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  1. I remember pulling out an old external CD-ROM drive just so I could rip the soundtrack to an old laptop that WASN'T hooked up to the internet. I then shared it with a few people here, one of whom shared it on a popular "shrine" and those people were like, "...where are the tags?" There were none because I never added them. THAT was surreal, hahah. I may swing by Epcot when the time comes to pick up my copy of ROS, just for old time's sake.
  2. That was me who picked up TLJ at Epcot! And only because someone here posted that SOMEONE ELSE on another forum got it early at Epcot (which, of course, is always how these things go). I remember driving over to Epcot after work one day and getting there about 20 minutes before closing, thinking I was a complete freaking idiot...until I saw it on the shelf. That was an exciting drive home.
  3. It depends if we're talking about these two tracks standing apart from the films they stemmed from. If that's the case, Rebellion is Reborn. It's a very pleasant theme that really goes a long way in bringing forth that optimistic lift one thinks of when reshaping the future for the better of mankind. It has a wondrous quality to it that sounds almost more at home in the Potter universe than Star Wars, but I like it just for that. I also find it a little more cohesive. However, if we're talking about the implementation of those themes in their respective films, I'll have to go with Han's. Rose doesn't really embody what the former theme means to me (or is capable of), nor does it get much of a workout in the Last Jedi score. The Adventures of Han, on the other hand, feels like a track where Williams wanted to hand off as many little odds and ends to Powell as it could, so that Powell could sprinkle them throughout the Solo score, and have them grow throughout the film. Adventures has more room to grow, but as is, my vote goes to Rebellion.
  4. These are weird comparisons. John Powell is like . . . a composer who crafted a better Star Wars score than Michael Giacchino.
  5. Does anyone remember how long AFTER Force Awakens hit theaters that the FYC tracks dropped? Just trying to get a timeline for when we may "expect" the same for Last Jedi. I don't remember it being more than a week or two.
  6. Yeah, no note. Which I always find a little disappointing. I've always enjoyed reading what the director has to say about the score.
  7. I got chills listening to that track for the first time. After it being teased in Jedi, I LOVE that he brought it back in full force here!
  8. I live near downtown Orlando, so it was only about a 30 minute drive (that time of night). And as you can imagine, totally worth it!
  9. While I've only listened to the OST (and thus am missing a big chunk of the score), I mostly agree although this one fares better than Force Awakens for me. If Force Awakens was Williams shaking the dust off, this one is him starting to get back into the swing of things. As noted, I do believe the highlights are better. And as far as solid new thematic material, I don't know how prevalent it is in the film, but the OST is chock full of Rose's theme, which I thought was a delight. It has a lot of heart on its own, and upon an initial listen, reminded me of something you'd here in one of his Potter scores (I mean that in a good way). I also agree HEAVILY on the lack of a strong musical identity for the First Order. Something really felt missing in terms of a "threat". Kylo Ren's (A and I suppose B) theme gets a decent workout from time to time but (I imagine) that just pertains to his character. With all that said, the two SW scores that initially left me a little disappointed were AOTC and TFA. TLJ's didn't disappointment in the slightest, even if I didn't find it as strong as the OT or TPM/ROTS.
  10. On a first listen, the end credits sounded a little all over the place. I think it'll probably come together with repeat listens though. As far as Leia's theme in the EC goes, it's only played for about 15 seconds, so it fits in as much as anything else. There are a few spots on the OST that deal with Leia-centric themes, though.
  11. Correct, as far as the medley-ness goes. I also agree in terms of concert arrangements. I've always really enjoyed them, but again, The Rebellion is Reborn sounds close enough to a concert rendition of Rose's theme to me.
  12. Rose's theme is the first to crop up in the end credits suite after the usual business, but it's not long before we hit a rendition of Leia's theme on piano, and a smattering of other themes heard over the course of the OST.
  13. I can definitely hear a difference in the OT, prequel and Force Awakens Main Titles. I'm not sure how well I'd do in a "blind test", though. For what it's worth, Last Jedi's sounds pretty identical to Force Awakens'. Even side-by-side. And please, if you read this and HAVEN'T already done so, don't ask for a rip.
  14. No concert arrangements proper, but The Rebellion is Reborn contains some wonderful arrangements of (what I assume is) Rose's theme. Yes! Long story short, Jay posted a picture of someone's Snapchat who went to Epcot and they had the CD sitting on shelves. I live in Orlando, drove over there (and arrived 10 minutes before close) to find the CD sitting on the shelf of the first giftshop across from Spaceship Earth. Bought it, promptly jizzed in my pants, brought it home and gave it a listen!
  15. It's good! About halfway through right now, and am really enjoying the mix of themes, old and new. For what it's worth, it's making a stronger first impression on me than The Force Awakens.
  16. I will be listening to it tonight and posting impressions in the appropriate thread(s)! Still can't believe I got it though! It's a 30 min drive and I arrived there 10 min before close. Just checked the first shop across from Spaceship Earth and there it was!
  17. Epcot had it! And now I have it. Thanks for posting that!
  18. It closes in an hour. If I don't make it there tonight, you can bet I'll be there first thing in the morning!
  19. Thanks for the head's up! Where exactly in Epcot did you get it?
  20. I couldn't agree more. Star Wars will always be a special experience for me, and seeing a new Star Wars film is incomparable. More than that, we have a new John Williams Star Wars score to look forward to. Feels good, man.
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