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  1. While I am a big fan of the originals, I personally don't have an issue with the remasters. (And correct me if I'm wrong, but those are not Al Williamson are they? Wasn't Star Wars drawn by Howard Chaykin?) I kind of like the original wonky colors, but I think the new ones look pretty good for an update. The original line art seems to be well preserved even if not particularly well matched to the updated color style. I do have a Dark Horse reprinting that is not the stupid Special Edition version, but does have updated colors, though not nearly this drastic. I honestly think the art of Empire and Jedi will fair even better with the new remastered colors than Star Wars.
  2. Pieter, I was just wondering the same. After his glowing praise of John Carter (which I also loved) I'd be very interested to read that review as well. Thanks for the review, Blume.
  3. I suppose I'm the only person on the planet who actually really enjoyed King Kong and was never bothered by the pacing. I've even watched it since then and still found it quite enjoyable.
  4. Funny you say that. I turned on the Hobbit this morning in the car, and my 2 yr old son though it was The Land Before Time ("Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs!")
  5. Haha, when I heard the line "I have to stop him, because I created him" my immediate thought was Mark Zuckerberg!
  6. I'm actually quite impressed with the directions I'm hearing for this one thus far. It sounds like they're trying to break out some from the "franchise film" mentality and treat this like a quality project. Hoping that pays off!
  7. Unfortunately, it looks like I'm going to be sitting out editing on these... Megaupload's untimely demise put a quick end to it as I was downloading pieces as needed.
  8. Bounty Hunter file 49: "File needs to be pitched up to match TOR files." So about how much of a pitch shift are we talking here? I seem to be having a difficult time smoothing this one out... (also, are the Force Unleashed 2 rips supposed to be mono? Some of those are importing very strangely...)
  9. I guess aside from the ones that can be pieced together from only the new material, I'll just have to lurk around and see what sort of finished edits others can come up with. Lesson learned and I'll be hanging on to the TOR files at least for the next time. edit: Whoa! Never mind. Just checked PM's. Thank you!
  10. I'm still looking for a way to acquire all of the rips to start work on this again. I pulled stuff from the old FTP site the first time around, and have since lost all of those. Now all I can find anywhere are the game OST's.
  11. Listening to that strangely made me want to hear 8-bit Final Fantasy style reconstructions of the whole score!
  12. Haha, so this game rip is going to supersede the actual OST's? For some reason that just struck me as amusing.
  13. So it's about 130 more files? Hopefully not all original TOR music...
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