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  1. Didn't say it did. Weird that that's what you took from what I said. Oh well.
  2. Still great after all these years. Signed CDs available from LLL this Tuesday. Unsigned CDs on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Say-All-Battlestar-Galactica-Live/dp/B0941B4Y82 For anyone who didn't see the live shows or catch it on youtube, these versions are certainly quite different at times and may take some getting used to. On the other hand that means getting to dig in to some 'new' BSG for the first time!
  3. Just started listening. Big Elfman vibes!
  4. Nice! This actually had two CD releases scheduled for release back in 2018 before its distribution fell apart, one for the score and one for the songs (with two Bear tracks), so hopefully that score release will be forthcoming. https://www.filmmusicsite.com/en/soundtracks.cgi?id=66510 https://www.filmmusicsite.com/en/soundtracks.cgi?id=66475 This is one of the best cover images for a score CD in history!
  5. I see in your list, some titles from 'Rest Stop: Don't Look Back' which was Warner distributed. 'All That Remains' and 'Trapped' are also from the first 'Rest Stop'.
  6. It's so close I can almost taste it. To think that this next time last week I wasn't going (had hoped that London might reappear) and now I am going to experience a weekend of John Williams live in person for the first time. Wow. My bank balance may have taken an unexpected hit, but in the end I couldn't let the maestro pay a visit to Europe and not be there.
  7. JWMike


    Count me in. Last minute decision to attend but thankfully I've managed to get tickets and I'm all booked up.
  8. Indeed. Their connection is one of the reasons why this film (in my mind at least) is a good fit for Bear.
  9. 10 LLL releases for me this year, plus 2 on the maybe list... Pick of the bunch for me is the Disaster Movie Soundtrack Collection - never owned any of them before, 2nd hand prices were ridiculous so this was an unexpected delight.
  10. This was great! A much more satisfying end to a trilogy than other performances seen in December... Part 1 - 20th October 2017 https://www.royalalberthall.com/about-the-hall/news/2017/october/photos-and-reactions-michael-giacchino-celebrates-with-a-very-special-birthday-concert/ Part 2 - 18th October 2019 https://www.royalalberthall.com/about-the-hall/news/2019/october/exclusive-pictures-david-arnold-and-michael-giacchino-face-off-in-hope-of-settling-the-score/ Part 3 - 20th December 2019 https://www.royalalberthall.com/about-the-hall/news/2019/december/exclusive-pictures-our-first-ever-christmas-variety-show-with-michael-giacchino-and-friends/ Plus, who knew David Arnold could sing?
  11. I came across the above on youtube where this video from 2017 makes an interesting case for Rey being a Palpatine. When it came to the bit about the music I wondered if/when anyone from here had talked about the connections between the themes and was pleased to find this thread! It does of course seem to be unlikely that Williams was given pre-emptive knowledge of Rey's heritage before he wrote her theme, although it would be interesting to get a definitive answer from the man himself.
  12. Got to see this at Wembley Arena on Thursday. Couldn't turn down the chance to see Elfman perform live and he didn't disappoint. All the singers were great, Catherine O'Hara and Ken Page also reprised their roles from the film. The film is a bit light at only 76 minutes so they packed it out with a bit of a suite beforehand set to Tim Burton's original sketches and artwork, a Sandy Cameron led violin medley and an encore of Elfman performing Oogie Boogie's Song. Elfman's voice sounded great but also it was great to see him really get into the performance physically, inhabiting the character so well. All in all, a really fun night. You could tell that lots of people in the crowd really, really love this film - plenty of cosplay!
  13. Seen this earlier at the Royal Albert Hall. Wow. Following that, both film and score have grown in my estimation. It could be the best John Williams film score. So important to the movie and so heartfelt. A great experience. The only one of these live to projection concerts I've seen that truly rivals the feels I got from watching this was the finale in Close Encounters. Truly brilliant, not to be missed if you get the chance.
  14. Was really good. Giacchino's Trek and Star Wars are underrated. Also, Reeves was there to confirm Giacchino for The Batman (with a funny proposal bit). Overall a good night's music. The 'rounds' were paired up nicely with a common theme/concept, there was a fun sea shanty singalong and a rousing finish with Independence Day and Star Trek. Giacchino and Arnold put on a great show. Will be back for Giacchino's Christmas show in December for sure!
  15. Look what arrived today. The US release date is tomorrow. The tea leaves say yes, but I guess we'll find out tomorrow what LLL have in store for us!
  16. Just back from this at the Royal Festival Hall. My first live film music experience not in the Royal Albert Hall. Much more intimate (smaller) venue. Also, no subtitles for once which seems better to me. Generally great performance although I think I noticed someone playing a bar ahead or something at one stage. The new music was certainly appreciated (and needed really) but it stood out in a film seen a billion times before. Nice bit of music before the start and after the intermission (bttf 3!), and also great that they omitted the song at the end and went for a beefed up end credits. Was a bit torn on whether to go to this but it was well worth it and thoroughly enjoyable seeing one of my childhood favourites (film and score) with a live orchestra.
  17. Ha! This was so true. Had the exact same experience near us. Yeah, this kind of area is my go to for seating if they're available. I was in block L, row 6. For Azkaban I ended up in the front row of the arena and found it to be much better than I was expecting. You're getting a great close-up of certain members of the orchestra in exchange for missing some of the others who are out of view. The sound balance was quite different I think, but overall I'd be tempted to go for these again if available in the future.
  18. Nice seats @Omen II! I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of tonight's performance. Setting the Trap was indeed amazing to hear live and the encore of Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas was a nice little treat to cap off the evening! This rounds off an amazing year of John Williams concerts for me. The disappointment of October still lingers but seeing the following all in 2018: Chamber of Secrets Close Encounters Jurassic Park Prisoner of Azkaban Star Wars Home Alone LSO concert truly made this a year for the books in more ways than one!
  19. Oh, it's a sight to behold to be sure! The other boxsets like this I own are the Medal of Honor box and the Lethal Weapon box, both also from LLL. They really know how to deliver a great product! This Harry Potter collection however really is the crème de la crème. Thanks to LLL, MM and @Jay!
  20. It's here! Took the day off work and thankfully Royal Mail has delivered. Now to the ripping and listening! Nicely packed box and no customs!
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