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    Dixon Hill reacted to Datameister in Datameister's Cue Analysis Thread   
    Here's "The Scoring Begins"!
    The Scoring Begins Analysis.pdf
    The format is different this time, but the type of content is similar. This cue is less harmonically complex, and there's an entire column devoted purely to orchestration, so this one may have broader appeal. I'm curious what y'all think of the different format...I can't decide whether I want to keep it for the next one. For that matter, I can't decide what cue I want to do next, although it's probably going to be a Star Wars OT action cue.
    EDIT: I narrowed it down to "The War", "The Asteroid Field", and "The Snow Battle."
    "The Asteroid Field" it is.
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    Dixon Hill reacted to Incanus in What Is The Last Score You Listened To? (older scores)   
    Petrushka by Igor Stravinsky
    Symphony in Three Movements by Igor Stravinsky
    Every listen of Stravinsky's work makes you realize what huge influence he has been not only to 20th century music but beyond. Film music owes him a great debt of gratitude. Such vibrant, elegant and ferocious music.
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    Dixon Hill reacted to crocodile in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (JJ Abrams 2015)   
    Will he?
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    Dixon Hill got a reaction from Quintus in BREAKING BAD   
    Well I just spent every free moment over the past few weeks catching up with this show. All I can say is... damn.
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    Dixon Hill reacted to crocodile in BREAKING BAD   
    Maybe it turns out that the whole things was just a cat's dream.

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    Dixon Hill reacted to Quintus in BREAKING BAD   
    God I can't imagine having to put up with commercial breaks in Breaking Bad.
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    Dixon Hill reacted to Datameister in Datameister's Cue Analysis Thread   
    I'm guessing that once they get that good, a lot of it really is instinct. Williams has clearly studied all this stuff, but I would imagine that when you've spent that many thousands of hours positively steeped in music, it just starts to ooze out of your pores without conscious, theoretical analysis.
    BTW, I meant to mention that if anyone has requests for specific cues, I'll take those into consideration. Can't make any promises, of course, but you never know! At the moment, "The War" (ANH) is looking like a fairly strong contender, once I've finished "The Scoring Begins." I'd like to do some music from the JP and Indy franchises at some point, too.
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    Dixon Hill reacted to Incanus in What Is The Last Score You Listened To? (older scores)   
    And I think the same impulses, the same stylistic traits that Copland culled from the folk idiom and musical vernacular of the country are part of this same cycle, where Williams was clearly trying to capture something very American in his music for Lincoln, to evoke those communal memories and feeling of America, perhaps idealized and perhaps another new invention in itself but still no less authentic than Shaker hymns. They have come to represent America in music. Allusion is as I have always said a very central tool for a musical storyteller, an ability to evoke with or without clear or exact reference or quote from existing works a certain music mood, feel, style, geographic location or point in history. An ability to distill or understand certain musical elements central to the sound that is required and communicating it to the audience in a direct way.
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    Dixon Hill reacted to Incanus in What Is The Last Score You Listened To? (older scores)   
    Well that would be beyond greatness and a minor miracle. Top-10 JW material for me. A complete and comprehensive presentation would be definitely a treasure.
    I had completely forgotten how delightfully charming and romantic score Sabrina is. It was about time to revisit it.
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    Dixon Hill reacted to AC1 in The most inspiring film you've ever seen!   
    Of course, 2001: ASO is up there too but mainly because the aesthetics inspire awe which is a very powerful emotion (the sublime) . It hasn't put as many thoughts into my head as Blade Runner though.
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    Dixon Hill reacted to Koray Savas in The most inspiring film you've ever seen!   
    I read it as films that make you question and think. Once Upon A Time In The West is my favorite film but I would never call it inspirational. Maybe on a technical and filmmaking level but in terms of existentialism, not so much.
    LOST is sort of the epitome of inspiration personally. It's themes and ideas cover a large canvas of philosophies and thoughts and emotions. It made me think about religion, science, free will vs. fate, relationships, bonding, devotion, the ability to change; and even on a technical level it inspired me to write. The whole shebang.
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    Dixon Hill reacted to Brónach in The most inspiring film you've ever seen!   
    Quint go see the first episode, it contains some of the overall themes and style of the show (it's 13 episodes).
    Probably the moment it ends you'll be like "I want more".
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    Dixon Hill reacted to Marian Schedenig in The most inspiring film you've ever seen!   
    Some of the effects and their use look a bit cute today, but that doesn't hurt the viewing experience. It's documentary making on an artistic level that makes it highly watchable. Sagan's passion and skill in painting on an imaginary canvas, combined with great music choices (with lots of Vangelis matching the visuals and atmosphere perfectly) turn this from "just" a documentary series into (as the subtitles say) "a personal voyage", in a highly emotional way. Some of the science may be outdated, but most of it still largely applies, and that's only part of the fabric anyway - first of all it's Sagan conveying a mindset and a passion for science. It inspired me when I saw it as a kid, and it still did when I re-watched it last year.
    I have high hope for the upcoming remake/sequel, but even if it should be on the same level as the original (which would be a major accomplishment), Sagan's version will always remain worthwhile.
    It might be the single most inspiring thing I've ever experienced.
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    Dixon Hill reacted to Incanus in London or Los Angeles for Star Wars VII score? [UPDATE: It's Los Angeles]   
    Rumour grew of a shadow in LA, whispers of a nameless fear. And the AFM perceived its time had now come.
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    Dixon Hill reacted to Marian Schedenig in The most inspiring film you've ever seen!   
    Can a TV series count as well? In that case, my answer would be easy: Carl Sagan's Cosmos wins by about a parsec.
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    Dixon Hill got a reaction from Brónach in .   
    For this birthday wish, I decided I had to totally go somewhere new - I mean, how many times has happy birthday been said before? It's intimidating coming in after a legacy like that. I wasn't even sure I wanted to take it on myself; the folks of JWFan had to really convince me. I thought long and hard about what exactly a happy birthday represents, what its essence is, and finally they said, "you know, just do your own thing and don't worry about the past!" That turned out to be exactly what I needed to hear. I decided that the sound of burning candles, and their subsequent blowing-out, was a really honest way to represent the feelings one has on a birthday.
    But in all seriousness... a happy birthday to Hans, who still has my love, at least.
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    Dixon Hill reacted to nightscape94 in Youtube clips   
    Rarely, if ever, heard Bernard Herrmann Symphony. Nice piece of music too, shame these guys don't get real recognition in the concert hall outside of "Night at the Movies"..

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    Dixon Hill reacted to Jim Ware in The Lord of the Rings Score Restored (Unused Howard Shore Music Restored To Picture)   
    Drop the EE footage (Gandalf's line 'I am Saruman, or Saruman as he should have been') and the whole thing syncs perfectly without the need for any editing.
    This six-minute section of the score is my favourite of the entire trilogy. I love the little moment as Gandalf realises who he is.
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    Dixon Hill reacted to Jay in Faleel's Maniacal Treasure Hunt for Unreleased LOTR Music   
    It's the best of the three!
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    Dixon Hill reacted to Koray Savas in What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)   
    The Prestige
    This was one of the first blus that I ever bought, and I was surprised by what stuck with me as I had not watched it more than once since I initially made the purchase. I really like this film, and for a number of varying reasons, one of which is that this is 100% Nolan. As much as I love Memento, this might just be his definitive (there's that word again) film. There's a little bit of his early stuff and a little bit of his latter stuff here, or rather what one would would later see in his work. It's like a weird blend of Inception and Memento that takes place in the late 1800s. I remember lamenting that he "stole" a plot device I once came up with while planning out a script. One that I had already previously used in an uber short film I wrote in high school. Opening narration is exactly the same as the ending narration and the context makes them mean completely different things. Regardless of that little bit of jealousy I used to hold, Nolan does it so much better than I could ever do. The bits of narration throughout as Jackman and Bale read the journals echoes Memento, Bale hugging his daughter at the end and nodding at Caine is reused almost exactly in Inception. What is very identifiable to me as part of Nolan's style is his characterization. He's probably a better writer than director, but he's easily one of my favorites that's working today. Julyan's score also wonderfully supports the film and its mysterious air. Love Bowie and Serkis here too.
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    Dixon Hill reacted to Melange in The Second Great Musical Abstinence Challenge – 10 Days of Character Building   
    Isn't that rather like Bill Clinton's defence, that Oral Sex wasn't Sexual Relations?

    Melange - Awaiting the 'Musical Abstinence" court cases that will surely follow.
    Stefan - "Did you, or did you not, on the 10th of September 2013 watch an E.T 20th Anniversary DVD with re-mastered sound"
    Quint - "I did indeed, Sir"
    Stefan - "So, you blatantly admit that you broke your musical abstinence oath for the purposes of auditory stimulation?"
    Quint - "No, that is not what I am saying"
    Stefan - "Pray tell, Mr Quint. How do you explain this contradiction, for the benefit of the jury?"
    Quint - "Simples! The mute function was switched on"
    Melange - "Case adjourned until September 2014"

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    Dixon Hill got a reaction from SafeUnderHill in The Hobbit Film Trilogy Thread   
    I never really felt that it was supposed to be her literally "getting weaker," just that she was now mortal and bound to Middle-Earth, and so bound to the fate of the Ring.
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    Dixon Hill reacted to KK in Howard Shore's The Desolation Of Smaug (Hobbit Part 2)   
    Like Karol said, not exactly. Too many alternates, and the highlights aren't even preserved properly. Instead they're butchered and stitched together with random cues and very annoying micro-edits that creates a huge lack of flow in the album. The RotK OST is pretty much the only one that got it right.
    When I listen to LotR, I want to hear the music tell me the story. The CRs do that because all the music is there in chronological order. The OSTs are kind of all over the place, and I find it annoying.
    For instance, the FotR album is rather dull compared to the awesomeness of the CR. After I heard the CRs, I could never go back!
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    Dixon Hill reacted to Luke Skywalker in The Hobbit Film Trilogy Thread   
    god, i feel old.
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