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  1. Drop the EE footage (Gandalf's line 'I am Saruman, or Saruman as he should have been') and the whole thing syncs perfectly without the need for any editing. This six-minute section of the score is my favourite of the entire trilogy. I love the little moment as Gandalf realises who he is. Great stuff. It may be my favorite sequence as well; I love the aleatoric build up, and something about the harmonies from 1:42-2:00 has always struck me as extremely Middle-Earthy. One of those moments that make you realize Shore was absolutely perfect for these films. I think I prefer the final film version of Gandalf's revelation and Shadowfax's entrance, but it's wonderful to hear these other approaches.
  2. Then you probably know much more than me, because I only know the one thing I read. It's true, but definitely not stupid in context. What people were saying based on that, that it's a movie about is like saying Lost was a show about the dangers of air travel.
  3. I'm shamefully over-informed on it - but nothing I know is anything but tantalizing. What in particular do you find disappointing?
  4. yes, writing such melodies , I think - from a composer's point of view - is the most difficult thing in the world, much more difficult than writing an avant-garde piece of music, because there's always the danger of becoming cliche, or uninteresting, or even kitsch. while, the atonal innovative pieces are most easily welcomed by classical elitists, even if they're not good. I think this is an excellent point. Every other composer I've heard speak on the subject echoes that, and I can speak from my own experience that writing a meaningful four bar tune is far more intimidating than anything else.
  5. I feel like most people would probably rank Inception as the best "100% Nolan" film, but, at least today, I agree with you. The Prestige is a real gem. I'm hoping Interstellar becomes definitive Nolan, though.
  6. It's strange, I've never been a fan of The Daily Show (or anything political for that matter). The other day, I happened to watch a stand-up special Stewart did in the mid 90's; from what I understand it's what really put him in the spotlight. It was shockingly funny. He even says something like "I try to care about politics, but I just can't." If only he knew....
  7. Recordings of Tolkien reading some songs/poetry from LOTR, then reading the entire "Riddles in the Dark" chapter. Worth it to hear his Gollum voice.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKyIVZJAAXg Might have been posted here already... but couldn't not share it.
  9. Sphere had a great atmosphere, and a great score. Never been able to get my hands on more than one or two cues though.
  10. So spurred on by the Matrix frenzy, I decided to take the plunge into a different kind of score: Don Davis' opera, Rio de Sangre. I know one of the lead singers, and have been meaning to give it a listen for some time. Recently discovered that it's on Spotify. It's very dense, largely non-tonal music. From the first notes Davis' DNA is obvious, but that's not necessarily an indication that fondness for the sound world of The Matrix will translate to fondness for this one. The story is a kind of archetypal political revolution tale. There are large stretches of strained tenor lines roving through a rather tortured harmonic landscape... this is far from easy listening. And the frequent digressions into the regional Central American musical dialect are more than a little jarring, if entertaining. Weirdly, despite my love for film music, opera has always been relatively difficult for me to appreciate in full, particularly modern opera (with the exception of John Adams' seminal work). This piece didn't really change that, but that's not an indictment of its quality. Davis is obviously a gifted composer, and its always fascinating to hear someone from the film world move into the concert/opera hall. I'll be listening a few more times to see if it grows on me.
  11. I saw Event Horizon without realizing what I was getting into. I would always see the trailer on my VHS of Star Trek: First Contact and think "oh boy! Looks like a romp!" The horror.
  12. I've pretty much already failed at this. Something that occurred to me though is that it may be better not to totally give up listening, but to cut down on "background music," that is, listening to music while doing something else. I'm going to try only listening when I can sit down and give my undivided attention to what I'm hearing. I'd love to see if musical chastity resulted in a clearer flow of ideas when composing, but something about it just doesn't sit right with me. Williams isn't the only composer I've heard mention it; Marty O'Donnell of the Halo games has as well. But I don't think it's for me.
  13. Isn't anyone else attempting this? We'll need moral support! Or better yet, immoral support.
  14. I never really felt that it was supposed to be her literally "getting weaker," just that she was now mortal and bound to Middle-Earth, and so bound to the fate of the Ring.
  15. The two are unrelated. Ah, yeah, my bad. You're excited about Tauriel because of Evangeline Lilly. That's good enough reason for me.
  16. LOL! This looks so ridiculous! Can't wait to that scene in the film! Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.
  17. Anthony Hopkins himself actually dabbles in composing. I've not heard any of his stuff, but this has inspired me to check it out.
  18. I have been trying to do this for months now to see if it quiets down my brain and helps with composing. You're on.
  19. Complete with a rousing number where Finrod and Sauron engage in song-combat. Maybe I should write this.
  20. I'm sure it's been discussed, but I would genuinely love for the whole rights situation to resolve so we could have a Silmarillion television series. I think Game of Thrones has shown that you can present something of such large scope very successfully in that format. The musical possibilities alone are mouth watering.
  21. I meant in terms of naming it the source of my favorite cue by Williams. Seems like that honor would go to other scores for most people, but who knows!
  22. I would put "Stored Memories and Monica's Theme" at the top of my list. It's absolutely haunting, and might be my single favorite Williams cue. I know I'm in a vast minority there, but something about that score has always touched me very deeply.
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