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  1. Good morning everyone, what a wonderful experience! It took me a while to realize what was happening. Now, back home in Germany, I would like to share a few impressions with you... Already the moment I entered the opera gave me goose bumps. What a beautiful auditorium! The musicians were all very relaxed and had a lot of fun on stage. When John Williams stepped in front of the orchestra to thunderous applause, he greeted the musicians with a little "Buongiorno". I don't want to go into the individual pieces here, because some of you will still see the great concert tonight. It was interesting to see how John Williams worked with the musicians. Here and there he had little details to remark on. At one point he said something to the first cellist as they continued to play. John Williams was in a good mood himself and laughed a lot. At one point between two pieces he just stood there looking with delight at the magnificent ornaments on the stage ceiling. I think it must be a great experience for him to conduct at La Scala! Those were a few little impressions I was able to capture. I will remember this rehearsal as a great whole experience, with an electrifying energy, lots of fun and wonderful music!! I'm sure tonight's concert will be an unforgettable event and I'm happy for everyone who can be there. Have fun and enjoy it! PS: Seeing John Williams with sneakers was also quite enjoyable!!
  2. Does anyone know if there is also a dress code for the public rehearsal on sunday? Or could you be overdressed if you wear a suit?
  3. Ordered!! Can't wait to dive into this score...
  4. As he has mentioned in some interviews, he tries to write every day. So I've often wondered if John Williams works in his hotel rooms while he's on concert tour, like in Vienna or somewhere else? What do you think? Does he compose on tour, even without piano? Or does he maybe do orchestrations and things like that?
  5. Very exciting!! Is this the first time we see John Williams sitting at a celesta?
  6. To celebrate the 90th birthday of John Williams, I composed an overture in his honor, called Golden Hall Overture. It was inspired by his European concerts of the last years. When I became a John Williams fan 13 years ago, I made the decision to become a composer myself one day. Since then I've had a degree as a piano player, as well as a few orchestral jobs and many wonderful memories. And in the last few years I was even able to get my first filmmusic jobs for german television. But in all these years nothing has motivated me more than the music of John Williams. His scores are truly fascinating, and the more you study them, the more reverent you become of the maestro's legacy. To this day he continues to amaze me and the fact that he is still full of creative energy is just incredibly inspiring. Although I was never lucky enough to meet him, I believe he was my greatest teacher! I am deeply grateful for all the wonderful music he gave us! In my Golden Hall Overture, I tried to translate into music the feelings I felt at his concerts. I deliberately used his orchestral stylistic devices, and I'm sure some of you will notice a few connections to the Williams scores. It’s a work to celebrate his legacy and in a certain way my birthday present to him.. With this piece I want to say THANK YOU and congratulate the maestro on his 90th birthday!
  7. I was lucky enough to attend todays concert. Just the setting of the golden hall and the beautiful weather in Vienna were almost perfect. I had a nice seat on the balcony next to the stage and could watch him coming out of the door. Just the moment when he entered the stage was absolutely exciting. The Violin Concerto was a great experience. There were several little moments that delighted me. My favorite part were these building, 'Close Encounter-like' harmonies, where the brass evolved into a very broad sound. Anne-Sophie Mutter was also fantastic and I was surprised at how loud her violin sounded. Not as loud as the brass section, though, because they were incredibly loud where I was sitting. During the big fanfares today, it literally blew you away. One of my highlights was the 'Flying Theme' from E.T. - I've heard it a thousand times, but today it somehow grabbed me from the very start. A dreamlike performance by the VPO! But the rest of the program was delightful as well. I really loved the 'Scherzo for Motorcycle' performance. It was so powerful! And of course the 'Throne Room and Finale' which is always a real highlight. 'Duel' from Tintin created a real pirate flair, with those old wooden floorboards of the stage and the 'dirty' sound of Anne-Sophie Mutter's fiddleplaying. Her runs sounded almost like sword blades. John Williams looked very happy and excited today. He made a fresh impression and seemed full of energy, similar to the Berlin concerts. His speeches were also very enthusiastic, as if he was chatting with a good old friend. Also cool to see was Mutter leaning against a pillar at the edge of the stage during the 'Imperial March', enjoying the performance. Another interesting detail was, that Williams announced the 'Flying Theme' with just a simple "E.T." without using the microphone. He just said it out loud to the audience. And the 'Imperial March' he announced simply with "Darth Vader" I still can't believe how lucky we are to have a 90-year-old John Williams giving such terrific concerts. I always find it difficult to put into words what such an experience triggers in me, but it was truly like a dream. Just the presence of the maestro himself puts you in profound humility. It is simply thrilling to be able to watch the master at work for a few hours. I am happy for all of you who were able to attend these concerts and I wish everyone who have not yet been able to enjoy such an experience, that this dream will soon come true for you... What a magical weekend in Austria!
  8. After a few days in which I first had to realized what really happened, I want to say that the Berlin concerts were an incredible experience to me. I was there on thursday and saturday... Just the moment when John Williams himself entered the stage was overwhelming! The orchestra was fantastic and the interaction between the musicians and the conductor was so enjoyable, you really felt how much fun everyone was having on stage, and that carried over to the audience as well. By the way, the audience was phenomenal! So much euphoria and respect shown to John Williams, you could really see how grateful he was about it. One of the coolest moments was, when he announced he would be composing new Indiana Jones music in a week or two, and the audience flipped out and making him smile about it. The program was great too! One of my highlights was the Olympic Fanfare (which I haven't been able to get out of my head since this weekend) - When the brass section started, I thought "Wow! What a sound!" - but when the basses, timpani, and the rest of the orchestra joined in shortly after with this great, deep chord, I was completely overwhelmed. So John Williams captivated me from the very start! The program was full of highlights from Close Encounters, Harry's Wondrous World, Marion's Theme or Throne Room & Finale, but I actually liked every piece! And as the absolute top of the cake, they even played Theme from Jurassic Park, my absolute favorite soundtrack since my childhood, so that was something very special and meant a lot to me! When he announced it as "...the last 5 minutes of the movie" my first thought was "Oh my god, are they really playing T-Rex Rescue & Finale now? The 14 minute standing ovations at the end of saturday's concert was somehow the perfect ending to an unforgettable weekend, and I'm so grateful to have been there, and happy for all the other fans who had the same experience. Hopefully we will see each other again soon, to the next magical journey...
  9. Maybe John Williams will compose a brand new Logo Fanfare for Lucasfilm!!
  10. I like this big picture in the background!! It seems to be from a recording session or something
  11. So cool to see his home working corner! Did someone figured out some of his books in the background?
  12. This is my piano arrangement of "Stalling Around" from Jurassic Park! Hope you enjoy it
  13. So cool!! He speaks very enthusiastic and seems to be in a good shape. I have a good feeling that we may get many more great musical surprises from him in the next years...
  14. I'm still deeply impressed by this special concert! The orchestra played so great, this concert hall is such a magical place and John Williams seemed to be very grateful to conduct here! I'm so happy to got the chance to join this concert!! An unforgettable experience...
  15. I wonder what Excerpts from "Jurassic Park" will be... Maybe it includes the complete "Journey To The Island" cue
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