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  1. I first came across this in the Emilio Audissino book and been fascinated by it since... Audissino repeatedly claims that JW uses a minor chord with the "7th on the bottom" to denote the bad guys (especially Nazis!) but is it a minor 7th or major 7th? I asked Conrad Pope on Facebook and he said the former (ie. E natural, F, Ab, C). He pointed me towards the Himalayan bar scene in ROTLA for an example. Allegedly, it's something JW learned from Max Steiner... Are there any other places this can be found in JW scores? Any found in the signature edition scores? I really want to know how this chord gets orchestrated.
  2. Hi folks! Does anyone know where I can purchase a full score of this piece? I can't see it in any of the signature editions... Thank you! :-)
  3. What is this? I have seen it written but can't find it on any soundtracks? Many thanks!
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