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  1. You're kidding me, right? The Trek Box set? Lethal Weapon Box Set? The Home Alones? All before 2015. The list goes on and on... I have read some seriously stupid statements over the past 18 years but this one easily constitutes as a top 3 all time dumb ass comments from a score collector. MV
  2. No, customers aren't made of money and a title or two may get left in the dust if they are not spaced out. Why release 8 titles one month and nothing the next?
  3. Let me get this straight, you may or may not have ordered a CD but you dont know if you did or not? Your posts make no sense. Did you order the CD or not?
  4. What do you think we do every month with our flyer? We announce what is done and coming out that month. Black Friday is a special release date we have celebrated for years and every so often we toss in a special release day like April 26. Is it so wrong for us to have fun every once in awhile?
  5. DISC 1 77:57 THE FILM SCORE PRESENTATION 1 Main Title 1:14 2 Far From Home / E.T. Alone 6:57 3 Bait for E.T. 1:45 4 Meeting E.T. 2:08 5 E.T.’s New Home 1:28 6 The Beginning of a Friendship 2:53 7 Toys 3:13 8 I’m Keeping Him 2:20 9 E.T.’s Powers 2:44 10 The Closet * :53 1
  6. A little respect goes a long way. He is the father of Frank Marshall, producer of a few films you may have heard of. He is also the composer of The Munsters, among a handful of other films and tv projects He also played a hand in getting a young pianist some gigs early on in his career. Care to guess who that young musician was? MV
  7. One has never been released while the other has. Plus Wonder Woman has a huge fan base that goes far beyond the film score fan community. It's a beloved tv show with great music that many folks have fond memories of.
  8. Wonder Woman and X Files were huge and outsold Twister thus far. Voyager is a close 3rd. Braveheart will be back early august. It's not cheap to buy finished goods
  9. You have no idea what you are talking about. Sales have been great. Better than most 1st quarters Twister - nearly 2000 units so far Cliffhanger - 1000 units so far Star Trek Voyager - nearly 1000 units...over 500 on our website alone! Star trek LP - an amazing response. Looking like it might go fast Die Hard - our most requested reissue The only stinker was Justice League Dark but that was a given. Numbers and facts matter. You may think they aren't super exciting but a lot of our customers do.
  11. Can't wait for this score, but I am bummed that one of our planned BLACK FRIDAY titles is now delayed until 2014 due to Mr Williams work on this project. Well, at least we get a new work by him in 2013 and one expanded reissue in 2014! MV
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