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  1. I listened to this tonight, and did a read-along with the score. Been a while since I've heard anything besides the climactic cues, but wow, this is still one of my all time favorites. The last time Shyamalan was great, I think. The more emotional/delicate moments during Throwing A Stone, Boarding Up The House, Into the Basement, Asthma Attack, and The Hand of Fate II are really gorgeous.
  2. I'll once again point to the entire Moria sequence here. Many of the highlights from FotR are to be found there, played deftly by the NZSO. I don't think there's anything to worry about. What might bother me more than any difference in ensemble is the difference in engineers - AUJ had a very close, over-produced kind of sound compared to the original scores. I want that more "archaic" sound that Shore talks about in Doug's book back.
  3. I loved 2001 when I was a kid. It and The Seven Samurai sparked my liking of cinema. I watched 2001 endlessly as a kid.
  4. Yeah this is what I mentioned the other day. Pray to the gods of music it is true. Either way I haven't been this excited for a movie in a long time.
  5. Yes, that's a fine piece, and nice to hear this movement instead of the oft-cited bombastic finale. If you can handle the organ within an orchestral context, I'd recommend this too. Wonderful piece, here's the first movement. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33zaoSetk2I&feature=share&list=PL6E56C5B5D58E8162
  6. The Exorcist, The Shining, Planet of the Apes (no idea why I consider it a Halloween movie), The Masque of the Red Death, Nosferatu. Also have to include The Cabin in the Woods, which will probably become a classic.
  7. This is incredible. Here it is in a more forgiving acoustic.
  8. Glad to hear it! But we both owe thanks to the person that posts these "unknown" symphonies on Youtube. There are quite a few to explore.
  9. Using a pair of standard Sony on-ear phones until my new Sennheisers get here. Good grief, I had forgotten what it was like to have absolutely zero impression of "space" when listening to music.
  10. Hope? There's already a shitload of awesome video game music out there! Yeah I have no idea why I phrased it like that. Maybe just hope that it will continue to be good?
  11. My initial enjoyment came from the novelty of them playing around with Copland and Mussorgsky and whatnot. That wears off fast
  12. http://collider.com/interstellar-score-hans-zimmer-dark-knight-trilogy/ Really encouraging since I'm quite looking forward to that film and want a "good" Zimmer score. Let's hope it's just not his usual pontification and they actually are going in a new direction for their collaboration.
  13. This was how I first discovered this score. Eric Whitacre had posted it on Facebook, and I just sat watching it straight through. Sublime is definitely the right word. Wintory, along with Jeremy Soule, gives me hope for good video game music and good video games in general. And Marty O'Donnell of course.
  14. And the reason for that might as well be some sort of discrimination, Women that don't do things because they've assimilated said things as not being for women. And the other way around too. Culture is powerful. No of course, that's entirely true. I was just playing a bit of devil's advocate. I feel like Yes is an acquired taste, like ELP. If you can endure the usually cringey levels of pretentiousness, there's some good stuff to be found. Though Yes does suffer from some lackluster recordings. Floyd undoubtedly reigns supreme.
  15. These hoaxes make the rounds... guess it was only a matter of time before they struck the Maestro.
  16. I won't try and say there's no such thing as a "glass ceiling" but... isn't it possible there just aren't as many women interested in being film composers as there are men? Not every imbalance has to be due to some kind of discrimination. I, for one, am a female dominated industry.
  17. That was a great listen. It's always nice to discover/be introduced to a new composer. In that same spirit... here's this.
  18. Yes, beautiful piece. I think this whole issue is silly. First that clowny conductor who thinks women are too distracting on the podium, now this? Psh.
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