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  1. I haven't really seen many films of this type. Of the poll options, I've only seen Civil War and it's definitely not my favorite Marvel film.
  2. The POA flute solo came to mind just from the thread title alone. And of course, let's not forget all the crazy stuff in Hedwig's theme. There are some fun soloistic moments for the piano in Snowy's theme. And doesn't The Terminal have some good stuff for clarinet? (It's been a loooooong time since I've heard that one.)
  3. I don't know that I have any big regrets. I might have picked up more of the original BSG albums if they'd still been in print; I only got volume 1. But ever since I started following this little niche market, I've pretty much bought every limited release I was interested in. If War of the Worlds sold out right now, it might end up making my list in the future, since I haven't picked that one up. I keep debating it - my enthusiasm for the OST fluctuates and isn't usually very strong.
  4. Giacchino's for me. @Disco Stu nailed it - Tyler's starts off stronger, but I really enjoy the way Giacchino's builds.
  5. Right, but the theme he wrote in TPM was designed as a sort of sweetly twisted offshoot of the Imperial March, as the OP noted. The question was whether he did in fact allow them to morph together in ROTS as one might have expected; the answer is no.
  6. As much as I'd like to believe Williams put a bunch of work into developing Anakin's leitmotif into something darker for ROTS...the reality is he didn't. There's that one unreleased cameo appearance in Scenes and Dreams, and that's it. Otherwise, his writing for Anakin is either non-thematic or based on little one-off motifs. Occasionally there will be bits of phrases that sound like distant relatives of Anakin's theme, but those seem to just be the byproduct of Williams only having 12 notes at his disposal.
  7. The kids' haircuts are more dated than the adults'. Both films still feel very, very 70s to me, but in a way I like.
  8. Jaws for all three. I loved it on first viewing/listening and that's never changed. CE3K has been more of an acquired taste for me, but I'm definitely acquiring it. The LLL release helped. Dunno if it'll ever fully catch up with Jaws for me...we'll see. But both films and scores are iconic for good reason.
  9. That doesn't sound right; four of the movements were included in the album, three of them in complete form.
  10. That's a good review. I agree with much of it and can appreciate the validity of the rest. I'm not a huge Marvel enthusiast, so my perspective is different from many viewers', but I thought the show overall had interesting ideas that it didn't always execute very well. I particularly hated how uncomfortable I was with Sam's big speech - the filmmaking itself was just distractingly awkward for me, even though I loved the writing and the message. (And Mackie was killing it, per usual.)
  11. Well that'll turn everything topsy-turvy...
  12. I've never found R1 to be atrocious. In my opinion, it just doesn't really play to MG's strengths. As instrumental as Star Wars was in his growing to love film scores, his compositional style is just very different. R1 is straight-up pastiche, and it's hard to write really good Williams pastiche. On paper, R1 has what you'd expect from a Star Wars score, whether you know the jargon for it or not: the chromatically planing minor chord triplets, the long-lined romantic melodies starting with upward leaps of a sixth, the militaristic i-bvi chord progressions for the baddies, etc. But it doesn't f
  13. Davis's action music in that score can definitely be a bit fatiguing. I find that omitting Frenzy Fuselage or Clash of Extinction helps quite a bit. But overall, yeah, I think he did a bang-up job with it. It's got a Williams mindset without being total Williams pastiche, you know? Like, it's easily my least favorite of the three, but I still really like it.
  14. Currently watching the first Hobbit. Only seen it once, in HFR, during the theatrical run. Christ, watching it in 24fps is like...watching a film! (Albeit a mediocre one with too narrow a shutter angle.)
  15. I feel the same way. TLW doesn't bring me the kind of joy its predecessor does, but it still has the Spielberg vibe and some really terrific action sequences. JPIII...yeah, I find it to be just evenly decent throughout.
  16. I was addressing @GerateWohl's assertion that the second film wasn't really "darker and bloodier" than the first. But on the topic of the music...I mean, that's the thing, though - in the first one, yes, the first act has the big iconic themes, but you've still got gentler music sprinkled throughout. "A Tree for My Bed," "Remembering Petticoat Lane," and "My Friend, the Brachiosaurus" form an extended interlude before the third act, when the bulk of the action music takes place. That's no such respite in TLW. And then, of course, the JP finale cue is more overtly happy than the con
  17. I mean, the body count is certainly higher in TLW. Come to think of it, there are...what, five deaths in the first film? And the deaths are often more graphic in TLW. Consider Gennaro's death vs. Eddie's: shaken by one T-rex vs. ripped in half by two. And in terms of overall tone, JP starts off with a lot of awe and admiration for the dinosaurs; there's barely any of that in TLW. That being said, I too was disappointed by the film on first viewing. (It's grown on me some over the years.)
  18. This is tough. At this particular moment, I'd probably be most excited about a prequel set. But all the SW and Indy scores desperately need definitive expansions/remasters. (I suppose Raiders is the exception; I'm satisfied with the commercially available material for that one.)
  19. I was extremely disappointed. All I could focus on was the wild departure from the beloved sound of the first film. After a few years, I started listening to the OST a bit here and there, and I started to realize that there was some good stuff there. By the time I started exploring the parts of the score that weren't on the OST, I had already pulled a 180 and decided this was top-notch Williams. I voted no on the second question because I already felt that way before the expansion, but I kinda wish I'd voted yes. The expansion may have come after I'd already changed my
  20. I wondered how long this thread could go without the inevitable debates over what constitutes a genre!
  21. Has he ever done a martial arts film? Film noir? Anthology film? Mockumentary? Silent film?
  22. Oh, it's a fantastic theme. It's put to beautiful use in the film and in the concert suite. And I'll never get over the fact that the "A" melody is 9 bars long, yet it feels totally natural.
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