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  1. I can hear a differance - some of the horn players are playing some notes longer than the others. Not every player is playing exsactly the same. I am a pro classical musician so can easly tell these things.
  2. Ooohh that face sends shivers down my back - was once conducted by him - I was playing principle oboe with the Orchestra of Opera North doing his Requiem (tones of oboe solo's). Now its comon for oboists to lick their reed a lot during concerts to keep reeds moist - however, every time I put the oboe to my face to lick the reed, he thought I was about to come in at the wrong place - each time in the concert he would start manicly waving at me - and each time he would give me Kittens because I thought he's waving at me becuase I was late :s haha
  3. I think you'll find that your impression of Conductor's is based on the few, rather than the many......Yes, I've worked with a few conductors who are on permanent power-trips, but I've also worked with many who are just normal people. Ever conductor hastheir own methods of getting things right - in the end, if there's a cock-up, the blame will always be aimed at the conductor, so they HAVE to get it right somehow.....The method mentioned earlier of just standing and staring at someone for 10 seconds is actually a very good one (one I have used on occasions)..... As for the thing about not loo
  4. Im a Classical musician - and have a moto concering not looking at conductors "Use the force, your eyes will decieve you". Most conductors are pure evil on an ego trip. They wave their sicks about and think we are spose to understand what they are doing.... Ive been in orchestra's where the conductor has sacked players for playing a wrong note in the first rehearsal! On John Williams he is a good conductor as he's very clear - he just gets on with job in hand - a 4/4 beat is a 4/4 beat, he keeps things simple and to the point!
  5. Does anything think that listening to James Blunt is like Chewing siverfoil?
  6. I dont own the CD soundtrack but thougt the music as in film was perfect! Infact one of the best ever and think its underated!
  7. I got Halion and Gigastudio - and perfere Gigastudio - I got it free with my £100 tascam sound card.
  8. Hope so - I have "advanced orchestra" and its not that great
  9. In ESB theres a bit where boba fetts theme and imperial march play at same time!
  10. GRRR!! I play viola! I find that.. string-sist! Trust a Viola player not to know their own instrument has stings on it! lol
  11. Im #6 - deffo will never read this rubbish! Im a christian n proud of it - this book has mumbo jumbo thats plain offensive!
  12. Carbon Freeze And the part where millenium falcon is flying in cloulds towards the city... its just a rewrite of darthvaders theme.
  13. Actually I didnt like in munich where we had Jewish athem played then we went into next sceen and it was still finnishing - didnt seem to fit.
  14. yes theres a sale on at HMV also saw other JW scores too - but I have them - such as Attack of the Clones for £2!
  15. Its always been one of those scores that Ive never considered buying and not seen the film... so saw it today in HMV for £2 and thought why not and bought it!!! Actually Im liking it so far (listening to it now) - I also grabbed Jaws Collectors edition for £5
  16. To be honest you can get better sound quality on something other than an iPod - The bass is lacking - and prone to destortion. I dont think big orchestra works from JW sounds best on an ipod dew to its bass problem. I would go for an iAudio player and a decent set of headphones. BTW the black iPod scratchs if you look at it - they even scratch with lint free cloth! - they look bad after a while.
  17. Hey Its my 30th birthday today wow Im sooooo old
  18. I mean if TPM gets voted off this round I want my account terminated! The score is wonderfull - film is rubbish tho... Veggie - who hopes JWfan is not turning into a troll site?
  19. If Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace is voted out this round Im never coming to JWfan.com again.... Will a mod delete my account if its deleted!
  20. I think it it is the weakest JW score in a film... the album sounds a lot better. I was REALLY dissapointed when I watched Munich - lots missed out and it just sounds repetitive.
  21. As we just had the Oscar nominations for the emm.... Oscars. We should run the unofficial JWFan Nominations and final Oscar’s. Each category should have 3 entries. Nominations are for the following: Best Thread Member of the year Funniest Thread Wooden Spoon award Everyone post 1 vote in each category and top three most popular votes get put forward for nominations for JWFan Oscar's - final winners will be a public vote.
  22. hehe this thread makes me laugh Name me the most memorble beautyful tune of Mozart and William - Name me the darkest work of Mozart and Williams - Name me the the most passionate work of Mozart and Williams - Now compaire - now see who really wins! PS Mozart wont be a JWfan - both Williams and Mozart would be friends!
  23. Ive voted for munich - I loved it when I first listened to it - but unlike anyother JW scores - I got bored of it after a week. Its the score I aways skip along with AI in my mp3 player. AI will be next - but the main theme is just one of the most beautiful pieces ever - but the score is repetive.
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