance to score Kubrick. =(
  14. I'll do that right now. Will make a titanic effort to do this, even if I have to create a pocket universe where time flows independently of our own.
  15. Ah, Rats is a good one. The tomb of Sir Richard!
  16. I know I was just being a little jokey. So when I saw the "Creation" subtitle I thought, huh, how neat would it be if it's the sequence from The Tree of Life? That's right up my abstract, symbolist alley. Lo and behold....
  17. Odd, most of the examples I thought of also were all from Indys.
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