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  1. Hello there from over the pond! Does anyone know of any film score shows on American radio stations, which, in addition to broadcasting via the airwaves, also broadcast over the net/ have websites? If you're a Brit like me, you'll know of 'ClassicFM at the Movies', which you can hear online and across the entire UK. I was thinking along the same lines as that. Can anyone help? Cheers!
  2. Hi, I'm a university student in England and occasional poster to this forum. I'm writing my film master's dissertation on the Back to the Future trilogy and would like to get some info on Alan Silvestri, who composed the music for the films. I have hunted high and low and have now learned that I am unable to purchase back issues of most of these magazines listed below. If anyone has any of these lurking in their attic, I would be most grateful of a scanned article (or as many as you have!). I will of course pay you for your trouble or perhaps we can work out some sort of swap. It's really important that I get these articles, purely from an academic reserach standpoint. Please e-mail me at chasrowe2@hotmail.com if you can help in any way. Time is of the essence and I would be extremely thankful. Many thanks in advance. Soundtrack Vol.XIV nr.53 (Mar 1995); p.14-15 1995 No. 53 Neckebroeck, Kjell 'Alan Silvestri's Lego set'. Soundtrack Vol.VIII nr.31 (Sept 1989); p.26-27 1989 No. 31 Larson, Randall D. 'Music for Who framed Roger Rabbit'. Fall 2000 - #75 - Vol. 19 - page 33-42 "What Lies Beneath: The Supernatural Thrills of Alan Silvestri" Interview and Photography by Rudy Koppl Summer 2000 - #74 - Vol. 19 - page 39 "Mission: Impossible - Composer Alan Silvestri Disavowed" By Ford A. Thaxton and Randall D. Larson Short story (only half a page and no interview) about why and how Alan got replaced by Danny Elfman on M:I Spring 2000 - #73 - Vol. 19 - page 4 and 5 "Alan Silvestri: From Stuart Little to Reindeer Games" Interview by Ford A. Thaxton December 1997 - #64 - Vol. 16 - page 28 and 29 "Blown Away - Score Analysis" By Kjell Neckebroeck Very positive in depth analysis of Blown Away September 1997 - #63 - Vol. 16 - page 18-21 "Making Contact with Alan Silvestri" - page 18 and 19 Interview by Randall D. Larson Interview with Alan about Contact "A Conversation with Alan Silvestri" - page 20 and 21 By Tony Buchsbaum Interview with Alan about Zemeckis and Contact Page 20 also contains a (positive) review of the Contact soundtrack CD March 1991 - #37 - Vol. 10 - page 4-9 "An Interview with Alan Silvestri - from Romances to Predators" Interview by Randall D. Larson Very interesting, long interview about his youth, early days and practically all his films until Predator December 1989 - #32 - Vol. 8 - page 14 "Alan Silvestri 'Mac and Me'" Interview by Randall D. Larson Short interview about Mac and Me and about electronic music. September 1989 - #31 - Vol. 8 - page 26 and 27 "Music for Who framed Roger Rabbit" Interview by Randall D. Larson Interview purely about Who framed Roger Rabbit March 1988 - #25 - Vol. 7 - page 5-7 "Film music seminar part 3" Interview by Richard Kraft Very interesting interview with Alan about his early days until Back to the Future Film Score MonthlyApril/May 2001 - #4 - Vol. 6 - page 14 and 15 "Summer Startups - The Mummy Returns" By Jeff Bond Interview with Alan about the thematical and scheduling aspects of The Mummy Returns (online exerpt) March / April 1995 - #55 / 56 - Vol. 1 - page 22 "Alan Silvestri scoring The Quick and the Dead" Interview by Daniel Schweiger Short, but interesting interview mainly about The Quick and the Dead but also about several other things October 1994 - #50 - Vol. 1 - page 12-15 "The Alan Silvestri Interview" By Andy Dursin Interesting, long interview (by phone!) mainly about Forrest Gump, but also about a lot of other things Music from the MoviesFall 2001 - #31 / 32 Alan Silvestri on The Mummy Returns Spring 1995 - #8 - page 30 and 31 "Alan Silvestri - Judge Dredd" Interview and photos by Paul Place Report from author of his attendance at the recording sessions of Judge Dredd in England The SCORE (magazine from The Society of Composers & Lyricists) Fall 1995 - #3 - Vol. X - page 10, 11, 12 and 16 "An Interview With Alan Silvestri" By Marc Parmet Movie Music (magazine from The Goldsmith Society) Winter 1990 - #1 - page 53 and 54 "Alan Silvestri Profile" By Michael Jenner An Alan Silvestri profile in the form of a short biography "James Campbell: Silvestri's Right-Hand Man" By John Williams Short interview with Alan's former orchestrator, including a photo of Campbell (very rare stuff, because not much is known about him)
  3. Hi, I'm looking for musically and technically accurate and professional analyses of Alan Silvestri scores from Robert Zemeckis films in the same vein as the analysis found in the inlay to the Back to the Future Trilogy CD (Cond: John Debney; Royal National Scottish Orchestra, Varese Sarabande). If anyone knows: 1. anywhere on the net where I can get these, or 2. even if you know of Film core Monthly back issues with such info..... 3. or, if you happen to know Jon and Al Kaplan (the guys who wrote the critical commentary of each Silvestri cue in the Varese cd), it would be a miracle and I would be much obliged. I am not a music critic, just a Film Student doing his dissertation! Cheers!
  4. many thanks, Ricard. I thought it was the Evening Standard. Cheers now. P.S. sorry about "bringing up that article" again. It's just that these articles need to have two sides to make an argument. (!)
  5. before anyone gets angry, let me assure you. John Williams is a legend. There you go. Right, I'm writing an article for a student newspaper in Britain and I remember seeing a link to an article slating John Williams quite a while ago now. The content was something along the lines that he's lost his touch and that people like Gabriel Yared are much better. This article, especially if Ricard knows where it can be found, would be great fodder for my piece. If anyone can help me to find this, I would be much obliged. Many thanks in advance.
  6. Hi people, I've got an 80min cd to burn an action/tension music compilation onto, cos, well... I'm bored. If you guys can suggest some other great tunes, this may have to be a 2CD set!! I'm going for a driving, rhythm based set of pieces, with a good bit of pace. Check the vibe > Here's my tracklisting so far: 1. Contact - Ellie?s Bogey 2. Legends of the Fall ? Samuel?s Death 3. Apollo 13 ? Master Alarm 4. Back to the Future Part II ? Tunnel Chase 5. Minority Report - Anderton?s Great Escape 6. Back to the Future ? The Libyans 7. Air Force One ? Air Combat 8. Aliens ? Bishop?s Countdown 9. Gladiator ? The Battle (or Gladiator Waltz) 10. The Perfect Storm ? Small Victories 11. Titanic ? The Sinking 12. The Mummy Returns - My First Bus Ride 13. Air Force One expanded - Air Combat (McNeely) I would think that there's plenty more pieces out there. I suppose "The Chase" in Sleepy Hollow would be one, but I haven't heard it. Same goes for something from Panic Room which I heard on the radio, but I don't know what the track is. Any suggestions? Cheers in advance.
  7. Oh, one more thing. What do the single and double asterisks denote? Thanks again.
  8. Sounds about right to me! That's excellent. Thanks a lot!
  9. Hi, Has anyone any theories over what the tracks on the AI 2CD Oscar Score Promo would be? Is there a general consensus on these names? I haven't got the foggiest. :roll: I'd like to make a back inlay for my set. Cheers.
  10. Wicked. thanks a lot. definitely on my wish list!
  11. I'm relatively new to Williams and wasn't born when THE FURY was originally released. Is it a good score? Any good themes there?
  12. Yo! It's not my war per se (come to think of it, it's OUR war actually) but I just wanted to take a head count of those of you who've supported the petition for a full Back to the Future score to be released in conjunction with the DVDs this winter. A raised hand, "aye", or whatever you deem appropriate will do. In fact, here's an idea :idea: - you could tell me what your favourite cue is as well. Cheers.
  13. I'm actually in the process of acquiring said Young Sherlock Holmes 2cd...but I'm not counting my chickens. I need to wait for it to arrive first. Sorry for the digression - how many people have signed and sent the Back to the Future score petition? :?: Maybe I'll start a new thread...
  14. I hope that wasn't a reference to me. It's not my petition exactly, but I'd still like everyone to sign it, if anything to show your support for expanded/complete score releases. :!:
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