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  1. I've been digging into my collection of H.P. Lovecraft. I find myself going to that part of my bookshelf frequently anyway, but even more so now that it's more seasonally appropriate. Certainly not everyone's cup of tea but I find him indispensable since my father introduced me almost a decade ago. Real shame there's been no good adaptations done for the big screen. If only Prometheus hadn't been made and del Toro followed through with his plans for At The Mountains Of Madness.
  2. I was never a part of any particularly great marching band, but yeah, the general focus is more on the choreography due to volume issues, and we certainly never chose our repertoire with anything other than entertainment in mind. I think I may have torn a cornea due to the eye-rolling this brought on.
  3. We'll fix it in post-haste! That is one hell of an obscure reference, even for this place. Nicely done.
  4. I don't get why that one doesn't make sense. The idea that the NR theme evolves into a kind of general "force of good" theme sits well with me. Yeah sure. After it was tracked during the Forth Eorlingas scene... Well tracking origins or no, it still evolved nicely and logically. Good themes, uh... find a way.
  5. But he is (most likely) still part of the Mordor theme designation, like the Nazgul (from Numenor!) are in Doug's book. You're starting to sound like Doug trying to explain the use of Nature's Reclamation during the charge of the Rohirrim! I don't get why that one doesn't make sense. The idea that the NR theme evolves into a kind of general "force of good" theme sits well with me.
  6. Showing the Necromancer going around and collecting his old Nazgul pals/busting them out of Dunedain jail could be neat to see. But spare us Azog returning from beyond.
  7. Why not? It would at least explain why Azog has suddenly re-appeared to hound Thorin, and would link the two arcs together. It's not the worst idea PJ could come up with. Well on top of that Azog could be a zombie re-animated by the said Necromancer, who can summon the spirits of the dead! It all makes sense! That's absurd. No such power exists in this world!
  8. I say this with the utmost sincerity: I want to know what PJ's reasoning for everything he's changed is.
  9. You're referring to the first X-Men? Michael Kamen scored that....
  10. I thought you were talking about Superman Returns for a moment there. What is this Superman Returns you speak of?
  11. You obviously haven't read the books! Flaming swords and whips aren't his only weapons. Or maybe I'm thinking of Bored of the Rings....
  12. The first film was very fine, and X2 is definitely one of the best superhero films out there. Singer has this in the bag, I suspect. I'm very optimistic - plus, John Ottman.
  13. They should never have tried to make them any more "goofy" than Gimli ever was. He was jovial without being a lout.
  14. Agreed! Keep in the fireworks and Young Bilbo / marketplace / Bilbo wandering Rivendell / Elrond and Bilbo talking / Elrond and Gandalf talking / and extended White Council, and shorten up anything to do with Azog and the Goblin King and you'd have a better movie. Not to mention some of the funny dwarf bits in the EE are better than similar funny dwarf bits from the TC. Yes those were exactly the ones I had in mind too. I also think Thranduil's added time is worth keeping. And those funny bits feel a little more genuinely Dwarvish rather than PJish.
  15. I'm thinking primarily of Bilbo in Rivendell I guess. Some of it was just more added humor, yes, but that scene and a few others really gave the film more heart by their presence.
  16. I saw it a few days ago. I think had most of what was cut been kept in, and a few wise trims been made to the theatrical version, we would have a much more satisfying picture. What was said above (or in another thread) about the gap in quality between the first trailer for AUJ and the actual film rings especially true after seeing the extended edition. I don't know. I still liked the film. It's nigh-impossible to ruin Tolkien, and Jackson at his worst is just sort of absurdly decent. But between the dumb humor, baffling history changes, meh editing, and the score debacle... let's hope AUJ remains the low point of Middle-Earth cinema.
  17. Yeah I agree about this. I'm not holding out too much hope for a repeat of that this year.
  18. Looks pretty great to me. Like the use of Zimmer. But ye gods... did they have to start with the same old cringey, dramatic-trailer-chords nonsense?
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